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Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (Platinum)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (7 reviews)"

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  If you don't like it, I don't believe you

| | See all plugy79's reviews (13)

This is an excellent, excellent game and quite possibly one of the most entertaining on the PSP yet.

It's actually pretty strange that playing through three stories that are so well known could actually be fun, mainly because you know what's going to happen in the end, but you'll find yourself playing for hours.

If, like me, you're a Lego fan then you'll love how like real Lego the characters look. They haven't tried to remodel them or change the way the figures move and I think that is to the developer's credit.

Completing each chapter isn't necessarily difficult because you don't really have 'lives' as such; you just lose Lego 'coins' every time you die and you don't want to do that because then you can't be granted the True Jedi title!

The goal is to complete each level in 'Story Mode' and then go back in 'Free Play' and collect all the things you couldn't reach before because you didn't have the right character - for example, once you've accessed Darth Vader, you can go back and use the Force (because we'd all love to!) to move certain objects to help you complete the parts that were impossible before.

There are no time limits on the levels (until you play the Challenge modes) and you can explore in Free Play as much as you like. Put simply, you really should check this title out and if you don't like it, I really would love to know why!

Cannot wait for Lego Indiana Jones and Batman - awesome!

  it doesnt get boring

| | See all flipsywink's reviews (18)

this is one of those games you can play for hours without getting bored
it is a very fun games with a very fun levels and missions
(its great that you can customise your own characters aswell)

  a very fun game with plenty to offer

| | See all JasonDR's reviews (36)

I was quite surprised when i played this game. I thought it would be a bit poor after playing many star wars games in the past. However this game is very fun to play with lots of challenges throughout the game. You can even replay levels you have completed as other characters to try and collect anything that you may have missed.

I would recommend this game, has to be one of the best games on the psp.

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| | See all fearlessfred's reviews (8)

This is a great game
I don't think there is one bad thing about it
They should make a game like this with the normal star wars games lets face it we all like star wars games
Not matter how bad some have been all star wars games have the playability factor about them

This game is a Jedi master

  Possibly the best combination ever.

| | See all GenocideMachine's reviews (26)

Due to the fact that you're reading this I presume that you've already either sold your soul to either the Star Wars or Lego franchises (and maybe even both already), and to be blunt - who can blame you? The combination of the two is quite simply amazing - never has such an award winning combination been seen.
The game itself is highly addictive, and although it's aimed at young children(!), anyone with the slightest interest in gaming should be prepared to hand over valuable hours of their life in the pursuit of becoming a 'True Jedi'.
The fun doesn't even end when you've completed all the levels the first time through, you are drawn back into the game in order to gain monetary coins in order to purchase extra characters such as the amazing Boba Fett and awe-inspiring Imperial Emperor.
Add to this some amazing (although sometimes frustrating) gameplay, some hilarious cut-scenes and characters that are so cute that they'll have the hardest of Hells Angels fawning over them, then you've got a top class game. And when you include the ability to battle the bad guys of the first three episodes (Darth Maul, Count Dooku and a young Darth Vader) then you've reached gaming heaven.
Play this game at your peril, because once you pick it up your never putting it down. Every free minute will be surrendered to the Empire...

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  Star wars + Lego + PSP = Superb.

| | See all Boycie's reviews (7)

This is a superb game, larger than its console brother it contains all 3 of the final bosses from the star wars lego 1 trilogy thus making an already deep gaming experience deeper. Great Graphics, funny cut scenes, plenty to unlock, 100's of characters and plenty of secret areas only open to set characters mean that replaying levels is a must, all giving great life span to a great game, this is a game the casual gamer can enjoy but only the serious gamer can conquer. great game buy it now!

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