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Dissidia 012 (Duodecim): Final Fantasy - Legacy Edition

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (6 reviews)"

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  Good game

| | See all WilsonInacio's reviews (10)

The game is good, although I was expecting a litle more. The world mode is a plus, but the fact you can't use the alternate costumes in story mode makes me sad XD if you like final fantasy and you like fighting games, is a game you must try!

  Great sequel of a great game

| | See all Kyrielite's reviews (3)

And here comes the question as to how SE can make a sequel so interesting and alluring?
Even though we already know the game basics from the last installment, the player finds they have yet much to learn with its sequel. With six new characters and a whole new world map to explore, there's always much to do as the story unravels itself slowly. Sure, it can get confusing sometimes with so many extras and side stories (also because the bits you learn are seldomly in chronological order) but that also adds to the curiosity of wanting to know more.
Character wise I was mildly disappointed there weren't more interactions between the new characters and the old ones. Of course, in a game with so many characters, it's always hard to satisfy everyone. Most of the first Dissidia is retold in this one and that is also part of the reason I'm not granting the five shiny stars here. The camera faults could have also been fixed but, as it is, in certain arenas you'll most likely find yourself facing a wall than your rival.
Gameplay wise, they managed to introduce yet more button combinations with the assist system, which only adds to the challenge. SE once again proves they can make great fighting games, good enough to rival any Tekken.

  "-walk onwards, into the Final Fantasy"

| | See all RYCloud92's reviews (5)

Want can I say that hasn't more or less been said about this game already. Well for starters as with the first game it is a very unique and interesting fighter then combines the RPG elements together perfectly. The cast both new and old are all fan favourites in one walk of life or the other, so if you're a huge fan of the Final Fantasy series you're bound to like the characters, and even if you aren't that huge of a fan the characters are well written and some at the most are well voiced for a fighter.

The plot, although it isn't the longest is more then enough to keep you interested in the world and also get used to the controls and aspects this game has to offer. As I mentioned early it is a fighting game so don't go expecting an epic blockbuster story, the story is good but is lacking compared to previous FF games.

Onto the special little details that only come with this edition. First the DLC, both costumes are rather well designed and are different enough to make you feel as though you have got your moneys worth. The art cards are nicely detailed and packaged and the CG artwork of the box itself is a pleasure on the eyes. The bonus 50% off over for Final Fantasy 1 also makes this a bargain, as I am currently playing the RPG and am finding it to be a rather enjoyable time out for when I don't feel I have time to play Dissidia itself.

Things to note, this game even though it's a multiplayer fighter doesn't contain an actual online mode. Keep this in mind if your main hopes for this game where to go online and test your skills against others.

All in all a great buy and a must have for any PSP owner.

  Great game!

| | See all channy911's reviews (13)

Great game, but not as good as I expected.
New characters, new abilities, new maps, and an Assist mode, all good.
The biggest improvement must be the AI, as enemies are now harder than they were at the same difficulty level.

Many system tweaks, and personally, I think the most annoying one is how Chase works now compared to how it was before, in Dissidia.
Ex Mode bar fills up a lot slower, both good and bad, good because in player vs player, people cannot rely on it as much, bad because it makes fighting more difficult enemies to grind equipment (in Dissidia, getting the Genji set and Lufenian set was very difficult as it was), more difficult than it already was (even without the Assist function).

The worst news to find out is that, the Assist only character, Aeris (of if you prefer, Aerith), can only be obtained if you have bought Duodecim Prologus, meaning that people who cannot purchase from the PSN store, cannot FULLY unlock/obtain all the characters, which is quite demotivating (to me at least).

In all honesty, the game is great, but not as good as I had hoped for, and in all fairness, the new characters and maps are not that good (or maybe I am just not used to them?).

I have studied Computer Games Programming at university before, and from this perspective, I can say that Square Enix has been quite lazy with this game; too few new features, most were just updates and improvements (which do not take a very long time to do, if you are an experienced games developer).
The game feels more like an update/patch rather than a new game.

If I had to rank the games in order from the Dissidia line, I would say the best is the Japanese version of Dissidia, then the English version of Dissidia (had some annoying changes/tweaks), and then Duodecim (just fewer new things than I expected), and even though with that said, Duodecim is still a great game, I would have still bought it knowing all that (maybe because I am a fan of the FF line?) and I would recommend getting it.

  Buy Now

| | See all gkc666's reviews (1)

My first thoughts toward this game are it is a little too similar to the original BUT!!! square have gone and made it so much more enjoyable with the great new characters that are amazing to use, new areas to battle in, the new assist feature which adds more strategy to the battles.
The graphics are what you would expect from square, they are beautiful, from having a frantic battle to just exploring the world map your eyes are in for a treat.
Audio again is top notch, voice acting is superb and you now have even more tracks to listen to as you battle

  Square's Hard at work

| | See all Rossy09's reviews (5)

A brilliant new entry from Square Enix.
It's took everything great from the first game and really polished it all off and the outcome is brilliant.
Hours after hours of fun.
Perfect for any FF nut. ;)

Also once u complete the main story for Duodecim you unlock the FULL original Dissidia game.
You can also port over your save file from the previous Dissidia so your characters are just as you left them in your previous game.

So much thought has gone into this title. Well worth the price.
Plus a great way to catch some more or Lightning while we wait patiently for Final Fantasy XIII-2 lol