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The Simpsons Game

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (16 reviews)"

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| | See all de6000's reviews (24)

I thought it was rubbish! The graphix are a bit on the down side and it is sooooo difficult!!!!! I would reccomend buying if you are going to buy a simpsons game buy hit and run!

  Amazing Game!

| | See all FastQualityItems's reviews (2)

This game completely represents the simpsons.
1. It has good gameplay and graphics
2. It has a great storyline.
3. There are lots of unlockable items to keep you entertained once you have completed the game!

I highly recommend this game. For all ages!

  not bad but...

| | See all Glor85's reviews (8)

... It can be mixing up and repetitive. Though it has great stuff on the characters..

  the simpsons game

| | See all P4KI5TAR's reviews (1)

It gets a bit a bit reptitive and also it's hard to figure what you have to do 2 get to the next level which is a bit annoying.

  Not bad

| | See all RaikkonenFan's reviews (14)

i have to admit the best bit are the clips in between missions. the graphics are ok and the missions at the start are ok but it gets a bit repetitive and it fails to explain what you have to do. one time i spent an hour just finding out the objective and a further 20 mins to do it. it is fun because it's new at the beginning but doesnt change in the game so i got bored quickly. get it when it is cheap

  ok - ish

| | See all footiestar90's reviews (5)

its a good game but quite hard to complete. there aren't many levels and they get really boring when you try to get all the bonuses.the only good level is the last one which unfortunately takes you quite a long time to get to. the best part is when you can be maggie and go through vents and other stuff that the rest of the simpsons can't get through.bart canturn itno bartman but you have to do a double jump to change into him. marge, homer and lisa aren't that good(apart from homer belching!).i wouldn't use 30 quid on this game as its not that good.


| | See all LfcLrn's reviews (5)

Much better than the previous Simpsons Game as i expected but its nowhere near long enough. I got the game as a present and was finished it in a matter of days. Some of the missions are so hard you get really annoyed and just have to stop playing for a while. All in all its an enjoyable game and i would recommend it.

  the simpsons game - woo hoo!

| | See all chocolate1965's reviews (31)

got this game 4 x mas and was not dissapointed. i was absolutley stuck on it all day and night. i gotta admit, its quite easy 2 do and i completed it in about 3 days.
my favourite person was bart coz you can be bartman and use his slingshot.

a must buy 4 simpsons fans.


| | See all DaveCUFC's reviews (28)

Not bad but not as good as it could be! The game is over too quickly and the missions are either easy and pointless or too hard and frustrating. The better and funnier moments come later on in the game and the graphics and sound clips are quality throughout. Overall, a reasonable game for the PSP but don't think you're missing out on anything!

  the simpsons rule

| | See all mastermcclay's reviews (15)

i loved this game because you could jump double jump punch collcet etc. and thers lots of levels like homer and bart etc. but i dont no how you jump up the rocks in the bart level