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Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (13 reviews)"

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  An interesting take

| | See all TantalusBlank's reviews (5)

I really enjoyed the new style of gameplay that came with a side scrolling RPG. It's one of those things you think would never work but ends up surprising you. I recommend this game even to non fans of the genre

  does wat it says on the tin

| | See all Stevenv's reviews (1)

very enjoyable, with absolutely hours of play time, and replayable ability. I brought this for the train journeys to and from work, but find myself playing it at home, even at weekends. It's very hard to put down, and does require strategic thinking. The game art is amazing, with an enjoyable storyline/plot. I would not give it the full 5 stars as it has an extremely long opening scene which u cant skip, and sometimes can be confusing..but other than that...recommended!! buy buy buy

  Engrossing Game

| | See all Kborom's reviews (8)

This is an excellent game, it is a turn based RPG but with a twist in that you have combo's and can directly control attacks much more so than in a normal turn based game.

2d dungeons and cities allow some exploration and some dungeons require dexterity (yours not your characters) to complete, but I got there so you can!
RPG system is also a bit different, but I like different, and once you have worked it out it is very easy to work.

This game does have lengthy cut scenes, and starting a new game can take over an hour before you are properly on your way. I was aware of this before I bought it but didn't find it too much of a problem.

Overall an excellent game, turn based RPG with a twist and it does keep you engrossed!

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  Very good, memorable JRPG in the vain of Star Ocean.

| | See all Hokum15's reviews (1)

An original story told in an original way. The plot unfolds in a similar manner to a book, over the course of 8 chapters. Each chapter has 24 "pages" and visiting different locations take different numbers of "pages". The battle system combines the mad key hammering of a beat-em-up and the tactics of other JRPG's like Final Fantasy. Exploration is in a manner of an old 2D platformer, though limiting, I like it as it makes it much easier to control.
With over 20 different characters and hundreds of skills and items the replay ability is reasonable, this is only limited by the rather linear plot. Saying that, the different modes have different amounts of content from easy (or should that be not so easy) to hard which has more dungeons and characters. I give it 4/5

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  dont buy it, serious wasting your money

| | See all will123's reviews (3)

its like eating glass, it hurts, takes a long time, the intro movie takes half an hour zzzzzzzzzZZZZZZ and then when u actually get to play the game its sooo boring and looks and plays like a game 10 years ago. waste man absolute poop. i wud rather drink paint!

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  let down from square...

| | See all GameGuy's reviews (39)

to start with i never played the ps1 version!!
i thought this would be a quality buy as i thought square has made very decent games in the past such as final fantasy, dragon quest, kingdom hearts etc. but i was wrong!! teh main thing taht put me off was that you are restricted to a time schedule in the game, and isnt an rpg for exploration and takes time to find the secrets??
but dnt get me wrong its not all completely bad the story is fantastic and the animation and battle system is very good. but alot of good rpg elements has been taken away.
so overall i dnt think this is that greatof a game, i took it back after a week of playing...

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  Don't think it twice, buy it!

| | See all Anubiszx's reviews (1)

This is one of my favourite games. I haven't played the psone version but the psp version is awsome, the vids are great, like somone kokroc has said, but the rest of the games is really good too: the combat system, the story,... They could have made the sprites better but it is still a must have. I reccomend you all to buy this game, you won't find more like this one in the psp catalogue.

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  A must for RPG fans.

| | See all YanovCutajar's reviews (7)

I remember having played this game on my Playstation (one) and being a big fan of RPG games I loved it. I believe it might have been the first RPG game for the playstation with voice-overs. It may get boring sometimes, especially for gamers who don't like cutscenes or lots of speech bubbles popping here and there, but then again, I'd sit through and read/listen to any good story, and trust me, this game's story is great. So buy this game only if you're an RPG fan, otherwise rent/borrow it first; Who knows, you might love it too!

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  expected something better

| | See all kokroc's reviews (3)

i expected something better from square enix. the vids are great but thats were it ends. crappy graphics that sometimes slow down top a snail pace. i bought it and was dissappointed. no help at all provided nthis game. avoid

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  waste of time

| | See all lachlan's reviews (1)

this i the biggest waste of time ever. all you can do is read what the people say and that is it.i have been playing it for an hour now and all that i have done is read some boring story. dont waste your time or money on this crap

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