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Gran Turismo PSP (Platinum)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (39 reviews)"

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  Great game

| | See all awebster3's reviews (3)

Loads of cars, loads of tracks but no online. would be even better with online. Ive got GT5 on ps3 and nothing compares to that, for a handheld though this is great value for money, its worth the money


| | See all Richard09's reviews (3)

Gran turismo has long been one of my favourite car racers eva!
But im not sure they did to good on this one.
Firstly there is no career mode usually the highlight of the other games in the franchise, in every race there are only 4 cars and quite often you are put against a car double your price and power.
I personly love to be able to upgrade ma cars but in this game ther is none of it...
The actual racing is quite fun the graphics are good and the track diversity is nice.
If you love portable car games then i wouldnt say this is bad but i wouldnt recomend it to a friend, if i were you choose test drive unlimited.... Its awesome!
Verdict: 6/10


| | See all jordo207's reviews (1)

To me gran turismo is ALL ABOUT THE CAREER mode, so why when something had to be taken out of the game, be it for memory purposes or rushing to get it released, did they take out the career mode? ... id much rather have the career than the arcade mode.

There is nothing to really do on it. I mean sure you can go on arcade and just race through all of the tracs but... for what? ... there isnt even any way to do a tournament or anything. You set up a race you, you race it and then oyur back to the main menu. to set up another race, or turn it off and sell it. which is pretty much what i did. sold it for more than i bought it for so thats one good thing about it.

  Mini Playstation, Mini Gran Turismo

| | See all Takahiro's reviews (1)

Firstly, this is Gran Turismo, there is no mistaking that. The fine handling, sense of realism is all here and intact, they just left the rest of the game out, which is NOT the PSP's fault, if the Playstation1 GT games can have career modes, why can't this? Hint: It's a rush job so Sony had something to push alongside the PSP Go.

If you played any of the prologue games you know exactly what to expect here, endless time trials and single races, that's it. No substance, no real tuning, no sense of any real accomplishment, which kills the experience. It may make a BIG issue of having 800+ cars, which would be great, but the fact is there really isn't. Sure the car count is over 800, but they forgot to mention that it means you have 4 slightly different versions of several cars, you have a 2004 Ford GT, and a 2006 Ford GT, what's the difference? Damned if I know. The actual car count is probably around 300.
Same excuse on the tracks, half the number you see on the box because mirrored tracks hardly count. It's all clever tricks to pretend the game is more than it is.

I seriously cannot believe any of the 5 star reviews harking about great graphics have actually played it, the game is not a shocker by any means, the car models are generally very nicely done, but it's very, very bland and uninspired, with some horrible detail off the track. Throw in some slowdown and some bad clipping issues, this should have been a lot more. Ridge Racer was a launch game several years ago and still looks prettier, and the Burnout games truly put this to shame, much prettier, and much busier with hardly a hitch, why does Gran Turismo struggle so much? It's hardly doing anything to warrent slowdown.

I was really excited by this, I really was, but to expect a full Gran Turismo game and get this is a massive letdown. At least when a prologue game comes out, the actual GT game is just around the corner, but this is all you're going to get for now, and it's as shallow as they come. The only people I can recommend this to, is those who don't have much time for it, the occasional race or 2 on the bus/lunch break, then the lack of career mode isn't as much of an issue and if you can fogive the graphical issues, you'll still find a solid racing game lurking underneath. The problem is the lack of anything properly resembling progress and achievement, sure you're collecting loads of cars but for what? You don't care about them like you would a proper GT game, you can't tune and upgrade them, they're just a number, rather than something you feel for, making this the most souless GT game I've ever played, which is a real shame.

For now, I'll keep my fingers crossed for a proper sequel, and stick to Forza 3 or GT5 for that proper racing experience, the handhelds just aren't getting any love yet.

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  A portable Gran Turismo..

| | See all Suuzija's reviews (2)

I ordered the collectors edition, included downloadable bonus cars and some fancy bugatti postcard postersin.
Well get straight!Its not gran turismo 5 nor is it gran turismo 4.(I prefer the 4 implementation of the series on the PS2 because of the physics and handling).
Its something between the arcadic feeling gran turismo 2 (my favorite and most played because of the fun factor and the decent tuning options) and gran turismo 4, skipping the 3 reincarnation, with i didnot enjoy so much.
The PSP version is really neat, good but not awesome graphics for the portable console(sometimes reminded me of a pimped up gran turismo 2 ),physics caracterisstic for gran turismo series,awfully lot of cars:).
The only bad points are the viewing points over the car.No custom viewpoints possible:/.No tuning so far.
Bought it for 9,99 pounds on play.com a steal for Playstation and Gran Turismo lovers.

  A strong title

| | See all Hirsty's reviews (21)

Lets be very clear from the off, this game is GOOD, you won't find many portbale racing games as good as Gran turismo. Now with that out the way I'll tlak about the finer details.

The car handling is realistic as expected from any Gran Turismo title and there is a vast amount of cars to buy. The adhoc mode allows for easy multiplayer with any friends who also have a PSP and offers an interesteing challenge.

At times the Driving challenges can be frustrating but they are called CHALLENGES for a reason, once mastered you feel alot better knowing you can pull off the manouvers.

The only single player mode is Single race, there's not tounraments or career mode as you would find in other Gran Turismo titles and this is the PSP games only let down in my opinion (hence the 4 stars instead of 5) However due to the money limitations and also the varying difficulties for each seperate track there's still alot on offer for any avid GT fan to explore.

I've also heard rumours that this game will somehow be compatible with the full version of Gran Turismo 5, I don't know the details but I heard that either money or certian cars can be passed along.

If you're a fan of the Gran Turismo series or just a PSP owner wanting a racing game for a change I definitely reccomend Gran Turismo, the price is also very reasonable for such a great game.

  Its Handheld!

| | See all Lukest's reviews (12)

The racing is good and the graphics are excellent also there are absolutely loads of cars all on a machine that fits in your hands so what is there to moan about the only let down is the lack of championship races

  Did you own/play Gran Turismo 1?

| | See all shadowecho's reviews (6)

Those who played the original GT may feel slightly let down by this game due to some minor points, that said there is not a lot wrong with this version.

The things that disappointed me are that instead of having a world map to select brands from you have to wait for them to cycle through (you get a different 4 every couple of game days) this can get a bit frustrating if you have to wait towards the end of the 69 day cycle for your car.
Recognising that it is a Japanese game it is still Skyline overkill, yes it is a good car but do we really need about 50 variants of it when theyve dropped the likes of Aston Martin and Porche from the line up yet included some 4x4s and pick up trucks?
They've dropped the cups in career mode in favour of single race mode and driving challenges. The driving challenges are essentially the old Licences made optional but less annoying, however the game would of benefitted from keeping the cups so some of the cars in the game actually become useful.
The ability to sell cars or buy a cheap used has gone as well and to me the rally mode doesn't seem as fun as other editions. There are niggly little bits in the attention to detail such as cars from the 60s having traction control .

The positives are it still has very good graphics, plenty of tracks to choose from and you can unlock the facility to listen to your own MP3s while racing, as well as the ability to try your hand at being The Stig by turning off all the technology and putting it into professional mode! All in all an essential purchase for racing fans.

  Not half Bad, But only half decent

| | See all SteKebabs's reviews (1)

Real good PSP version of a cracking game, but lack of Championship races is a massive let down. Still, wont be long before GT5 arrives...

  Poor effort

| | See all RussianNick1's reviews (1)

I just think is very very average, I got bored after playing a couple of times if just really really average, more concentration on looks than on gameplay.