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Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (13 reviews)"

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  Quality Game!

| | See all justine66's reviews (2)

Very fun game with plenty of action, aiming controls can be a little fidly but you get used to it, overall good game for sneaking and shooting


| | See all firenze's reviews (20)

The person below who rated this not that entertaining Link1254 whatever his name is definitley didn't give this a chance. This game is brilliant and is so addictive you just don't want to take it out of your psp to swap games. Now I'm not a hrdcore Syphon Filter fan as this is my first game from the series but it's made me want to buy one of the others.

The graphics,voicing,cutscenes,gameplay everything is just incredible. I don't know how they pulled all of it of in one little tiny disc.

Gameplay 9/10
Graphics 10/10
Cutscene Graphics 10/10
Overall 9/10(Not an average)

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| | See all garygamer123649's reviews (4)

This game is brilliant i would recomend to anyone who wants to buy. The levels are brilliant and it is ideal for hardcore gamers. well worth the monet too.

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  Thumbs Up !

| | See all Martyn100's reviews (8)

Graphics arnt as good as i expected , but the gameplay is awsome. cant stop playing it since i brought it. Addicted! buy this game people

  Great Game

| | See all spaceplan9's reviews (4)

Really enjoyed this game, nothing better than sneaking up to guards and picking them off with head shots. The only downsides is the level of AI of the terrorists - basically non existant, the fact that you can shoot some of the terrorists wearing flackjackets in the head about 20times and they dont die - but shoot em in the knees and they go down after 2 shots, and i found the swimming bits a bit of a pain. The majority of the game is very good tho and a must have for any PSP owner.


| | See all GOSFORTHrfc's reviews (13)

this is the most AMAZING game on psp, great controls, graphics, and physics, with challenges to complete to unlock weapons and 2 levels of dificulties, it definitely is a classic, completed main story mode on easy in 5 hours.

  Great Games for the PSP

| | See all mjinvincable's reviews (19)

There arent many good games for the psp, but this is a very good well finished game.

The game is very short but good fun to play again.

If you have a psp well worth the money as there isent exactually a great deal of choice when it comes to games.

  Syphon Filter, Logan's Shadow.

| | See all NEWBS008's reviews (2)

I have played all the early games 1-2-3 and believe these were the best ones? However, I played that new one called Omega Strain.

It was very hard to get into and it was slow to start! The movement of the game was absolutely rubbish. If they maker's had of kept to the way the first three were made it would of been far - better!

The other problem was its over complicated controls!

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  Very Good! But no Dark Mirror beater!

| | See all samwestern's reviews (7)

Don't get me wrong this game is awesome. Visually stunning and the new features are exciting such as new underwater missions and improved interactivity. But anybody who has played Dark Mirror will be left somewhat dissapointed by the depth of the storyline and how short it actually is.

There are not as many missions in Logans Shadow compared to Dark Mirror and this I personally think that this is the major reason that it is underpriced, afterall it is a good game much more fun than Splinter Cell.

The major disappointment of Logans Shadow is the Multiplayer. Anyone new to the series will be calling me all sorts of names right now. But there is no longer a ranking system where you gain bonuses such as new weapons or increased health for higher ranks and the XP system is pointless and doesnt always work. Also if to many people are playing or there are several explosions the game lags and frame rates decrease causing some psps to crash. However the actual missions and map of the multiplayer are brilliant and a great improvement on Dark Mirror.

All in all it is an absolutely amazing game however does not beat Dark Mirror to be fair no game as of yet has come close to beating Dark Mirror. Still a very good game don't get me wrong.

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  a must have!

| | See all smiley53's reviews (3)

Played the demo and was amazed by it, such a class game for the psp which every psp owner should add to their collection.