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The Sims 2: Castaway

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (22 reviews)"

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  one of the best games i've played

| | See all Yaya94's reviews (6)

i've got this game in november and i am still playing it XD [its not boring]
yes, it is a little slow but really fun and makes you wanna discover more and more about the island [addictive]
i do reccomend this game, as i dont regret buying it!

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  Different from the other Sims but still really good

| | See all DavyG10's reviews (4)

I do not understand what people reviewing this game have against it. I found it to be really interesting and a nice change from the "Life" storyline. You have to think about what you need to do in order to survive, not: get a house, get a job and have kids. Very good and well worth getting.

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  graphics are the best bit about the game

| | See all addasium's reviews (25)

The only reason why im giving it a 4star is because the graphics are nice. Colourful, bold, bright etc..

At first the game seems amazing but i found that i got bored after a while as it is a bit tedious and i put it down, and... Its still down

  Lucky to get 2 stars

| | See all Nanny1's reviews (25)

This game is really bad. the graphics are appoling. It is so boring and confusing about what you do. I got it for christmas; i was so disapointed about it.

  Sims Castaway

| | See all chocolate1965's reviews (31)

Got this at x-mas but was a little dissapointed coz of the gameplay and the fact u get washed away from all your freinds and hav to find them, yet, you cant walk anywhere. The game goes really slow and keeps freezing every 5 seconds and every time you press an action.

Wont take it back now but dont really play it much. Just stays in the cupboard all year round.

Take my advice, dont waste your money.

  Alright for a while

| | See all lukey1019's reviews (2)

This game is ok for about two hours then it just gets a bit boring, to be honest i played it when i first got it at christmas and never played it since.

  Bored after 5 minutes

| | See all BearHeart's reviews (4)

this isnt what i thought i would be like when i brought the game. i expected it to be like making houses on a beach but you created your sim as normal like on the rest of the sims 1 + 2 games and when you start your wondering around not knowing where to go. Im thinking of returning this game! Save yourself the money and buy another game...just not this one!

  great game with minor flaws

| | See all steveonplay's reviews (9)

i have ALWAYS loved games to do with survival and this is one that captures it really good, but you quickly find out your just collecting materials to build things. it features a number of islands and areas within those islands, you can build fires, hunt fish, cook, harvest plants/veggies/fruits and nuts and make meals on said fire, the skills increase with use. just like any sims game you have needs, an energy metre, bladder metre, social metre and so forth. the later is quite humourous. on the first island you play, you can make friends with monkeys, you can name them, interact with them and when you bond with them enough, you can ask them to gather materials like food and building woods etc.
you start off with a pocket knife, a basic sleeping bag and some toilet role..but by gathering supplies you can craft other materials. such as the clam shell axe and a bamboo harpoon used for catching fish. one of the things that lets it down is when your character eats something without being cooked, like a coconut or banana, the mouth looks really really funny. a really creepy smile and when they eat..its even creepier. then they just toss away the remains behind them and go back to looking normal.
you gain goals from books and bottled notes you find washed up on the beach, explore enough and you'll find the way to the next island with bigger objectives, such as building a radio transmitter.
all in all this is the best sims game i've played on a handheld.

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  Somewhat repetative

| | See all nickygriff's reviews (1)

This is a good psp game- its virtually the same as the ps2 version, minus a few charactors. theres a large variety of items on the islands, and lots to do, but there are objectives to follow, giving the game some structure.

I would recommend to sims fans, but only those with plenty of patients.

  Addictive at first....

| | See all flipsywink's reviews (18)

this was my first psp game and i was very impressed
as i got more psp games I began to realise just how slow this one was, the story line is ace and the graphics are ok
however having to collect materials is challenging and different but is soon gets annoying and repetitive
i completed this game through much frustration and havnd been on it eversince
so i would advise you to buy this if you have patience and are a sims fan otherwise i would not buy this