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Brian Lara 2007: Pressure Play

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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  Not anough gameplay and too much loading!!

| | See all flitts's reviews (1)

When I saw there was a brian lara cricket game I was so excited because I had it on ps2 and it was amazing but then it got scratched and I couldn't use it and new consoles were coming along.

I had a PSP and thought I should get this game so I can have it where ever I want but when I got it, it wasn't my expectations! I thought they have been lazy only giving you World Cup and Pressure Play.

Almost every time you click the X button to carry on it starts loading which takes 5-10 seconds. When you want to play a game it takes about a minute! Which is slow.

I think this is an average starter but there should be more to come.

  More of a nurdle than a six

| | See all daddyspurs's reviews (18)

Having waited so long for a PSP format cricket game I was disappointed by this offering. Unlike other sports games this one does not chellenge you on enough levels. Clever minigames and intelligent progress through the game is missing throughout leaving you feeling frustrated and needlessly bored. The game could have been so much more with side games that not only challenged but also interested you. I am a huge cricket fan and this game left me cold. The basic theme is the World Cup and whilst you can have all the main teams represented the load times are excruciating between overs and the whole game seems somewhat disfunctional. Bowling is limited with only a handful of varying options and the batting is very hit and miss (pun very much intended). I can only hope that a better game comes along soon. I persevered with this game over several weeks picking it up and putting it down but now it just collects dust on the shelf.

  It's a start! Lets hope there's more to come.

| | See all Godders77's reviews (1)

I've been waiting for ages, for the PSP to release a cricket game and to be honest, it's not a bad start. Its very playable but has very limited options, which becomes frustrating the longer you play the game. It has all the basics, the graphics are ok, teams are accurate and the technical skills required do challenge you, especially at the highest setting. Bowling is far easier than batting but then again, I do try and hit a 6 of every ball. The music will do your head in, thats a promise! Hopefully they'll bring out a 20/20 version and/or possibly a full 1 day version. There's definately scope for test cricket, although that could get boring. Not a bad start but please give us more.

  Better Than The Console Versions

| | See all 19SteJay89's reviews (7)

Well I found this game very enjoyable, a lot more challenging and way less frustrating than the Xbox 360 version.

Ok so a lack of options is kinda annoying but this version actually takes time to master on Test difficulty, not like the boundary fest on the 360.

Reasonable graphics, accurate teams, fun gameplay and a control system that works, it is a good game on the PSP, not outstanding but it will certainly be fun for all cricket fans.

Finally a PSP that is not a useless port from the consoles.

  Bored too quickly!!

| | See all GiggsLegend's reviews (1)

Good game for about a week then when you have one the world cup with different teams on different skill levels it would be great to play a test series (which u could even do on the Sega Megadrive version!!). It should laso include the options to play a county season and they should make it harder as it is too easy after a few plays...!

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  brian lara 2007

| | See all pissco's reviews (1)

i was disapointed with this game, i love all BLC games and on this one you only get the pressure plays and the world cup. however the game play in the world cup is good and you don't get away with hitting big scores if you don't bat well and the pressure is on when chasing a total. over all quite good game needs work for the next PSP version.

  Those of you giving it 5 stars, have you played it ?

| | See all qwerty12345's reviews (1)

The answer is obviously no. Now I love BLC and have bought all the versions since the PS1 version came out and it kept getting better and better. I lived in hope that they would make one for the PSP, now I wish they hadn't bothered.

- Lack of options. 16 Pressure Play missions and a world cup is all you get. No test matches, nothing else, just plain and simple.
- The gameplay. The main selling point of BLC was that it was fun to play, I find this version just utterly frustrating. I found the batsman swinging their bats towars positions I hadn't stated, the timing seemed to differ regardless of when I pressed it and just found the gameplay very clunky losing all fun aspects the other BLC game had made their main selling point.

What a shame. What could of been a superb PSP game has turned into a rush job (just like Pro Evo 5) which just frustrates and makes you cringe.

BLC Pressure Play is out for a golden duck in my opinion.

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  Not enough options!

| | See all Boycie's reviews (7)

I was looking forward to a portable cricket game, i love all sports games and had high hopes. The cricket is fun to play but there is no depth to the game at all. Only contains the World Cup and the teams in it. Once you have won that the only option is to replay it as someone else. No test matches, no ashes, no county teams. If you compare the options in fifa 08 or NHL 07 or World Tennis tour. This is seriously lacking long term appeal. Its lazy from codemasters to release a game with such small content. The pressure play part of the game is like superstar challenge in NBA 07 and set you taks to perform these are fun but id rather have county leagues, 20 20 or the ashes. big let down.

  Brilliant for the PSP

| | See all nickpayne's reviews (3)

This is the type of game that runs perfect on the PSP. I loved brian lara on the ps2 and this on the PSP is just as good, execpt, YOU CAN PLAY IT ANYWHERE!!! WOOOOOO

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  Quick Cricket!

| | See all iambob's reviews (6)

Cricket on the go!! I was so happy to see Brian Lara coming to PSP such a good idea. I've got to say well doen to everyone involved in this game as its come onto the PSP brilliantly. Good fun and enjoyable for any cricket fans or even people who just give the sport a glance every now and then.
This game is worth buying!