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PlayStation Vita - Wi-Fi (With Pre-Order Pack)

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Customer Reviews

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  The next generation is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I was a bit skeptical about getting one at first, and then when my Xbox blew up it was the perfect time to try this out, and i have one things to say outstanding, the fact it can produce near ps3 graphics and that it is included on a vibrant compacitive touch screen which features the latest OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) which gives you the most realistic colours possible and a very wide viewing angle virtually 180 degrees. Then you have the games which are absolutely amazing, i would recommend buying uncharted as i have just completed and would say it is absolutely amazing on the screen. And you have two analog sticks (sony's thought of everything) which is very useful and finally you have your rear touch pad and also an accelrometer and gyroscope which makes it that little more life like when playing games like moving it to aim of uncharted if you want.

Awesome plain and simple!!!!

Would recommend to anyone who wants a portable console with amazing graphics and a wide range of games. :)

  Very very GOOD

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I bought it for my nephew but I think I will hold on to it for few more weeks. I got it from Play (an Uncharted and 8GB card bundle) and it is a very good piece of kit. I bought the original PSP on the day it came out and this is as exciting.

The screen is brilliant, I watched a trailer of Men in Black 3 and I must admit the screen is better than my ASUS Tranformer's screen. It is sharp and the colours just pop out of the screen. I have already completed The Uncharted and the gameplay is really good.

I was a bit apprehensive as I saw many reviews referring to its size as being to bulky but, honestly, it is smaller than I excpected. Yes, it is a little bit bigger than the PSP and you probably wouldn't put it in your pockoet. This is not, however an issue and once the price comes down a little bit I will get one form myself too (I would have done so already if it wouldn't be for the fact that I drive to work and not commute on the train).

All in all if you had the original PSP you should definitely get PS Vita. The only thing that Sony is missing here is the price of the games, espacially digitial downloads. 40 pounds for a FIFA? Despite it being a very good game (I play a demo) no game for a handheld is worth 40 pounds (well maybe Assassins Creed when it comes out).

If the prices will go down, including the hardware, this will sell incredibly well.

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Ok, im a sucker for new technology, and this has it in abundance!!!!!
Opening the box you get a sexy machine indeed, it is a lot bigger than the PSP although slightly lighter!!!!
Control wise it is perfect, why oh why has it taken all these years to get 2 analogue sticks!!!!!, a lot of thought has gone into the design of this beauty and it shows.
The biggest draw has to be the screen, the 5" OLED screen makes it all super, super pin sharp and an absolute joy to watch games or movies in motion, it is bright and packed with detail.
Sound wise you get a surprising punch from the dual located speakers.
Right off from the bat you can jump into the PSN store and download a shed loada demo's and apps to try, well worth it.

Everything from its big brother is here, unlike when i bought my 3DS and knew straight away i had made a mistake, this is different, im SO happy i bought it, and even more impressed on the quality of titles im seeing, especially so early on in its development cycle.
If i could give it 6 stars i would.
Buy it!!!!!

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