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Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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I loved Kingdom hearts I and II, and this one has it all for me to enjoy, but I don't know why, It just didn't feel the same.... maybe it's because you have to go through the game 3 times, one for each character, but i got bored of this game really fast.... never ended the second character.... but the graphics, combat and menus are well designed.
....Maybe I just miss the old characters XD

  Keep it up 'Disneyix!'

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I was always fond of the Kingdom Hearts games series (despite unfortunately not having the chance to play them all as I only own a PS2 and PSP). I was never too keen of the main Square Enix storyline being mixed with that of Disney's (having Goofy and Donald on my team in the first games was never much of a thrill) but despite my tendency to believe that aspect of the games is present to target a younger audience, Square does accomplish Disney's 'magic' quite well, incorporating it with the main storyline without it seeming too forced. BBS may be intended as a prequel to the main story we're so familiar with but it doesn't fail to portray a feeling of 'continuity' for the series in whole, despite the lack of very familiar characters such as Sora. I'm still in the beginning of the game but what I've seen so far looks improved and I'm glad the annoying space ship shooter mini-game has been replaced with an odd version of Monopoly, equally amusing without getting annoying.

  Overall Excellent

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I first ordered this game not knowing quite what to expect, but when I started playing it was nothing like the original first two games in the series. Sure the basic plot for each world, (game plot totally new btw), is roughly the same. The way you play it out is far different to methods seen in the past.

The new battle system will have you rethinking how you play Kingdom Hearts because you have to be more rigorous with your choice of attacks as they are quite limited as to what you can use at one time. The AI finally has some sense with the enemies dodging various attacks, leading to a real battle instead of just a slaughter. Also I noticed enemies have weaknesses to certain elements, which only deepens the strategy aspect.

The battle itself and the amount of options you have during battle will have you coming up with completely new strategies unheard of in Kingdom Hearts; which is a nice refresher.

The average world is smaller then what has been expected out of the last two games, but this is only a minor problem as they are packed with adventure, enemies and the occasional mini game (which are quite enjoyable in themselves). New worlds, never before seen in KH is a lovely site bringing new characters and worlds into the mix.

Birth by Sleep (although I have yet to complete it) has been a rollercoaster of a game and to top it all off, along the way this game may just answer some questions you've had about KH for several years since KH2.I believe this game fills in a bit more of the jigsaw puzzle of a plot that is Kingdom Hearts.

It's a must buy for any KH fan but to all those who have yet to experience the epic Kingdom Hearts series I highly recommend playing the first two games in the series first, just so your brought up to speed on the whole concept.

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I thought I would of been upset playing a Kingdom Hearts game with out Sora and the gang but hey I was wrong. In the game you have 3 different main quests for the 3 Keyblade masters which each have their own individual story, the game has the best combat system in the series with it being complex but smart and easy to use. The story is also cool as you uncover the origins the series. I must buy for any fan of Kingdom Hearts.