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Star Wars: Battlefront - Renegade Squadron

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (18 reviews)"

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| | See all makenzie's reviews (1)

i would not recomend this game if you want a long playing period to complete carear mode. i completed it in 1 day nd it was not very chalenging. yes i did enjoy some of the NEW planets to play on but they have taken out some of the good ones from the second battlefront.

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  Star wars battlefront

| | See all Gamezrule's reviews (45)

I dont have much to say but this game is fabulous, much better and improvd from the previous game and kept me playin

  all time classic star wars game

| | See all tttttgg's reviews (32)

this game is the best star wats game yet as you can fight in new places and with new wepons.Customise your
soldier to your style to create ultimate destruction.The
campain is amazing as you are renangade squadron
fighting the empire and bringing peace to the gallaxy.
this truly is a must have game.

  Great Blaster!

| | See all r1ngo43's reviews (10)

Quality Graphics and terrific gameplay for this latest incarnation of the Star Wars family. As a fellow reviewer said the animated graphic novel style cut scenes are classy and add depth to the proceedings. Gameplay is spot on with a learning curve suitable for all ages. Lots of fun to be had wielding all types of weapons and the icing on the cake is piloting various fighters etc and taking on various capital ships. Overall, a cracking little title.

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  much improved

| | See all alan85's reviews (6)

Decided to get this as I owned the original and that was a good laugh, this has 16 player multiplayer which is how the first one should've been made and they've even added a story to the campaign which isn't amazing but a good effort has been made they haven't just tried to cash in on the 'Star Wars' licence which they could have as they've made a genuine effort to improve the game.
Graphics:4/5-pretty good for psp-its a handheld!
Gamplay:4/5-controls work well for a 3rd person
Replay Value:5/5-multi-player adds a lot worth a bash

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  Best Star Wars Battlefront available.

| | See all Monkeybrain's reviews (17)

Don't let Lawlcakes' review put you off because this is a fantastic game. If you've played the previous Battlefront games than you'll find this immediately familiar. It is more of the same but the additions to the gameplay make this the best out of the three.
The campaign mode is def the best out of all 3 games. The story is great and the cutscenes are surprisingly well done. I loved the animated graphic novel looks. There are few famous faces like Han Solo, Boba Fett and IG 88.
The story is set between episodes 4 and 6. Your squadron is responsible for all the rebel black ops that went on in the background of the films.

The gameplay is very good. One of the new additions is the customisation of your character. You can change completely how your character looks in each of the factions. You can change the colour scheme, species and armour. Unfortunately you cant have a human head on a wookie body lol. There is no pre set troop types in this game. All of the weapons and equipment are sorted in a store and credit system. Each item has a credit value. This makes it fair so if you decide to have a jet pack and a rocket launcher you will have to make sacrifices in other areas. You can change your equipment at any of your bases. So if you start a stage with a rifle but need a rocket to take down an AT-ST just pop over to one of your bases and switch it.
The controls are pretty good but need getting used to. I had to use the alternate control scheme as its closer to games like Warhawk. When targetting enemies you dont have to aim too acurately, just in the general area as the auto aim will do the rest.
The in flight controls work well and the lock on feature is great for keeping track of fighters. Remember to disengage the lock if it loks like you are going to crash.
The online side is great and is what this game is made for. You need to open a Gamespyid.com before playing it tho.
All in all its a great Star Wars game. There is still lots I havent talked about like Galactic Conquest and Heros. I would def recommend it to any Star Wars fan and gamer.

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| | See all rhys5005's reviews (12)

Well i disagree with the guy below. Sure if you dont like the battlefront games then dont buy them. I thought it was good.

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| | See all lawlcakes's reviews (4)

Not good at all
beyond the point of too easy, on your own you can sit in the enemys base for an entire game and not die
(stats at the end of my last game: 200+ kills and 0 deaths)
The campaign is a completely boring and straightforward series of battles with no complexity at all
both space and ground fights are extremely easy even with AI on hard.
don't buy!

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