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Virtua Tennis 3

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (15 reviews)"

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  The Guy Below Doesn't Know What He's Talking About

| | See all kategeorgearchie's reviews (30)

That is just an extra, doing skills etc. At least on Virtua Tennis 3 you can do a real tournatment. I have both games and this is by far better in all. The play.com pice is a bit expensive however.

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  don't believe the other reviews...

| | See all bananaskin56's reviews (2)

This is rubbish. Get Smash Court Tennis 3, beats the pants off this ! You spend too much time playing silly side games to build up abilities, e.g. target practice, skittles etc.

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| | See all daddyspurs's reviews (18)

This was the first game I bought when picking up my PSP. The format works really well and gameplay likewise so whether you are on the train or just chilling for 20 minutes this is a great pick and play game. After creating your tennis player you are sent on a round the World training tour where you choose from a multitude of challenging minigames devised to increase your abilites before you step out on the big stage. These minigames are great fun and first timers may get a touch frustrated if it takes 3 or 4 goes to complete the required task but the effort pays off when you take to the courts in competition. This is a game that you can pick up, spend hours dedicating yourself to and hopefully complete but you never really put away as it draws you back in to start all over again. The load times can get a bit frustrating between games and challenges but that seems symptomatic of most in depth PSP games so use this time to get ready for the next volley of action. Enjoy!


| | See all Menu27's reviews (3)

This is by far the best tennis game on the market at the moment. A must buy for any tennis fan. Great Price !!!!!!!!!!!!!


| | See all RaikkonenFan's reviews (14)

absolutely wicked graphics and is very addictive. i love the career mode and the wanting to be number one keeps you playing, it's cool to train yourself up and get better gear and attributes. sega has done really well with this game and deserves recognition. only down side is once i achieved number 1 status there is really nothing more to do apart from creating another profile and starting again but i didn't want to so i got bored but overall this is a really good game.

  Great game but...

| | See all MrBroad's reviews (2)

Vitrua tennis 3 is a good game and after playing a few matchs, you want be 1st in the world. The graphics are but can do with some inprovments, then again so does any game. I do like the idea of the trainning and practice matchs after you do some of the fun activities you get bored and just want to skip and play the tournements. After you have got pretty far in the game and you about 10th - 1st you feel like you have completed the game and want to skip all of the level 1 and 2 tournements because they are just to easy. When you get your levels high and you are getting good at the game it becomes boring and you end up winning every grand slam there is, 1 after the other. But it is a different sorry when you get to the 'King of players' tournement, the first few times you play it, it becomes impossible and you want to win untill you play that same tounement so much you just get so bored of the game. Altogether it is a good game but only for the first few months and you just end up buying more and more games. I would recommend it but when you get it don't play and play and play untill you have had no sleep for the last mounth, you have to take your time and then you will enjoy much more. If you feel like a tennis this would be the one to buy in my point of view.

  Love it but ...

| | See all Shandybob's reviews (1)

The one thing that really annoys me with it is the placement of the score / name at the top of the screen. Sometimes it is placed over the top of your opponent making it hard to see where the ball is coming from. Although Sega have tried to make it transparent - it doesn't always work that way and remains solid.

The game is graphically good for a PSP where all players seem well rendered.

The gameplay is good although lacking in players - a few more could have fit on the disc I'm certain and maybe more shot selection options.

Overall though the niggles are minor - I love it and play it a lot - you won't be disappointed in a purchase of this title.

  Brilliant game !

| | See all Joel123's reviews (2)

The best virtua tennis so far, with all the best players in the world, a must buy psp game!!!

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  average game but much better on 360

| | See all Grantkillz's reviews (24)

it ok the game play is solid as always for a vaertu tennis title but the veriaty is limited and the graphice are not great but if you like the other vt games this is definately a secure buy.

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