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Ridge Racer 2

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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  Not as good as I thought

| | See all Deadfang's reviews (15)

I was used to playing r.r 4 on the psone and am kinda dissapointed with this one, because i liked it in r.r 4 where you had to choose a sponsor and got new cars from them. This game is just plain racing, which it does ok, but if you want a real racer i'd go for something else.

  Get up to the starting block!

| | See all GeneralVortex's reviews (8)

This game is really ALL the Ridge Racer games, tracks & cars from the PS 1 & 2 consoles + more, overhauled, polished & put together in one package,

Game play is spot on from the originals and it'll keep you entertained for months to come (dont know why, but it feels a lot more challenging than the originals!!) R.R2 goes up there in the 'must have' games to own on the PSP.


| | See all MartinsBluRay's reviews (46)

Top graphics and sound a whole host of different tracks to master (saome old and familiar, some new) this is Ridge Racer the way you remember it, fast, very slidy and a whole lot of fun. This is one series of game I never get bored with. Recommended.

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  a must buy!!!!!!

| | See all Gdawgs's reviews (1)

this game is spectacular this is 1 of the best arcades game ever imagine futuristic cars with NOS and the controls of outrun in the arcade so i mean you can drift round the corner like anything i mean u do slide out but it is really hard 2 slide out which is good cz i mean you dont want it tooo realstic otherwise it bcomes boring..... the good thing is the old tracks from the orginal on dere and the bst thing is is dat the other cars drift with u so dats even better...look all i can say is dis is a must buy especially for the psp coz its a gd game 2 play for wen u ave long car journeys if u no wt i mean lol

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  Totally Superb

| | See all wearecity's reviews (4)

Well where to start as so much I could say.

Put simply, this game is brilliant and a complete bargain.

There is so much to this game, for the beginner, it simple is a case of pick up and play, straight into the fun, with a generous amount of cars and courses readily available.

The beginner courses are just that, nice simply courses for the beginner. No ridiculously hard corners and a difficulty that encourages the player that it is possible to win races and thus start unlocking more cars and course.

Again the world tours, start off at a nice pace and it's possible to complete the first few tours with minimal frustration.

With other options such as wireless mode and time attacks, this really is one fun fun fun game with so much to like about it and really nothing to dislike.

Sadly I seem to have missed the boat and cannot find people online to play with. But this is still surperb stuff.

Quite frankly my favourite PSP racer and indeed one of my favourite racer of all time on all formats.

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| | See all frazzzle's reviews (6)

i bought this game excited after the thrill of play off the demo which i downloaded from the psp website. when i got it, it was way way better than expected.this is a spectacular game as you get outstanding drifting noises and quality and extreme enjoyment when you fire off your nitrous also you get fantastic range of cars, car colours and a huge range of adrenaline filled courses . overall this is a stunning game a must buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Looks good...but I'm rubbish

| | See all rkidscd012's reviews (61)

This game looks very good, and it has lots of different options etc to keep you occupied...that is if you can actually do it!

Being pants at racing games, I got this cos it was cheap (there are worse reasons to buy things) and haven't played it since I picked it up for the first time as it got a bit boring doing the same race over and over. Maybe I need to explore it a bit more and practice, but I prefer my games a bit more instant than that.

  Your hypothalamus will thank you!

| | See all Bashimitsu's reviews (61)

Arcade racing at it's very best.... Just like Ridge Racer 1 was and that's what's wrong with it.
If you have not played Ridge Racer a lot or at all then that's really not much of a problem and you should read on. If you have then you're going to need to be a big fan to justify continued interest as the differences between the two games are marginal at best.

So if you're still with me then let me tell you a thing or two about the game -
Ridge Racer 2 is fast, smooth and good looking, it's what 007 would be if he were a racing game; it's pure unadulterated arcade bliss that will rob hours of your life and leave you pink-eyed, numb-thumbed and still hungry for more. If you want realism then look elsewhere but if the idea of thrashing a car that handles like a gyroscope on railway tracks sounds exciting then this is your game, and once the rush of endorphins floods your blood supply as you come screaming out of a corner and blasting down the long open straight riding a wave of pent-up nitrous, you'll get that uncontrollable smile flex across your face and you'll be in Ridge Utopia.
Enjoy your stay.

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