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Warhammer 40000: Squad Command

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (11 reviews)"

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  pretty good

| | See all Zomb1e's reviews (67)

This is my first warhammer experience and i am not disapointed.
I got the demo from the psn and liked it enough to buy the full game.

Its a turn based strategy game, fairly painting by numbers in the gameplay but it is pretty good once you unlick the extra squad members and weaponry.

Solid 4 star game.

  Short, very short.

| | See all awesomeconnor's reviews (11)

I borrowed this game of a friend and completed it the same day. Its fairly short and easy, maybe for a younger gamer or its generally too easy. The graphics are good and the variety between units is great but over all i'll give this game a three. I want it longer and much more difficult.

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  not bad

| | See all elaineandcolin's reviews (3)

I have been playing dawn of war and winter assault and dark crusade and also soulstorm and being a big w40k fan i bought squad command right away and copleted 1 player in under a day was quite annoyed to find no skirmish option available so if you dont play the psp online then dont get this game as it wont keep you entertained for very long at all if however you intend to play online then buy this game! You can ad friends or play ranked games and move up world rankings and start as neophyte right up to chapter master

Great for online play
1 Player has no skirish and campaign is far too easy

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  Funn :)

| | See all Goremeista's reviews (9)

This game is great. They somehow made a turnbased game, alot of fun.. An ok storyline.

This game challenges ur judgement and u have to be very strategic too keep u in the game..

The weapons are cool and the diffferent unit types add gd fun..

Overall, a gd fun game worth buying :)

  Great! But we need a Squad Command 2 with some improvements.

| | See all Tzeentch's reviews (1)

Squad Command is a great game with a good campaign mode and an entertaining multiplayer mode both by internet or Ad-hoc. It is enormous fun to play multiplayer even if you are only two! This being said there are some problems with the title. While multiplayer is fun it could use some basic options, such as max time per turn (which many find too short) and choice in what they want to field outside of weapon-setup. On the singleplayer front it needs a skirmish mode where you can pit your forces against AI forces just as in a multiplayer games. Once you complete the Campaign it gets rather boring. I hope we also see a randomizing (regarding terrain setup) if they make a sequel in multiplayer. This is just a highlight of what is needed, but it doesn't change the fact that it is very well done with a fair storyline and a gameplay with a wonderful flow! All terrain is destructible and you can really think about the tactics. The AI is fairly good, but not so good it ruins everything for the casual gamer. It is a really great game and I recommend buying it if you like tactical games with a hint of action, and any avid Warhammer 40.000 should give it a spin!

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  Mighty heroes battle for the right to rule the galaxy

| | See all Diablo007's reviews (2)

I love the PC games like Dark Crusade, this takes you down to a squad level and you have to control individual units, the AI is advanced and you find that if your not shooting and running for cover your squad will die for the emperor. Great game especially for cheap price.

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  Rather Good

| | See all MrBrett's reviews (1)

I thought this was a great little game, perhaps some people expect a little much of it but i thought it delivered a very good and challenging tactical experience.


| | See all BiggMan's reviews (6)

sorry.but i must have been playing a different game than the rest,shoddy camera views,mean its easy to hit your own squad without realising(americian game) frustating toowhen you kill all on screen enemies- then new ones appear behind you and get sucker shots in,avoid play lord of the rings tactics instead,Gxx

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  Great strategy game for the psp.

| | See all soxbox1000's reviews (3)

This game does what it says on the tin. Its warhammer 40K squad commanding at its best on the psp. I used to play the games workshop table top game years ago and this game brings it all back to me. The squads tanks etc etc .. The further you get in the levels the more different type of units you get to play with. In a nut shell if you like gamesworkshop games then you should buy this game 10 out of 10 .. If you are just looking for a strategy game but have never stepped into a games workshop store then beware you might not enjoy this game as intended and will prob rate the game around a 6 or 7 out of 10.

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  The legendary modelling war game to the PSP screen

| | See all Dave82517's reviews (73)

This game has many strong points, I must say. I purchased this game recently and I was surprised. It really challenges you and in a way that, at first if you don't succeed, you will eventually - with a little strategy! This is great as a strategy game and really keeps you in anticipation. Unfortunately, it does have one down side - you are only one army - all the way. The story goes:
The Ultramarines VS The Word Bearers.
What I like about this game is that it does not give and show you everything at once. The dangers increase with each mission. And the enemy gets nastier and tougher to defeat. For fans of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, this will please extremely. Yes - you get loads of playable treats. Scouts, Space Marines, Terminators, Predators, Whirlwinds, Land Raiders and Landspeeders. You even get (and this surprised me when I found out) Grey Knight Terminators!! I am not an extreme fan of the Games Workshop but I do know what is out there and to have those in a game well, my eyes were shocked HA HA.

This is an excellent game and I would advise getting it to anyone! The graphics are great and you real feel as part of the environment. All great.


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