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Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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To be honest, when I found out you were in planes on this game I thought it would be as disapointing as Jak X. How wrong could I be! The game is great! The graphics are very good for the PSP and the gameplay is awesome. The storyline is strong and entertaining, and the fact that you can play both on land and in the sky provides a good mix of typical Jak and Daxter gameplay, with a new and exciting form of gameplay. I was very surprised that they have brought back a major part of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy and that is coloured Eco powers. However, there are two minor disapointing aspects. One is that they have swapped the peacemaker for a newer, less powerful gun called the lobber and the second is that they have removed Dark Jak. Apart from these two minor aspects, the game provides around 20 hours of fantastic gameplay - a must-have for any Jak and Daxter fan!

  an average good game for the handheld psp

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it's actually a good game, with great graphics and very good storyline but the problems with the camera makes it sometimes very frustrating.nevertheless it's duration is acceptable i finished it in 20 hours for the first time, but if you finish it it gives you the opportunity to start it over again in order to find all the hidden side missions,treasures weapons,armor and precursor orbs so as the game to be completed 100%.


| | See all 16rogers's reviews (1)

I enjoyed this game alot though im stuck on a level near the end but thats what makes this game very challenging! The cameracontrol is fine!! Excellent Game:)

  Great Way To Play Jak Again

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NOTE: i would give this game 4 stars but gave 5 to bring the average up as 1 is not fair!

After seeing that the latest jak was available on PSP i had to buy it! not being able to play jak on ps3 is dissapointing and they're still making them for ps2! i havent played a Jak and Daxter game for years since i bought my ps3 but to have it back reminds me of the precursor legacy on ps2; the controls feel similar to the ps2 with daxter flying round ur head while u pull of crazy jumps, spins and all sorts of crazy attacks, the grahics are pretty damn good for PSP and the camera isnt as buggy as everyone makes out. the camera is an overhead view of the surrounding area and there are plenty of enemies appearing, lush environments and a great mixture of gameplay, with some new flying levels thrown in. Even these levels control great and provide 2 gaming experiences in one as so much effort has gone into the mechanics. The gameplay time also seems to clock up impressively as i have played 40 minutes and only 6% complete (but i have been doing every side mission and explored the towns) All in all id say this game doesnt really fare well against jak 2 or 3 on the ps2 from what i can remember! but if u just missed Jak and Daxter from ur ps2 days, and after playing the standalone daxter game (which is great!) this game is well worth a play and one of the PSPs best latest releases

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I am very disappointed. The game has miserable cameracontrol. This is not a Jak & Daxter game we know so well.

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