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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - Special Edition

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  One of the best FF games.

| | See all Johfunu's reviews (5)

This game really suprised me...i was thinking it was going to be some half arsed attempt to retell a great story but totally ruin it...im glad i was wrong. Some of the best graphics ive seen thus far for the PSP and the storyline is awesome...it really does fill in all those holes that were not explained in FF7. If you played FF7 on PS1 then you will know that Cloud lived his life pretending to be Soldier 1st class and pretty much made himself up from events he had seen from Zack...he became zacks living legacy so to speak :)
Well in this game you play from Zacks side of the story basically the truth. Great twists and turns its a must have game! the battle system is one of the best battle systems ive seen you control Zack in real time ( think legend of Zelda) but you have a bar that displays things like 'attack' and after that is a list of magic you have equipped (yes this game uses good old material :D) you can even fuse many material to form completly new magic or just make a certain spell more powerful. Anyways if you were having doubts dont. Get it now :D

  Does the PSP Justice!

| | See all Sefpayne's reviews (3)

This game is by far one of THE best PSP games ever made. On your first play through, it will provide you with a unique sense of shock and awe, that many games have failed to achieve in recent years. However, that is only on your first play through.

Let me begin by sayin that its a prequel to Final Fantasy VII. An RPG that needs no introduction. Any self respecting gamer, or role-playing fan will know, played or even completed that game. For its time it was amazing. With the amount of critical and player hype it received, Square-Enix was bound to create some sort of spin-off. Who knew that an entire Compilation would be made!!??!!

Regardless of the fact that its a prequel, its a great game in its own right. It is very well developed. An Exceptional story, technically proficient graphics, somewhat good sound effects and a rather addicitive combat system. The one downside is the replay value. The thing you dont normally find in a standard RPG, is a difficulty level. This was not meant to be in any way similar to Square-Enix's other entires. I see it as more of an Action Adventure game rather than an RPG. It follows a very linear story, great Action and some role playin elements thrown in for good measure.

I say this due to the use of the DMW. Leveling up of both magics and character is purely random. Unlike previous final fantasy games where you have to achieve a cetain amount of EXP, this is very different. This randomness lowers its replayability. Theres no sense of trying to achieve a certain level. However, some may find they want everything in the game. Such as completeing all missions to gain all items and magics.

I found myself forced to complete it a second time round. It got very repetetive, sound and gameplay especially. The story is what kept me going this whole time. If you happen to be a Final Fantasy VII fan, you need to play this game. Deeply engrosing. butt, do not expect much from it once you past the finish line. Unless your a completionist that is.

One last thing. This special Edition I am reviewing, its not worth the extra cash. The Extra Art book and Hard slip case is poorly done. Stick with the budget priced regular release.

'Infinite in mystery - Is the Gift of the Goddess'

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| | See all Donis1410's reviews (1)

I have just completed the game and I have got to say what an awe inspiring game. It just brought back everything that final fantasy means to me from playing the original FFVII and getting to know the back ground of the games main charaters. It was amazing how quickly I managed to become involved in the storyline personally and how I was gripped by the different twists and tales. My only disapointment would probably be that the game did not go on for longer. I just hope that the new final fantasy games can bring back the magic of the games such as FFVII.

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  any FF fan must have

| | See all Pinkwooty's reviews (4)

Just a great story, an great add for the ff7 story/games, the gameplay is perfect for the psp, since the psp is a on the move console you dont want an hour battle when you got to get off the bus, and the save points are well placed. The way you level up is weird its done on random but it does work. ive seen reviews saying theres about 20 hours of game play, imo thats just if you just want to know the story, if you wanna unlock everything and find all the serects and get all the 999% materia theres alot more hours in the game.
this game really is the best game on the psp imo everything works for it and its a game you would play more then once :)

really is a must buy

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  an Ok Game

| | See all Deadfang's reviews (15)

I bought my psp for this game and I have too say I'm a little disappointed.
The grafics are really good and the only thing that makes the game fun (for me that is) is the characters from FFVII.
the story is nothing compared to other FF games and the battle system is just plain stupid.
If you're really an FF fan and you just want to complete your collection you'll have a few hours of fun with this game but after that it will start to feel as if you've been doing the same thing over and over the whole time.

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  Highly Recommended

| | See all pspsp1's reviews (26)

Any true Final Fantasy VII fan will want this. Not only do you get the game itself, but you get a special collectors box and a hardback book featuring artwork from the character designers at Square-Enix.

Great product and very highly recommended indeed. Great game, which will keep you occupied for a long while. Graphics, sound, everything is perfect. Gameplay has changed since FFVII unfortunately, but it still has the makings of a great story-telling RPG.

Thanks Play!

  Great item to have in your collection

| | See all VixChan's reviews (15)

if you are as mad about Final Fantasy as me then this item is a must.
forget about the standerd edition, for £25 you may as well get this beauty.
the game itself is wonderful, with outstanding graphics and gameplay.

  I've been waiting

| | See all Shoteharu's reviews (1)

I really, really waited for this game to come out in Europe as well. And this far I haven't been disappointed. Graphic is stunning and I let out weird high-pitched squeal when One Winged Angel started playing.
Diving more into familiar characters is fun. Though I still can't take Genesis seriously. Seeing Sephiroth time before Nibelheim and as your ally IS kinda weird but it works. New characters though... not too excited about them.
Gameplay is somewhere between KH and FF. I still miss the ability to jump freely but dodging is awesome. Since when you last time survived Cactuars 10 000 needles? DMW is nice system and works at least for me. Levels are coming pretty steadily and watching limits is fun. It gets irritating when you're just about to finish your opponent and boom! time to try to get a power surge. A bit of control would have been nice.
I don't think people who know absolutely nothing about FFVII will get much out of this since explanation of things such as materia are little to nothing. With basic knowledge or will to find out this will work for FFVII newbies too. But for original fans... pure nostalgy. Running along the train, trying to stand overconfident ninja thief, falling through the roof and pretty much knowing where everything is leading with PSP graphics. Just wow.
Act like "the restless puppy" you are. More fun than Mr. I-don't-care-about-the-world-destruction...
Krhm, anyhow. Art book is pure beauty. This package will pay itself back fast, at least for me.

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| | See all SeventhHeaven1's reviews (2)

This game is brilliant, if you have played FFVII and loved it then you have to buy this game. It is great to be back in that world again with the characters that made FFVII what it is.

The art book along with the special edition is also really nice!!

  Finaly They Got It

| | See all jakebon's reviews (2)

i feal that the last cupple of final fantasy's have bean lacking but finaly i feal that they have it 1s agen if the PS3 games are any thing like this my life will be compleet agen