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Star Trek Tactical Assault

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  A fun, thinking shooter game for the PSP

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After some considerable time playing TA, i found the mission structure to be challenging but offered enough satisfaction to have me glued to my PSP to do that "Just 1 more Mission".
The Storyline was quite interesting, and offered enough teasers and questions to make me curious about what would happen next although many parts of it were predictable in good old fashioned Trek Style.
The Charachterisation of your crew and others was decent with enough Banter between them to make
the plot side of things fun to experiment with their choices, i was dissapointed that there were no more references or charachterisations of Star Treks good old Favorite Actors, A little Trek goes a long way, the ST Liscence in TA is definately underused as i kept finding myself hoping to find a litle kirk or spock here and there.
The incredibly small character faces in the Dialouge also wasnt re-assuring as far as the immersion factor of trek is concerned, but i can get over that.
The Gameplay itself has many strongpoints. The points system Crew upgrades serve as a good motivator and often had me thinking "Hmm, im badly damaged, Do i risk going that extra mile to get an Excelent result and 2 more points?" quite often curiosity pushed me forward to further risk.
The 2D Combat also quite impressed me, as each ship, both yours and the enemys all have their stregnths and their weak points that could be used to your advantage, but could also sting you badly if you were careless in combat, this added a certain strategic value to the game that really is the key factor to TA drawing you back for more. The missions in the game are well planned and you do have to work hard to achieve them, and even harder if you really want that "Excellent" result at the end.
The whole concept of lining up your charged and available weapons while trying to protect your weakest shield facings from multiple targets really was sometimes daunting but definately a fun, rewarding experience.
All in all, the game has 31 missions, (15 Federation and 16 Klingon).
And playing as the klingons really does require a different style of play, as the klingons weapons are mainly forward firing, and they dont have the "Shield Recharge" ability of the Federation ships, But when used Properly,
the Klingon Cloaking Device really does help you plan your strafing runs and gets you out of some tight spots.
Also, Managing your reserve power for weapon boosts, shield recharges, emergency speed and maneuvers, not to mention the good old cloaking device is a nice touch that again helps with the tactical aspect and immersion that Tactical Assault has to offer.
The AI of the game is also adequate, Quite often games of this genre suffer from almost retarded AI.
The AI in TA is decent, Admitedly it isnt clever by a long shot, but it serves it purpose, and it doesnt make that many rediculous mistakes that would normally destroy the feel of fighting a real live enemy commander.
Both campeigns are long enough and difficult enough to give a decent amount of Replay value, even if its just to better your results from last time.
This game has an addictive Quality to it that i just couldnt fight and it always has something to aim for..

There were some Gameplay issues i wasnt very happy with however.
First of all, Asteroids and Planets!! Ok, Planets, i will be willing to bend on, but asteroids????
There hard to see, as the combat camera places the perspective from you towards your enemy, you pretty much have no warning that your about to hit an asteroid! The camera will pull out slightly when your near one, but never enough time to avoid it.

All in all, TA is a well rounded, entertaining, and moreish game for the PSP, i was pleasantly surprised.

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  cool game 3

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this a cool game and avery hard one you have to use tactics to destroy other ships better than you and risk all
to save the fedoration or the klingon empire this is great game BUY IT !!!!!!