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Silent Hill: Origins

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (23 reviews)"

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  Great Game!

| | See all GavMorgan84's reviews (1)

I thought this game was great after I felt let down from Silent Hill: Homecoming. The cut scenes have some great graphics and show the power of the PSP. Typical Silent Hill, checking all the doors and a load of puzzles. The story is great too, and I loved the opening. Very well thought out game. Must have for PSP and SIlent Hill fans.

  Amazing Prelude to the Series

| | See all Inoizhot's reviews (16)

This would probably be my favourite Silent Hill if the second one was not such a classic game with an amazing plot. It is the first Silent Hill to be made by a non-Japanese studio and I was afraid that it might be ruined, but thankfully it was not mistreated at all!

This Silent Hill is definetly the most scariest one that I have played, and I am a great Silent Hill fan. It gave me the chance to listen to all of its eery sound effects and mental monsters through earphones, which was an experience, and for a game for a handheld console this does not disappoint the player whatsoever.

I was also happy that Akira returned to perform the soundtrack. It would not be a real Silent Hill game without him.

  PSP Pulls A Shocker

| | See all thatguy101's reviews (32)

Silent Hill could well be one of the best PSP games of all time, i thought that bringing a top seller onto a lowely ranked Console would be incredibly hard but Silent Hill doesnt only pull this off, it creates the atmosphere we saw on the PS2, put the headphones in and turn out the lights to get the best out of this. The graphics are incredible for the PSP and continue in how they create the superb atmosphere there for the whole game.

But the flaws, the game is prone to stopping but so are most PSP games, Silent Hill has always had a problem with the common sense part of the game where you can't sprint when you obviously would in that situation. The game can be incredibly dark at sometimes even with the brightness on full.

I do rubbish reviews but believe me this game is worth every penny and is one of the best Silent Hill games ever.


| | See all bosseye's reviews (62)

There are times when playing Origins you'll forget you're playing the portable version - that's how good it is. Do as the game suggests and play with the lights off and your headphones on and it's a supremely atmospheric experience, and one that really showcases what can be done with the PSP hardware with a little effort.

Graphically its an absolute triumph in most areas - whilst the main character of Travis is little bit chunky and low polygon, the environments are wonderfully detailed, crammed with filth and decay and all manner of dark atmospheric touches. The torch is simply superb, casting lovely realtime shadows off the scenery and shambling creatures. Its just gorgeous and brilliantly creepy to explore. Catching a glimpse of something moving in the dark up ahead is a wonderful thing, and when combined with the haunting and eerie soundtrack the whole experience is incredibly compelling, and does a good job of keeping things tense.

Mechanically its all fairly old school, as with the 360 version - locked doors abound in every location, channelling you along an essentially linear pathway towards your goal, but its an enjoyment in itself figuring out the way to go. Puzzles are fairly standard stuff, relying on combing all areas carefully for odd items to be combined - some of the clues are a little cryptic, but generally theres nothing overtly taxing here. Not to say its not satisfying to solve a puzzle and progress, but you won't be needing any pen or paper to make notes.

Combat is fairly slow and considered. Melee weapons whilst fairly common, break within a short time meaning you can never really rely on one particular favourite. Ammo for weapons is generally scarce so the best tactic is often to simply avoid confrontation and run around the nicely animated monstrousities. Certainly when roaming the foggy town, this is the only viable option given the sheer number of mad creatures that lurk in every corner. Melee combat is also given a slightly random twist by allowing you to carry any number of one hit items such as TVs toasters, bottles etc.

Save points are few and far between too and there will be a few unfair deaths as you're assailed by some monster forcing a restart which feels a little unfair. Some areas descend into trial and error, which feels slightly dated but doesn't detract much from the overall experience.

All wonderful stuff then, this is hugely atmospheric and creepy gaming, with some wonderful visuals and engrossing violent exploring.

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  amazing game

| | See all matthewp's reviews (2)

i have just finished this game and it is absolutely amazing, i had never played a silent hill game before this one and wasnt knowing what to expect from the game, but it sure did deliver a great gaming experience.


| | See all Edmundo23's reviews (16)

great on portable! keeps you wrapped into it till the end...silent hill games just keep you playing thats there strength.

  Somethings waiting for you around every corner!!

| | See all Stuntman3000's reviews (29)

This is a great game. I have played the other silent hill games but this is the only one i own. Its really good. They have had the patience to sit down and make a really good story for this game and even though its a psp game they have done great with the graphics. The game never really seems boring because theres always something to look for or to kill. The tension can really get to you if you put the brightness down low, Lights off and headphones in because you can hear things moving around in halls and rooms and sometimes you turn on your flashlight there will be something standing right infront off you. This is great if you like puzzle games and horror games but not if you like action games.

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  Horror heaven

| | See all Xtreme1565's reviews (18)

This title can be the best description for such games. From the second you chase the girl down the road to the moment when you get out of the town smiling, this adventure can be your one-way ticket to hell.

The trip delivers you from our familiar, normal world into an abyss of madness where insanity and pain reign untouched. Once you enter the town keep in mind two words: RUN & THINK. These words are the key to your salvation.

You must run in the streets to avoid creatures which are offsprings of a sick nature. You must think to solve in logical ways hard riddles found in buildings. If you keep an open eye and have sharp reflexes, this can be a bonus to keep you moving along. Even the boss battles can be dealt easily if you time your actions.

All of this happens under a thick cloud of dread that is accompanied with the disturbing factor promising never to let go. The fog itself acts as a curtain that invites youto keep moving while hiding nightmares that are thirsty for your life.

Silent Hill is a town that you'll die to live in! What are you waiting for? Nightmares are impatient for a new challenger.

  A Fan Game For Non Silent Hill Fans

| | See all Akerjlg's reviews (1)

As fun as the game actually was to play it wasn't anything new within the Silent Hill mythos. And as a prequel to the first game, it also feels very loose and doesn't actually provide too uch insight into the dank and spooky universe that it resides in.

Don;t get me wrong, graphically the game is amazing and often puts other PSP games to shame. But for a die hard fan of the series, I was rather gutted that I managed to finish it in under 4 hours on my first run through. Even the idea of replaying it again justf or the unlockable suits and items seemed a bit pointless, as before I could actually get into the game again I knew it'd be over.

For someone who has never played the game before, it provides a rather neat example of how interesting and twisted the Silent Hill games could actually be. I may be speaking for myself here, but I could find much more fun within the original game, Silent Hill 3 and Silent Hill 2 - which this game actually feels like it's trying to rehash at times.

The game does have some genuinely spooky and rather worrying moments and some fantastic visual concepts for both areas and enemies. But as someone who has been avidly playing these games for years, this one left me feeling a bit let down.

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  Great SH Game

| | See all SpazmonkeY's reviews (15)

Game is brilliant, everything you would expect from a Silent Hill game, soundtrack is brilliant too.

A must have for all Silent Hill Fans, and like the game says at the begining, best played in the dark, with headphones, enjoy.