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Driver 76

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (21 reviews)"

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  Highly Addictive

| | See all AlanRJ's reviews (9)

Having just bought this I have to say that this is an intensely addictive game. Every time I play it I just say to myself "I'll do this mission and then turn it off" yet I find myself doing the next one then the next one. If you get bored of the missions then you can go for side missions which range from hijacking cars, doing taxi jobs or simple street racing. If you get bored with all that then you can simply take a drive round the streets, go on a shooting spree if you want. Very highly recommended.


| | See all angel187's reviews (38)

you couldnt get it any better. The game is great and worth the money!! I say that the game is very similar to the GTA games that i have on the PS2 and PSP as to the graphics and story line. But GTA is the best of all times. This game i perfect if you love street racing. You can free roam the city and also do some side jobs to earn a little more cash on the side to buy new weapons or cars. A brilliant fun game all in one!!!!

  Great Game

| | See all mobgamer's reviews (1)

This is a entertaining and exciting game involving lots of action. The shooting graphics are fantastic!

  Bit of a let down.

| | See all NeeBaby's reviews (7)

Driver 76' unashamedly rips off GTA and is just no where near as good. The main story is too short and it was only the side missions that kept me interested. Want a role playing driving game? Buy GTA: vice city. It's a quid cheaper too!!

  Tedious But Fun

| | See all thatguy101's reviews (32)

Great to play but the lack of multiplayer modes makes it hard to show how good you are i recommend the lower in price Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition.

  Very Very Poor

| | See all tomyog's reviews (2)

Definately not what i expected. The makers have ruined the reputation of Driver games. The first few were good and got slowly better, but this is a step too far. I would not recommend buying Driver 76.

  Driver 76

| | See all Tomster1's reviews (1)

This is a fun game with quite a few missions to get through. The side missions are mainly races which are quite fun but after youve done a few it can get a bit boring. I like this game because of the way you get unlocks - e.g guns. you have to do the missions and you unlock the different cars/bikes and guns. I would definetly reccomend this game to anyone who likes driving games and having a bit of fun but if you prefer free roaming and shooting civilians with your arsenal of weapons I think GTA would be better. overall this was a very fun game and kept me satisfied for quite a while.


| | See all ptrader19's reviews (3)

A really adictive game, free roaming and great 70s music and cars. If you complete, get syuck or get bored of the missions you just roam free and do what you want, with cool weapons like a granade launcher and an AK47 it's a class game. Although, I'm only allowed a 15 game, I would have got one of the Grand Theft Autos instead had I been allowed.

  OK-Not what i expected

| | See all driver911's reviews (7)

IN driver 76 you are in the year 1976. It is a free roam game(a bit lie gta)but it has not many weapons.The cool thing is that it has the gun that scarface uses.in the first bit of the game it has no weapons.The storyline is very short.The crash physics are brilliant when you smash up your car.The police are pretty dumb and you will be able to shake them off your tail easily.Some of the cars in this game are faster than the ones in gta.You cannot go inside buildings.the graphics are OK.If you like free roam this is just the game for you. I think it is a bit boring

  Quality Game.

| | See all Psymon27's reviews (3)

The gameplay is really good, the story is fun and the missions keep you entertained, though I have to agree with the other reviews, too short. There are side missions on top of the main missions which is good.