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Star Wars: Battlefront - Elite Squadron

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Good Game

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Very Good game i was happy with the graphics and they were better than the older battlefront renegade squadron.The missions were rather long but there was a lack of levels to play.But the best thing is that you can go to and from space when you like and stil has the multiplayer so you can game against others.

If you are intrested in this game then i think you should buy it...

  I Reccommend previous Battlefront titles

| | See all Drelldenied's reviews (189)

This edition of Star Wars Battlefront is very poor when compared to the other games and shouldnot have been released on the PSP. It would be more siuted to the bigger consoles.

These are the bad points I find this game has;
1. Very glitchy and bad quality graphics
2. Slow and tedious loading times
3. Annoying and boring cutscene everytime you make the transition from interior to space/escape pod to surface.
4.They've taken out so many things that made the original games great (like commanding nearby troops, popular battlefronts and planets, most of the bonuses in galactic conquest, and various other personal and all round fan favourites)
5. Same old boring fights from Renegade Squadron and Battlefront I & II (The Battle of Hoth and Endor)
6. No new weapons or infantry since last game and all these have to be unlocked but whats the point if nothing's new.
7.The ION CANNON. Basically, this is a new feature to Battlefront and its annoying because your commander will constantly, like every 20 seconds, tell you to secure the ion cannon. You cannot turn off or turn down the volume of your guys voice and it becomes incredibly agitating andthe ion cannon riuns your battlefront experience as it consumes most time in every battle.

There are other small defects in this game which I'll leave out, suffice to say it's not that great. It's jus too slow, repetitive and dull. Try Battlefront 1 and 2 on the PS2.

  An Ambious Attempt

| | See all Unknown497's reviews (6)

For what it's worth, a multi-battleground for the psp was amazing. The customization is still there and still brilliant and the gameplay and graphics are as they usually are for the psp console. However, this game is one for the next gen consoles (PS3,Xbox 360). If Lucusarts get rid of the annoying cutscenes that play when you go from land to space, using an escape pod and landing in the enemy capital ship then you are on your way. Also, bring back all the vehicles and the actual capital ships, not the frigates.

But, for the PSP, its a brilliant star wars battlefront game, but it would be 10x better on any next gen platform


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  best battlefront

| | See all Gunny96's reviews (3)

This game is brilliant sure it can be slow and laggy
but the gameplay is simple to master and we finally get to go from air to ground in the same missions just picture battlefront 2 but a bit better

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  worst star wars game ever!

| | See all lexter's reviews (6)

it looks good,it sounds good.and u would think it would play good, but it dont! wots the point in having a game that runs as fast as as jabba the hut? its slow and tedious beyond beleif! and you cant even look up and down to scope out wot u are shooting at! save your cash and stick with yer battle front2 or the exellent lego star wars games! pants!

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