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WipEout 2048 (PlayStation Vita)

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (6 reviews)"

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  Never Disappoints

| | See all rocky2603's reviews (14)

Wipeout always seems to be a launch game and it has never been a disappointment. This game really showcases the Vita's potential. Graphics and gameplay top notch. Campaign and multiplayer modes are executed perfectly, also you can play people online who are using a PS3!

I would recommend this game with no doubts.

  Wipeout is awesome!!

| | See all Scotty24's reviews (27)

If you haven't played Wipeout before then where have you been? Wipeout is a futuristic racer where you race ships at unbelievable speeds (it increases as you progress through the game) round courses. There is a good variety of races, with Zone being one that starts slow but speeds up, time trial and a one lap time trial where you aim for the best time on a single lap. There is also your typical race - with weapons - and elimination - also with weapons - which has you taking out as many ships in a certain time!.

Despite moving at amazing speeds Wipeout is the best looking Vita game so far! (or debatably second to U:GA!) and even at the most intense speed the vita never shows any sign of struggle to run the game! Which is amazing!

If you are a Vita owner (and a fan of or at least don't mind racing games) I would have no problem recommending this game to you! In fact I would be wondering why you don't have it already!.

  Fastest and best WipEout yet!

| | See all assfez's reviews (7)

This is the beans if you want eye-blistering speed, jaw-dropping visuals or just to show your mates how cool the OLED is. Great fun to play but a real task ahead if you want that platinum trophy!

NB: With the WipEout HD and WipEout FURY DLC, Free if you own the PS3 versions already, this becomes one of the most necessary purchases on Vita at the moment.

  Best looking Vita Game

| | See all BEDMEISTER's reviews (26)

I've never really been a massive Wipeout fan but have always enjoyed racing games.As a result I would not have got this game if it wasn't for the free download code provided with the 3G version.

I'm amazed at how good this game is to play - It handles great, the balance of teh weapons in the races is just right and teh sound is amazing. The whole thing is brought together with incredibly smooth, super fast graphics which bring an insanely detailed world to life.

The tracks are great and the mix of speedy straights full of boost pads, technical turns and alternate routes is bang on. The AI is agressive and up there with the best racing games. The weapons also add a tactical element which keeps teh racing challanging and competitive.

I've not fully tested the online but I managed to get a race pretty easily and seemed smooth over my decent wi-fi connection.

Overall I'm so pleased with this game - It's fired up ahead of uncharted to show how good the Vita is on the graphics and the sublime gameplay is enough to keep you hooked. Try the Demo on teh store - this is a MUST BUY!!

  PS Vita's Visual Showcase

| | See all jcmonkey's reviews (13)

If there is to be one title that every Ps Vita owner should have on launch it's Wipeout 2048!

The first thing that strikes you about the title is it's visuals. Blockbusters hits such as Uncharted Golden Abyss truly flex the Vitas muscles but for a showcase of the Ps Vitas new OLED screen then this is the game for you. Colours and visuals are vibrant and crisp all running at a smooth 30fps. With so much going on screen you will truly be impressed by the eye candy that wipeout 2048 offers, nothing else comes close to demonstrating the power of the Vita at present. Period.

As with all titles in the franchise you will be expected to make clever use of you power ups and boost to outsmart your opponents as the AI has been ramped up significantly from previous games. With clever use of offensive and defensive tactics you will have to be quick on those analog and shoulder buttons if you want to stand a chance of progressing from track to track as your senses are pounded with awesome music, sound effects and visuals that will leave you feeling satisfied with the hard earned cash you just parted with (or not if you bought the 3G vita and got this amazing game for FREE).

As expected there are a plethora of tracks and vehicles that can be unlocked as you further progress through the various classes. The campaign itself is impressively long which covers 7 whole seasons which increase in difficulty as you progress. As you move forward through the campaign you will encounter standard racing, battles, phase and lets not forget your standard time trial courses.

The must publicised loading times have now been vastly improved with the release of the recent patch, and although some may still feel, they are slightly too long for a handheld game (30 secs average between races), I for one feel they are justified by the amount of detail and content this game produces.

With it's gorgeous looks, heart pumping soundtrack from the likes of the Chemical brothers, DJ Fresh and more and gameplay that truly is as enjoyable as ever, Wipeout 2048 is worth every penny and should be one title every Sony Ps Vita owner should own. Go get your copy now!

  WIPED OUT!!!!!

| | See all ZOMBIENATIONZ's reviews (145)

Well i looked forward to this as Wipeout has become a bit of a system launcher, i got the first one with my PS1, then there was Pure on the PSP, now this.
All i can say is wow..........wow!!!!.............did i say wow???!!!!!
The graphics are awesome, absolutely spot on for the Wipeout universe, for my money it looks better than the full blown PS3 version, on a smaller screen the 5" OLED screen makes it all super sharp and an absolute joy to watch in motion.

The sound is also spot on with some great rocking trance music tracks and cool fx.
Controls are actually better than i first thought they would be.
Everything from its big brother is here, well impressed especially so early on in its development cycle.
Buy it!!!!!