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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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  Excellent game

| | See all andyPSP's reviews (2)

Really enjoyed this game. Cracking storyline. The graphics are pretty good but I got so involved in the game that I didn't really get time to notice. Played it over and over. Plus all the side games add a bit extra value. definitely recommend this game.

  The Force is with this Game

| | See all Rarelysave4's reviews (1)

This is the best Star Wars game out their, loads of action, incredible force powers and moves, great story line (which on the other hand is very short and easy) great graphics. Lots of collectibles that make you want to play over again. But they also don't let you choose which level to play! And so Predictable as on every level you need to kill some stormtroopers and fight a Jedi/Sith! Their is a great feature to let you fight in continuous battles.
All in all this is a great game but let down by the story 9/10


| | See all 14Jimbo's reviews (185)

This game is BRILLIANT! It's got great graphics, the characters are exactly the same as the films and the storyline is exciting. This game is for people who love action, adventure, fighting and definitely star wars fans. There are loads of missions to do on the game and you can even do mini games to unlock characters etc.

  Fantastic Game

| | See all AssociatedTV's reviews (12)

Bought this for my son for him to play during our long drive to our holiday destination and he played it pretty much all the way there and back again.
I too had to have a go and got into it aswell. very enjoyable and would recommend 100%
For under 14.99, this game is well worth the money.


| | See all firenze's reviews (20)

Wow!!!!what a great game with lots of missions,moves and a great story. This game is a must have for psp owners and star wars fans.

Story 9/10
Force unleashed 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Force powers/moves 9/10
Gameplay 9/10
Overall 9/10

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| | See all Gamelover12's reviews (11)

I love this game. I got it in America (so much cheaper), and it was so worth it. The action is incredible, the graphics are great even on PSP, the only downside is it is quite repetitiive with the moves. Still a great game though!!!!

  best star wars game ever..and for one simple reason..

| | See all steveonplay's reviews (9)

star wars force unleashed is a new "untold story" for the star wars franchise. after the events of episode 3 and before the events of episode 5 & 6 darth vader finds a small boy and drags him away from a recently extinguished battlefield. he trains him in the dark side of the force and he becomes vaders apprentice..NOBODY must know of his existence..even the emperor. neither sith nor jedi. you use all your force powers and your light-sabre to plow through imperial and rebel forces alike. you can electricute your enemies with force lightning, use force push to push objects into advancing enemies or grab ahold of them and use force choke. repulse is a new useful one. the apprentice..who is never named by the way levitates on air and unleashes a blast of force in all directions to clear an area quickly..
the reason why the game is successful is because its a WHOLE new story.
the boss fights and light sabre battles are the best for me. during boss fights you simply fight as you would normally BUT during the combat, the boss may lock you into a button bashing minigame,,during which you must keep bashing the buttons on screen to do more damage to them. an example would be a force-lightning or push duel in which both characters use the same move at the same time..bashing constantly lets you win the duel while failing to do this will have you lose and become damaged by there force attack.
but its not JUST button bashing while in boss fights, during critial momments, usually when the boss is weak,, you must string along a devistating finishing move (unique to each boss) in this you press each button until the boss is defeated. also the PSP has an exclusive mode to boast. force unleashed mode lets you play historic battles such as, vader vs luke, anakin vs count dooku and more. all with superb cutscenes..i duno what that guy is talkin about, the cutscenes are nice for the PSP, it may not be CGI but is still good.
great game. must for psp owners and fans alike..

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  The Force Unleashed......Completed it !!!!

| | See all troopercop's reviews (8)

Only had it a day and completed it already. Great game and graphics with some awesome options for Force Powers, but oh so easy to complete. You can finish most enemies off with 2 or 3 force moves. The gameplay is very repetitive....kill loads of Stormtrropers/minions then a short boss battle which is not hard at all. Finished game in less than 5 hours playing time..
On the plus side there are great new characters and loads of game options to make you want to play it again to unlock different characters etc. There are also alternate endings, one of which i didnt understand so was left a little confused.
Overall not bad but far too short and easy Mr Lucas. x

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  Feelin the force!

| | See all yodaiam2's reviews (2)

Been playing for a few days, wasn't expecting too much after playing the 360 demo BUT awesome game, plenty of force powers to learn and upgrade - story good so far, lots of action and arena good for replay (unlocking vadar, darth maul etc) psp must

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