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Transformers: The Game

Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (18 reviews)"

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| | See all fatdaddy1's reviews (2)

this game is averige but it is so fun! the multi player mode is brilante loads of levels all the transformers playable (some only avalble in multi player modes)
grafix ***
gameplay ****
lifespan *****
multi player *****
very good controls are a bit tricky Ihad to change them from defalt
in the end a game worth the money good game

  save your money

| | See all westy99's reviews (4)

when i first got the game i played hoping it would be great like the film but it wasnt it was boring the graphics completely let it down. i thought the levels were the same jump drive fly and kill some robots. the only good thing about it is the character voices. so i would recomend saving your money.!

  It's a good game

| | See all ArnoldKILLER's reviews (308)

Transformers is great, the film is amazing, the game is great, not as good as the film but is great. I love the game, not the best game but is good. The levels are great but some are not that good. But i don't no why on play.com everyone doen't like because it's good and the levels great to play. Ok there not the best but i like them.

  Transformers! hmm.....

| | See all GarrMadd's reviews (17)

I am a big transformers fan, congrats micheal bay, the movie was excellent! And so i led myself to believe that the game must be great too. Unfortunatly not!! The game doesnt fit.

I was very disappointed, because i wanted the freedom to do stuff, and transform here and there fighting the guys like in the movie. But no, that is rare in the game. you have to fight these annoying droid army of megatrons which so isnt in the movie, and plus the missions are very annoying too. The weapons are really weak against most of the stuff in the game to.

The graphics are not crisp enough but the controls are the worst thing tho, its so complicated and so not fun to play as, especially for blackout (helicopter).

The only good thing about the game is starscreams mission (F22), at hoover damn. I enjoyed that one, and he was easy to control too!!

They need to remake this, need more freedom, and maybe skirmish missions as well as story mode, cos once its completed theres nothing else to do except multiplayer.

Overall, dull and doesnt live up to expectations.

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  should be better

| | See all sddam22's reviews (61)

After the film i thought the game would be awesome but lack of control and poor missions lets it down a lot.

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  I am glad I only borrowed it :S

| | See all jristotallycool's reviews (12)

i was told by one of my mates that this game was an absolute blast on the ps2, which for all i know it is, so i decided to borrow this psp version off of a different friend to see what it was like. Expecting a lot, i loaded up the game, and after half an hour i was bored. Now i am glad that i borrowed it because it kept me occupied for a while, but i can think of a lot better things to spent that sort of money on. Onto the actual game, the graphics are poor, and the gameplay is shallow, and frankly just as bad. It had protential, so hardcore transformers fans might like it, but that is the only thing that gives it a two star rating instead of a one star. A dissapointment.

  DO NOT BUY!!!!!!

| | See all AsherT's reviews (1)

i bought the game thinking it would be as good as the film... awesome
i was very wrong
rubbish graphics and controls and the amount of missions add up to an all around bad game

  DO NOT BUY !!!!

| | See all TomTom123's reviews (1)

i braught this game for my 2 wk holidy cuz i thought it was goin 2 last me thought the holiday but i played on it 4 about 5 hours and i completed it!!! the graphics arn´t great and it doesn´t follow th story line its terrible DO NOT BUY!!!!

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