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Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Good, but nothing compared to its predecessors.

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The title says it all. I first discovered Ratchet and Clank on the PS2 quite a few years ago and was instantly hooked. I have continued to buy all the games that have been released since, so I was pretty eager to get my hands on this. However, I was shocked to find out it was not produced and developed by Insomniac (the people who made the previous games). Needless to say I was a bit dubious.

The game itself look pretty much the same as all the other R&C's. The same menu, the platinum /titanium bolt extras, the tricky 'skill points' and the weapon select menu, which is what I would expect.

There are a few new ideas for the gadgets that I haven't come across before. As for the weapons... well they're nothing new if you're familiar with the series. The bog standard space age shotgun, laser pistol, glove bomb of some description and of course the R.Y.N.O. There is one weapon that deserves mention and that's a focused laser beam that fires constantly on its target that does massive damage. Unfortunately you have to be stationary to use it.

The story itself is nothing special and is over all too quickly. There are too many "I knew this would happen" moments. Too many clichés. I completed the game in around 5 hours, finding a few skill points and Titanium bolts without really looking.

There is a new armour system where you find or win different part of armour with different attributes such as fire or poison or ice, that when fully equipped with the said armour, can inflict damage upon your enemies, which is a nice touch. I just prefer to buy my armour, rather than find it.

However, it does have replay value. There's a chance to play through again on a harder difficulty and with all your current weapons (as with all R&C's, one of the best features of the game, I might add) and then buy more upgrades for your already upgraded weapons, which adds some depth and replay value. I've only played through twice now (as opposed to my 5th or 6th) because the story bores me but that's my opinion.

Its a game to try if you're new to the franchise but if you have played all or some of the others, then save your money. You're not missing anything special.


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Quality game, had it since christmas- STILL GOOD! Good challenging game.LOVE IT!

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This game was really good. also i really like the rachet and clank series and brought all of the games (1-6)
The game was very enjoyable and kept me entertained for hours but the story line was not that well tought of and once you defeat doctor otto the game is over and you do it all over again on some harder mode
overall very good but 2nd worst in the series
the best in the series has gotta be rachet and clank 6: tools of destruction but which is only on ps3

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  Simply awesome...

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I watched my friend play R&C on the PS3 and loved it - I don't have a PS3 (though I'm certainly tempted to buy one just for R&C!) so was really happy to see this game on the PSP and bought it immediately. It hasn't let me down.

The story is excellent; the graphics live up to the PSP and the gameplay is superb. I really can't think of anything negative to say.

I just can't believe it's taken me so long to find the perfect platform game when R&C has been around for years! Well recommended.

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  Its Good!

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I realy like Ratchet and Clank.
This game is realy fun and it offers some good shoot em up action in some cool enviroments!
A great PsP game.

  absolute class

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great game

the game first off is absolutly brilliant and the grapgics in my opinion is a slight bit ahead of the PS2 capability
.the game is fantastic all in all but the gameplay really stands out and and it has a really good story line like the other ratchet and clanks's

if ya like the PS2 version you'll boud to like this version



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Id give this game 4.5 stars if i could, but since thats not possible ill go for 4. pure fun all the way through and the return of clank sections. Stunning graphics that are possibly better than ps2 great SFX and decent music add atmosphere and whilst sticking to a similar formula all the way through, the game is so varied that it never gets repetitive. there are lots of weapons, although not as many as the ps2 games. only downpoint is that the story is slightly short but its so fun that you'll want to go back and play it over again and collecting all the titanium bolts and skill points adds longevity. if you've got a psp this is essential.


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Enjoy the first few games?
If you did, well this is the game for you!
Uses all of Rachets known moves and fantastic new ones, plus new state of the art graphics!
Unlock over 10 different wepons and use them to take your enemies to oblivion.
Enjoy playing!!!!!!!


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Hi Just want to say I'm new to psp I must say I do love R&C its a great game. I'm stuck at the mo on the rotating saw thing I keep getting crushed but i'll work it out sooner or later lol.
Awesome Game.....