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Driver 76

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (21 reviews)"

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  Fast Cars Fast Guns, Excellent price

| | See all emer999's reviews (8)

I bought this simply because of the cover and the description, for the price, I don't think you can go wrong, the cars are fast and the game is very good, there are better games, but for the price you are paying, you wouldn't get better value, I'd recommend for game and for price

  Too short!!!

| | See all jill2008's reviews (5)

This game is an alright game for fun but it is way too short!!
Got it on a saturday and completed it on monday!
There is some cool cars and guns etc. and you can just free roam which is good but that is it !
The graphics are dissapointing aswell!
Overall- 6/10.

  Good but could be longer

| | See all TheKing32's reviews (1)

It's brilliant game but not very long that's the only problem. I completed it in like 2 days. Overall very good very good mission some very fast cars.

  this game could be better

| | See all jordanyip's reviews (2)

Driver 76 is a cool game but is too short and it's not worth the money.The cars could be better and more realistic.

  Could of been better but still good!

| | See all fishyonadishy's reviews (23)

Driver 76 is a groovy game alright and it is a free roaming game and i !love! free roaming games but it is so short i completed it in a couple of days i loved it all the garage doing up my cars and lookin at my collectibles i found and when i got bored i'd just drive up onto the railway line and smash 135mph+ into a train it was fun try it if you have the game!

  Driver at its best.

| | See all Flukey's reviews (16)

Awsome game to play with a really good story and missions, But a bit too short and the car customization could be better.

  Great Game Just to Short Can be Finished in 3 Hours

| | See all rkolegends's reviews (10)

Driver is back but this time in 1976 but heres my thoughts on the game. Driver 76 lets you play as ray who is a street racer and car thief trying to earn money in the game you will have to do a range of missions with your friend who helps you along the way. All together there is 27 missions which isnt really alot the game can take you up to 3 hours to finish and for £24.99 its a waste when there is much better games you can spend that on.
The graphics are good it looks like the orignal driver game from ps1. Reflections Interactive made the other games but now its named Ubisoft Reflections who published this. Now taking it to Sumo Digtial developing the game they have done a god job but just could of made it better. There is an annoying problem in this aswell while playing the game it loads when your driving to cutting you off and its really off puting.
It features a 1970's soundtrack aswell in my mind i would wait for the price to go down just isnt worth £24.99 at all its just to easy. GTA Vice City and Liberty City Stories are much better

  Driver goes old skool on us.

| | See all Scotty2H's reviews (7)

Driver on the Psp could have failed big time, it turns out it is really really good the graphics are psp quality looks grainy in places but is expected on the mini screen. Controls still feel Driver style, so dont expect an easy ride! over steer slightly and your car is in the bus or wall. The story is staight into the action and has some great sound tracks with in it. The on foot sections still dont feel 100% though, Driver 1 made you stay in the car this is why it was an absolute classic it didnt suffer from this at all but it does not hinder the game to much..
Driver 76 is a great game with all the old skool feelings for a Psp game. Fans of driver series this is an instant buy. New to to series think limited GTA concentrating more on driving sections but this is definatly woth your money..

Drive it away today!!

  it's driver

| | See all thugzy's reviews (16)

great great great game. if like any other driver game u'll like this. buy it!

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