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Call Of Duty: Black Ops - Declassified (PlayStation Vita)

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (7 reviews)"

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  A complete joke by Sony

| | See all GAmEr1493's reviews (1)

Only certain people will be able to play the multiplayer severe NAT restrictions don't waste ur money

  Mediocre at Best

| | See all rocky2603's reviews (14)

This game was abit of a let down, if it wasn't for the multiplayer I would have expected this game to be PSP quality, it does if anything feel behind the current line up. I enjoy the COD campaigns and this one is the worst released, ALL the missions are effectively the same.

It does save itself to a certain extent with the multiplayer but as much as I enjoy it, the multiplayer is very buggy. takes a while to load and kicks you out of the room quite often.

Feels like the game is just a cash in for the developer.


  COD - PS Vita

| | See all PennyMixFilms's reviews (2)

A lot of fun online. A great portable version of the Call Of Duty series. Any issues online in the first few days seem to have gone now, I've had no problems getting into online matches recently. Not played the single player mode much, but highly recommend this for online matches. Control method works great too, first time I've ever played a decent fps on a handheld and felt in control of the action.

  COD Almighty

| | See all Taekwondoninja's reviews (1)

Overall this game is fantastic. Graphics are great and use of touchscreen is well used. I have experienced very little faults with multiplayer,which runs quikly with no lag. Yeah the campaign isn't the longest but taken me well over an hour and dont have the three stars yet. And with the additional game modes there is plenty to keep you occupied. I had read plenty bad reviews prior to buying,so my expectations weren't very high,im far from disappointed. Your best making your own mind up. In my opinion well worth the 35pounds I payed.

  Cod on the go

| | See all brightchild0's reviews (12)

Brilliant game. Am I playing it on the ps3 or ps vita?????
That's the point, I can play the biggest franchise on the go.
People should be embracing this game, because if we don't. We may have to put up with cheap games on mobiles. Cutting edge hardware with software just starting to unlock the power of ps vita.
Graphic's 8.5
Gameplay 9
Online 9.5
Multiplayer 9.5
Overall 9.25

  Very Addictive!!

| | See all Stifflerr's reviews (69)

Ok everyone is gonna compare this to the ps3 version and my personal thoughts are i find this game very addictive. Graphics are very impressive and smooth.The controls are easy to get to grips with this is how cod should be played in my opinion just like the ps3 version apart from you use the touchscreen to throw the grenades or smoke bombs now ive not looked in the settings to see if this can be changed but to be honest i prefer it this way its easy to master and you can start to enjoy playing this game on the go wherever you are. Also the screen is big enough to see your soldiers and to see your enemy i got to admit i were slightly worried that the screen would be a bit too small for this type of game i was wrong overall this game deserves a 10/10 a must buy for any cod fans or 1st person shoot em ups

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  Complete and utter garbage!!

| | See all RivieraPhantom's reviews (2)

Rented this from Blockbuster Wednesday. The single player was around 1 hour long, but the game itself was hard to control, they felt stiff and touch controls were bad. Game itself was very boring, missions were lackluster and dull. Graphics looked decent for Vita but that's about it.

MP was fun for about 20 mins, then all the disconnection, errors and lag started to happen, bugs and glitches too. Got stuck in several areas in both MP and SP.

This game is just horrible. Do not Buy this trash. lets wait for these developers to make something a lot better on Vita.

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