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Sony PSPgo Console - White

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Customer Reviews

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  a little help

| | See all gregor2385's reviews (1)

hi just bought this and i was wondering how long does it take for the games to come in the email any help btw great devices does everything

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| | See all Spurskeane14spurs's reviews (1)

I brought the PSP Go just afer xmas, I can't believe the reviews saying they prefer the old psp. This beast rocks firstly it looks smarter, it's just the right size to hold picture feels and looks sharper. Perfect for carrying around ie lightweight and pocket size. And downloading the games isn't a pain it normally takes me 5 to 10mins downloading, it's never taken me 40 to 50 mins. With plays current offer 10 free games it's worth every penny. A+++ well done Sony

  Awesome Little Device

| | See all dogstick's reviews (3)

I hear loads of people complaining about this device but to be honest I really love my Go. I also have the first PSP and have never really used it mainly because it was huge and totally unportable. It has spent the last two years collecting dust. The PSPgo solves this issue totally and I take it everywhere with me in my back pocket. I also find the new analogue stick position much better than the previous models but this is probably an individual thing. My only real criticism of the device is the speed of downloads. It can take as long as an hour to download a game then it need to spend 40-50 minutes installing it, but if you can live with that then your onto a winner really.

  A maz ing

| | See all sikh98's reviews (1)

This awesome device was great it came really fast and its very easy to use.

I bought it for my son and he loves it but when you rescieve it, it might need charging but it works perfectly fine.Easy to unbox and everything that i expected was there.

Thanks play.com


| | See all Xarius's reviews (2)

the psp go is a brilliant piece of kit! the only thing stopping me from getting one was the price. now at 150 squid there was no reason not to invest in one! loads of games and "minis" to choose from on the PSN. you can wack movies, music and photos all on the 16GB internal memory. it feels great in the hands and is sleek to look at. the only thing with the Go is the fact that you have to pay PSN prices for all your games instead of getting a cheapy pre owned down your local store. to be honest though, i just dont care about the extra few quid! if your looking to update your old psp 1000 or 2000 and have loads of UMD's then buy a psp 3000. if your new to the psp or dont mind not being able to play your old discs on it then i cant recommend this little gem enough. 5/5

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| | See all BOOKERSY's reviews (1)

I have just received my PSP and it looks amazing. The delivery was faster than i expected.
I have not yet downloaded any games but it is stunning in user interface and size.
I f you are trying to convince a mother or father and they're not buying it i would reassure them that it is the right buy. I thought because of the staggeringly low price that it may have something wrong with it but i can say that mine seems completely fine and there is nothing bad about it so far.
If you are worried about the apparently awkward shape then dont worry because it seems fine to me who has had a ds lite for ages.
Great product and i would recommend buying it off of play.com, i couldn't find a better price.

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  cant wait

| | See all gazisme's reviews (1)

just brought this and its a great bargain for 149 but i just dont understand why you don't get headphones and a pouch like with the other psps but still a great piece of kit

  Love it!

| | See all mrcheekychops's reviews (15)

Debated for months on whether to get this or a 3000. Well I used to have the original psp but couldn't stand the disc spinning scratchy noise you get, went for this pspgo and it is beautiful. Ok some games are a couple of pounds more but for the noise reduction and portability this is awesome. Loaded it so far with killzone, Marvel comics and LBP, fits in the pocket. Get a leather pull up case and a screen protector and your ready to go erm..PSP GO!

  Worth it!

| | See all mikextra's reviews (1)

The psp go has had a lot of criticism, reading articles on-line ranting about its awkward shape, power consumption and lack of umd drive but I can assure you this unit is a pleasure to use. The shape feels right and the whole thing weighs less than the average mobile phone.

Although people who own a PSP 3000 might struggle to find a difference between the two machines, the PSP GO comes with a few extra features that makes it feel that the designers think of this more of a stand alone PSP other than a pointless facelift. With extras such as being able to connect a PS3 controller via bluetooth
to control the the system and being able to pause any game turn off the system and come back to it is helpful in games that need you the find save points to save the game.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone and especially to buy off play.com I spent a while shopping around and it is so much cheaper on this site and is cheaper then the new DSi XL coming soon.

  A really nice piece of kit

| | See all DJSigma's reviews (9)

Most people know the main limitation of the PSP Go compared to the PSP-3000 (i.e. lack of a UMD drive), so I won't focus on that in this review.

The PSP Go is a really well built piece of kit. The screen is slightly smaller than that of the 3000, but it has the same resolution and looks really nice. I have fairly big hands, but even though the buttons are quite small, I had no problems at all when playing games. The battery can be charged using the supplied charger or via USB (a proprietary cable unfortunately, but it is supplied) although you cannot charge the system via USB while actually playing games. Compared to the 3000, it fits nicely in a jacket pocket.

The features have been covered by the other reviews - you've got games, movies, music, RSS feeds, Internet radio, web browsing, remote play from a PS3 and more.

There's a decent choice of games on the PSN store - full PSP games, PS1 titles, some demos and PSP Minis (cheap, smaller titles like Tetris). It's a shame that Sony haven't made it mandatory for developers to offer a digital download version of every game coming out since the Go's release, as there are still titles coming out that are UMD only. All first party titles will appear on PSN though. Downloads were pretty fast via wi-fi most of the time, although games also need to be installed which can also take quite a long time. You're not going to be buying games daily though, so that's not really a problem. If you have a PS3, you can download games with that and transfer them over to the PSP with the supplied cable. You can also use Media Go via a PC to access PSN, although I found the software quite bloated and it adds half a dozen entries to add or remove programs in Windows as it has to install Quicktime and several other things.

As for the negatives, it's a shame that Sony didn't stick with a mini-USB socket for charging and transferring content to the system. Also, the 16 GB of memory is actually 14 GB as that's how much usable space you have for games and other content.

I paid 149.99 on sale at Play for mine, which I think is a good price when you consider that there's 16 GB of flash memory built in which would cost you about 45 pounds to buy. I've knocked a star off for the proprietary USB cable, the lack of some new titles coming to PSN, and the clunky Media Go software, but as long as you realise that this is a digital download only system for games and take into account the limitations that come with that, I think you'll be very happy with your purchase!

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