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Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all Inshaal's reviews (8)

This game has got to be one of the worst games I've played on PSP and i'm supposed to love Harry Potter. The gameplay is extremely dull and nothing special. The levels are frustrating and take a lot of time and running up the stairs makes you dizzy.

. Graphics are pretty good
. The storyline is nice

. Dull to play
. Running up the stairs made me dizzy
. Not interactive or immersive

For anyone wanting to but this game I wouldn't because quite frankly its appalling.

  quite fun

| | See all psp123's reviews (1)

this game is very enjoyable, like the fact you can play as dumbledore,sirius black,etc. the downside are the spells

overall this game is worth buying

  ok but some bad things

| | See all bromwell's reviews (3)

Its ok but casting spells is hard and take time to learn its a bit boring at times and much better on ps2,3 an xbox

  Not so magical

| | See all TheChoZenOne's reviews (11)

I am a very enthusiastic Harry Potter fan and when I saw this, I really wanted it, so I bought it. It seemed a good game, casting spells etc. But, then it started getting repetitive, finding the DA members and doing something for them. OOTP is all about rebellion of students against the MoM and Lord Voldemort, this seemed pathetically childish and nowhere near rebellious.
The only good bit is duelling, but then that gets excruciatingly boring. It probably would have been worth it IF they had put in an online function. Duels with about five people in would be well worth £30. Sadly, EA have disappointed.

Don't get it for this system anyway, I read that other systems have a much wider game which includes minigames such as gobstones (which is mentioned in the books but is never really played in it). People moan about PSP being a port of other consoles, even for new games, they want something different and we do, they take stuff out. A game should be the same for every system it is made on except for the graphics, otherwise it is NOT the same game and should NOT be named the same.

  harry potter

| | See all djharry's reviews (14)

I think this is a very enjoyable game for harry potter fans all ages but it does have some downfuls for exsample finding all the DA members takes a very long time but it is fun.I think the graphics could be a bit better because they diddent reach some psp games.out of 10 i proably give this game a 7/10.I think im going to sell this game and by it on ps2 but if you like harry potter games then get this.

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  Appauling Graphics

| | See all razzer980's reviews (18)

This game is quite fun to play, the concept is anyway. You have no indication of what to do on main tasks other than your nitwitt best pals advice when they are stating the obvious. The graphics are my biggest hang up they are dreadfull I cant tell Dumbledore from Ron its appauling. Also when characters are talking you get sort of a picture to represent them honestly, some of the pictures make them look like fish absiloutly a joke. I wouldnt pay £10 for this game had i known its flaws. C'mon guys do better on the 'Half Blood preince or im gunna have to email and complain. This game MIGHT be better on other consoles but i seriously do NOT reccomend it on PSP. It had the potentail to do welll but alas it didnt succed in being a decent game. I repeat do NOT buy its appauling and you'll seriously be disapointed as i was when it arrived that morning

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  a fun and enjoable game

| | See all theirishman's reviews (3)

the harry potter games are unique and fun games and if you want a game that makes you think this is the game for you.
if you ever get stuck on a part in this game my advice is that you keep trying because you will complete it.

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| | See all Pete66's reviews (1)

It is a gd game but it is quite difficult and the camera angle is abit dodgey i would reccomend it

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