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WWE: Smackdown VS Raw 2008

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Too many large problems

| | See all Link642002's reviews (51)

Good game, it has some major flaws on the PSP though especially the UK version.

- UK version has a diferent save file and when I got bored of trying to unlock parts of the game I turned to downloading saved game files off the net... but good luck with trying to find a UK PSP save out there as I only found one and it wasn't 100% complete. Even Euro saves don't work on this strange UK version.
- When on the top rope, don't bother trying to hit down opponents... it's very very rare for you to be able to do so for some reason.... they just almost ALWAYS move so as you can imagine Jeff Hardy's swanton is pretty useless in this game sadly.
- Storyline mode is unbelievably repetitive ... It is by a large margin the worst game in the series for it's season mode.... it uses the same animations for every week that goes by and the same commentary during the season parts....

It has removed a few game mods and added new wrestlers.... that is honestly it sadly.

  wwe smackdown vs raw 2008

| | See all velmaD's reviews (50)

Bought this for my son with him being a wrestling fanatic i had to get this hes got all the other wrestling games for the ps2 and the xbox and the xbox 360 had to get this one for the psp so he could actually take it out with him. to be honest he spends most of his time on the psp wrestling i swer that its glued to his hands lol.


| | See all MattyMan11's reviews (3)

this game is no where as good as the ps2 and ps3 vesion such as the controls and that there is no commentery. and there is no stop music throughout the game but this game is good if you want to play it on a journey. better on the ps2 or 3.

  Excellent Game!

| | See all BlackBullet's reviews (4)

Everything about this game is excelent, the graphics to the storyline! I just bought it and already I'm glued to the screen! The controls are easy (once you get used to them) and much fun with the camer cuts and that you can interact with the enviroment!

Over all a great game and MUST buy!!


| | See all Pinkyandperky2008's reviews (4)

This game is excellent. Not only is the game really fun to play but the graphics are of excellent quality and I highly recommend it for all WWE fans! 10/10


| | See all ultimo666's reviews (12)

this game rocks rocks rocks! i aint even much of a fan of wrestling but i gambled on getting this and it is just soo good if anything they should put the price up!

  Great Pick Up And Play

| | See all stead10's reviews (3)

Great game to just pick up, play a match and put it down again if you had little time, but it doesnt get boring if you wish to play on it for a long time. The controls have changed (again!) but once you get used to them are fine. There are LOADS of clothes to choose form when creating your character and the same with moves.
Season mode has added little extra things u can do when not fighting that give you money/Build up your stats, which helps a lot.

Graphics - 8 / 10
Gameplay - 8 / 10
Lifespan - 8 / 10

  Good game

| | See all xXxAreebxXx's reviews (5)

Its a pretty good game though they have changed some of the buttons. I didnt quite like the season mode (24/7 Mode) because it was self repeating. Plus, out of a bloom, u get to be a movie star!. I didnt really like that. Overall, fine game

  Hated It!!!

| | See all kmiah1987's reviews (4)

All the new stuff are good but they ruined some parts of the game! The new controls I hate it! And they ruined the season mode!! They call the season mode 24/7 now which is alright but the actual season mode is rubbish!! The story line keeps on repeating itself (wait for it) on both of the brands!!! They added ECW in the game but you can't join them! Old versions are better! This game is only just about worth borrowing but definatly not buying!!!


| | See all gangsta101's reviews (78)

Hated it at first, mainly because the buttons have changed again i.e- to do finisher, it is now triangle not r1, and to run you have to use l1 and the direction buttons, but once you get used to them, it is a great game, the only new match types are extreme rules single, triple threat and fatal four way, i was expecting loads of new ones like extreme elimination chamber, maybe an inferno match, punjabi prison(would be great) and a lumberjack match, which was included on here comes the pain
i already can't wait for the next one, but a must buy for any wwe fan or anyone who like to beat people up guitars, chairs, ladders, ring bell, and chokeslam people through tables

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