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Medal Of Honor: Heroes (Platinum) (Medal Of Honour)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (18 reviews)"

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  Great stuff, one thing though

| | See all tomc61's reviews (6)

this game is a great shooter for the PSP. Since there is no CoD this is a good subsitute. The Campaign is great fun and quite long, and Skirmish is good. the maps are awsome and creative. the bad thing is it is quite annoying if you don't have the Wi-Fi on ur PSP

  I Lovedddddddd it !!!

| | See all johngalea's reviews (13)

This game is excellent ... graphics are great campaign great and skirmish greatttt this game is deep. EA has done it again....
congrates to EA :) :) :)

  Must Buy!

| | See all Spidey200's reviews (13)

This game is a must buy. The campaign in this game is exciting and i thought there were enough levels. The multiplayer option is good aswell if you want to have a rest from the campaign. Definetly
Going to buy heroes 2

  amazing game!

| | See all mcfc68's reviews (4)

this is an amazing game, a must buy for the psp! the missions are ok, if a bit short, the graphics aren't brilliant, but online it really comes in to a class of its own! up to 32 players in one map with 5 game types, it is truly amazing. i have been emptying the battery everyday playing with and against friends and just random people i don't know too! ther is always people online, without fail, this is a must have game

  MOD Heroes

| | See all GarrMadd's reviews (17)

Good game, fun to play and for the portable psp its short missions run well. i really think it wors.

i like the games play, once i changed the controls to how iwas most comfortable with (which is a good point). graphics arent the best the psp has to offer but its a couple of years old now thi game so really not an awfull point.

it does deserve a four star in my opinion.

  MOH gone portable

| | See all videogameguru's reviews (31)

i love medal of honor, and when i saw this for the psp, i had to buy it! story mode is good, and online is awesome!
also there is an additional skirmish mode which is brilliant!

  Awesome gaming

| | See all Freerider349's reviews (53)

The story mode, although quite short, is very challenging on the different difficulties, but to get the most out of this game, GET ONLINE. Thousands of players play online, and the gaming atmosphere is awesome

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  Great PSP 1st person shooter

| | See all Darklord1899's reviews (30)

This game is great. The draw distance lets it down and the way you get an endless series of enemies is annoying. Good points are the graphics and the sound which are excellent throughout.
This is not a game that you will beat on one sitting. There are plenty of great things to do with it. Most of the missions are capture the flag based but they are just so much fun. Also you have to find other goodies like secret plans. So it has the flavour of the medal of honour series on the x box.
The wifi gaming also works well and I had a great game with my pal on the tube the other day. All in all the best 1st person shooter I have played on the PSP.

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  Best game out for the PSP!!!

| | See all deedeeminotaur's reviews (6)

If you own a PSP then get this game. It's as simple as that, to be honest. Smooth controls, graphics, gameplay and online play. This game has got pretty much everything, and you would be a fool to miss it.

The story is pretty straight-forward, and is the one weak-point about this game. As it's a World War II shooter, it's pretty much the same story as every other medal of honour or call of duty game. You are an elite soldier who is very proficient at killing Nazis. Simple as that really. What there is of a story (World War II history lesson) is described at very start of missions, and then there are a few cinematics before and after every chapter. Unlike the other Medal of Honour games, there are no story events within missions, you are given your goals at the start, and you must complete primary objectives, and secondary objectives are optional.

The gameplay is, in a word, fantastic. Really easy to control with a very nice control scheme and unlike other shooters on PSP this game is genuinely fun to play. It's handled itself well in the weapons department. My one complaint concerning gameplay would be your Allies. All they do is block your shots, take your kills, and accidentally blow you up with grenades.

This is not a problem, however, when playing in skirmish mode or online. You just kill everyone in sight on the skirmish mode as there are no team-based games. Although, if you take the action online there are some very nice team-based games, like classic capture the flag, or hold the line. The online play is very fun, but very frustrating as it's a little unbalanced. 9/10 people you encounter will be wielding the shotgun because it's so overpowered.

Medal of Honour pushes the PSP to the max, yet it doesn't show it. I haven't had any frame-rate issues or laggy play at all yet, whilst enjoying the high-quality action going on, on the screen. The sound quality is fine. Not perfect, but satisfying, and the score is quite pleasant I think.

My only real concern for this game is that there's nothing new. It's all just content ripped off of the other Medal of Honour games. The interface and weapons are from European Assault, the Music and voices, straight from Allied Assault. There's more, but I think you get the gist of it.

All in all, a great game. A must have if you buy the PSP as it will keep you coming back for more.

Story - 7
Gameplay - 9
Presentation - 8

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