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Sega Mega Drive Collection

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (18 reviews)"

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  They are worse than you remember...

| | See all Zomb1e's reviews (67)

I was quite excited by this game, the prospect of playing the excellent Sonic 1&2, Ecco the Dolphin, Decap Attack, et al. On my PSP, wherever and whenever i fancied it.
But my hindsight is a bit fuzzy, these games are between 15 and 20 years old, and they look it too!
Im not such an idiot that i was expecting PS3 level graphics and game play, its just that i remember them being better.

If you are feeling nostalgic, like i was, then buy buy buy!

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  Dated Gaming....

| | See all HeresJonny's reviews (25)

But still awesome!!!! I love this collection of classics. Got a psp and used to have a mega drive. I invite you to re-live your childhood.

  An awesome collection of Classic games.

| | See all TerrorTrooper's reviews (26)

First of all, i recently reviewed EA Replay (another classic compilation title) I feel the need to mention S.M.D.C's Plus points over the EA replay compilation pack first.

This pack was carefully, and thoughtfully put together with great attention to detail, a whole host of unlockable bits and bobs about each game that really make them worth the effort, and none of the games are cut down in any way, shape or form, and they all port over to the PSP nicely.

Sonic and Sonic 2 alone have provided me with many hours of fun!!
(Also, there direct posrts from the origionals, as the level select from Sonic II sort of works, go to sound menu, play 19,65,9 and 17 and youl hear a Ding indicating activation, Sadly, theres no way to do A+Start on the PSP to actually use the cheat.)

also, many of the other titles are just as entertaining as i origionaly remember them.

Now, the big problem of Retro games.
People who played them many moons ago often look at them with rose tinted glasses so to speak, and after playing modern games, many of them seem rather shallow compared to how you remember them.
As much as some people complain that modern games are graphics over gameplay, when you play some retro games, they make you realise just how much gameplay has actually improved over the years.

Bottom line, Unless your actually old enough to have owned a Sega mega drive, you might not enjoy many titles in this collection, also, a few of the titles in this are
rather questionable additions. i can think of dozens that would have made better choices than ones that were not good in their hayday, let alone now.
This compilation is worth buying, even just for the sonic games alone!

  Feeling nostalgic?

| | See all MrKermit's reviews (16)

When I saw this collection I had to buy it, simply to remind myself of the many hours spent as a kid playing Sonic The Hedgehog. You have to bear in mind that the games featured here are mostly releases from 1988-1995 so they are the classic 2D side scrollers. The problem is that these games don't really play that well now, they are rather repetitive and to be honest not as good as I remember them. Highlights of the package are Sonic 1/2, Golden Axe and the Tetris like puzzler 'Columns'. If you owned a Mega Drive then this is probably a worthwhile purchase, otherwise I wouldn't bother.

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  Do me a favour & plug me in to a SEGA!

| | See all GeneralVortex's reviews (8)

Take a trip down memory lane with this bumper bundle of Mega Drive games! Some of the choices for the collection are excellent some are questionable and even some not ever released in the UK! The save feature on some of the games is a god send, so gone are the original days of having to pause the game, to go and have your tea! Extra unlockable Very old skool games, interviews, museum and cheat sheet,are also nice bonus. £17 for the pack is an absolute bargain, the pack only misses 4/5 Stars due to the fact some of the games chosen are just as bad now as the were back in the 90's (e.g Golden Axe III) Lets hope that Sega spawn a sequel set soon.

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  2 Stars

| | See all peterhaase's reviews (39)

This really is a bit pointless. A tribute to the gaming past it may be, but after playing the games properly it becomes apparent that by todays standards everything here's a bit rubbish.

The exceptions to this are the Sonic games, maybe Golden Axe and Comix Zone too. Even these should be nothing more than secret unlockables tagged onto "proper" games.

For Mega Drive FANATICS only. Plus, there are a number of seriously BAD games included here which look more like they're taken from the older Sega Master System.

Gamers looking for the here and now need not apply, unless you love a good supply of bad 2D side scrolling games.

  Great Game Selection

| | See all sddam22's reviews (61)

This is a great selection of old classics, a must have for the classic gamer.

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  A great compilation with a couple of strange choices too

| | See all gamefreak666's reviews (27)

I could argue all day about the games that should be on here, or not on here. But the fact is that it has one of the most overlooked of megadrive games ever in Comix Zone. Some of the games are made easier than they were originally due to the save feature which was absent on alot of megadrive games. All in all, a fantastic set of games that are worth far more than the asking price.

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  retro gaming

| | See all CrashOveride's reviews (1)

I brought this game a couple of weeks ago and I could hardly put it down. It brought back all the memorys of when I was younger. Any a few other people have said Streets Of Rage should have been included in this collection. But it is pretty good never the less. But for the price of it, it is definetly worth buying if only for Sonic, Golden Axe and a couple of others. They should definetly bring another collection out for the psp with some of the other classics like Road Rash, Super Kick Off, and Streets of Rage 1-3. Anyway on the whole it is really good and worth every penny.

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