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Pilot Academy

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (13 reviews)"

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  best flight sim game on psp!!

| | See all senrat1's reviews (6)

if your into flying military planes or giant jumbo jets then this is a game which you must by. you can do lots of missions or just fly on free flight

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  Hard to put down

| | See all Pussyboots's reviews (7)

I love this game, I haven't put it down since i got it. Its a great game to play, controls are abit sensitive, but i will get used to that. But apart from that. Its a fun game for everyone.

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  bad for the purist cool for the psp gamer

| | See all marcelustberbick's reviews (4)

if you are expecting a flight sim with as much realism as a microsoft flight sim, then you will be dissapointed.
if on the other hand you want a flight game that cuts down the detail and delivers more in the way of mission based fun then you will be more than happy with pilot academy.
firstly the sheer variety of aircraft available is staggering, in fact you get much more than the microsoft counterpart.
graphics are reasonable as well, offering two views, it is very easy to control the plane on either hud or chase view.
gameplay is ok, the only downfall i could find is that it is very easy to over compensate on the controls thus leading to mission failure occasionly.
the flaps system is a good idea making it easy to get the correct settings for take off and landing, and with civilian and military missions to choose from there is enough to keep you from getting bored.
all in all this is a reasonable title perfect for the discerning psp gamer, but if you are after a serious flight sim then stick with microsofts offering on your pc.

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  Really good first flight sim!

| | See all mattbu's reviews (10)

When i first heard about a flight simulator on psp i jumped at the chance and brought it straight there and then in store. I am a really enthusiastic flight simulator player on PC, and i was really hopign it would be s good as X plane 8 on psp. Well, i wasn't wrong, but maybe i thought too much of it.
This is the first free roam flight simulator, and it has many options of aircraft, (civilian and military). It has a variety of missons and challenges, testing all of your flight abilities.

The graphics have been made to look very good quiality, but with a cartoon feel to it, still being a in depth flight sim, but made so any ages of person can play it.

The controls are simpled out, with the anolog stick to control your aircraft, but with a decent speed bar down one side with triangle to speed up, and circle to slow down. This type of speed measure is good because it can be changed and controlled easily but a little difficult to slow down for landing. The flaps setting is one of the best simpled doen features, because if you are taking off set the flaps to 'Take off' by pressing 'SELECT', and the same for landing. While flying you then set the flaps back to 'Neutral'.

For small turns the rudders can be used by L and R triggers.

This game (IMO) can be picked up and played, to do a short challenge, or a misson or just a lazy free flight. You can explore 64KM X 64KM maps, so there is enough space to have a round trip and land again. It is great for practicing manuovers or just having a play.
The load times are a bit long and boring, especially with alot of changing of missons and aeroplaners while you play.

I do think this is a great fun, quality graphicical game. It can be picked up and played, yet the loading times do cause a bit of a bore. The misson types are good when they are played, and the controls are able to use, after a bit of learning how to control the planes. There could be a few more missons for each section, but they take quite a while each so it will last.

There is a learning curve of the training missons, but once conquered, the game is worthwhile, and really fun.
There is stuff you always want to improve on, but for a first flight sim for a psp, its a really good attempt and fun for free flights when you start to unlock more planes.
Overall i give a 8/10

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  Pilot Academy

| | See all xXxLTOULOUSExXx's reviews (4)

The game is good, although one must be very skilled to fly the aircraft. The graphics are good, but it takes a long to time load!

  Good game but...

| | See all MrBroad's reviews (2)

Pilot Academy is one of the best plane games on psp. I think that the first time you play the game you can't get enough of it. But after you have completed all of the trainning missions and take your skills to the sky it can get boring especially when you play missions when they feel impossible and you end up playing them for hours untill you just give up. The planes on the game are great ranging from world war 1 planes to 747 being flown today. I think that they should have put more placesto fly like real cities in the world like ney york or london or paris ect. The main problem on this game for me is the different areas to fly because they all look the same. This is a great from the psp but i think you was looking for a plane game then pick a pilot game for the pc because i think no other pilot game can be compared to pilot games on the ps. Other than a great game for psp.

  Alright but no the best

| | See all stuart2418's reviews (5)

The pilot academy is probably not the best game in the world but it takes alot of skill to play. The best time to play the game is with somebody else with linking up to have dogfights. There are some other good things like unlocking diffrent aircraft but need to complete tasks and lessons which can be quite frustrating after a while. Over all the game is worth buying but probably not the best game out there.

  Best game for the PSP!!!

| | See all G0dfather's reviews (21)

I am a huge fan of aeroplanes and wish to become a pilot one day myself. This game has civilian missions and military missions both of which are enjoyable. I personally found it the most exciting and enjoyable game iv played in a long time and would recommend it to many PSP gamers. The military missions can be confusing at times but still brilliant to play and you pick up the conitrols extremely quickly, its definetly worth buying and absolute masterpeice of a game!


| | See all greg1232's reviews (3)

this game is really good if you are into these games microsoft flight sim players might find the graphics less brilliant but from a portable device this flight sim is excellent. i have had it a few days and cant put it down!