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Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Limited Collector's Edition

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (5 reviews)"

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  Well worth it!

| | See all Jay22098's reviews (2)

I recieved my copy today and I am really impressed with the product. I was scared that I would be getting a German manual but mine's in english! Well worth the money for what you actually get with the game. Plus I can't complain since I got it for £30. Everything in this edition is in top notch quality and once again, I am very pleased with the qualit Squaresoft offers their fans. Well done!

  Very nice all around

| | See all Alieus's reviews (3)

For a psp game it's exceptional, graphics are very nice and they have packed so much into it.
I would recommend doing a full data install before playing the game, if you're impatient like me the load times go so much faster.
I have been playing this game since the release, and when I thought I completed the game, I was wrong, it throws more and more at you, I just love it!
my personal opinion is that is a continuation of final fantasy one, but obviously mixed in with all games up to number twelve.
the art book, mini cd, everything that comes with it is a very nice bonus, worth the extra money!

In all I just think it's brilliant, I've been playing non stop since release and there's still so much I have to get through, probably the best psp game up to date, I can guarantee it will not let you down!

  All well and good, except...

| | See all Astrotrain's reviews (1)

Despite my Miniguide having an English cover, the whole thing is written in German, and I'm curious as to whether anyone else has had this, thus it's completely useless, and a total disappointment.

Regardless, overall it's still well worth it. Incredible game, and something anyone should be proud to own.

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  Dissidia Euphoria

| | See all RagingBluedragon's reviews (33)

After ordering this late Thursday night, received early Saturday morning so thank you play, as for the game, love it.
Its kept the standard of graphics that the psp can deliver and worked even further to produce a good looking and playing game. Gameplay itself is straight forward fight rules, hurt your enemy, win however in story mode also have bonus objectives to earn more DP for bigger bonuses. Also worth a mention, Dissidia gives you two batle mode choices, one free play where you fight in full real time but also a command based battlemode for those who may prefer it.
The lithographs are not as big as I would have hoped (about size of a psp case) but still look very good, the little book is handy to start off with, though for hardcore players would recommend the full strategy guide and I can't seem to get the mini cd to play on my pc, but will on cd player so fine. Artbook is also quite nice too.
Overall its reminiscent of Ehrgeiz on the PS1 so if you remember it and like it, think massively improved and buy

  Absolutely stunning in it's depth and execution

| | See all Ravenwolf's reviews (52)

Now HERE is how you do a fighting game on PSP. Gorgeous visuals, tons of variety in it's modes and unlockables, excellent multiplayer options, and a wealth of Final Fantasy fanservice.

It can be quite daunting to get to grips with at the start and the difficulty is at times unforgiving, but this game will last you months easily if you're prepared to lose yourself in it. I've logged six hours already, and I've yet to finish a single one of the games main story chapters(Of which there are a LOT), as the arcade mode and it's unlockable goods is proving entertaining enough on their own.

A superb game to kick off what is looking like the PSP's strongest games line up season ever between now and Christmas.

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