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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (Platinum)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (62 reviews)"

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| | See all beetlebug1973's reviews (7)

I love final fantasy theres not one i dont like APART FROM 12 ITS AWFUL but crisis core is fantastic the ending is just brilliant and the whole game is just fantastic love it if u dont have it get it. They should make a crisis core film like they have with advent children.

  Best PSP game yet!

| | See all Wortheverypenny's reviews (1)

To be perfectly honest, i was skeptical. FF7 is my favourite game of all time, mainly because the story survived the 21st century now with graphics that clear it off the map. I thought that the makers of FF should maybe leave it alone so not to ruin it or disappoint anyone.

Hands down, i was wrong.

Possibly one of the best games i have ever played. I thought the story wouldn't have been up to par but it totally was. It is made all the more fun by including old characters from FF7 but in a different light (Sephiroth actually being a nice guy at times).

It sends shivers down your spine when you think of what is yet to come in the story that is in FF7 because you are so engrossed in the Crisis Core story you totally forget about it.

The main story is great, the side missions are fun, the graphics are spectacular for the PSP, cut scenes are to PS3 standard, the new battle engine is great.

It is just what any FF7 fan wants. It fills that gaps on what happened 7 years previous and you constantly find yourself thinking "yeah i remember someone mentioning that in FF7"

What made it for me was the remade scene of sephiroth walking into the fire at nibelheim, epic stuff and brings back fond memories of childhood 2AM FF7 gaming.

if you had £15 to spare and decided to buy some other game, you are a fool, this is worth every penny, get it or be sorry.

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| | See all Shazon's reviews (24)

After months of waiting for it to be on stock I finally got it! Actually I bought a PSP and had no games to go with it so i was lost without it! Always been a fan of the Final Fantasy series, so obviously I wanted to check out the PSP version. Great game, graphics are surprisingly brilliant, the music is absolutly amazing, just hard rck constantly, the story line never fails and the voice overs are top notch.

One thing to put it down, I think i have said this on every FF game, if your not levelled up, your not going any further! full stop! I still havent finished it but I will, one i've levelled it :)
Cannot wait untl they bring out THE FINAL ever game on PS3 next year, gonna be brilliant
Buy this game, when it is in stock, I wouldhappily recommend it to anyone *thumbsup*

  awesome game

| | See all Sereth's reviews (1)

i havent quite completed this game yet, infact i havent got a clue how far away from the end i am but i'm quite sure i'm close to completion, but anyway i think this game is absolutely amazing the graphics are outstanding perhaps even better than some xbox 360 games the combat system is good but can get tedious and annoying sometime especially when the DMW interupts combat and you dont even get anythnig from it, the story can get a bit boring after a while but still its fun, the only thing that truly annoys me about this game is that some of the bonus missions are IMPOSSIBLE to complete when they are on hard or very hard difficulty it can get very frustrating but other than that i thought the game was phenomenal and definatly worth buying


| | See all Xavien's reviews (9)

But to add my thoughts on the game, to be honest im a little disapointed with it. Not being a fan of final fantasy 12 combat and being very old school prefering the old ATB combat that most of the other games have, i hope they dont follow this with the new FF 13 game. i found that alot of the boss combats were very difficult, also i prefere having a team with me rather then being solo in combat. The DMW system i also found to be a little fustrating inturpting combat and slowing things down. The leveling system although interesting is down partly to do with luck getting 777 on DMW (which does increase in chance the more battles you do) but i prefere to know exactly when im about to level. Using magic in combat is tedious as rather then having a seperate button to use magic or items you have to right click on the top button to scroll from attack to magic or items. When your trapped in combat in a really tough battle you hardly get time enough to cure yourselve and then toggle back to attack mode while some boss is pounding away at you. Another thing that seems to have been overly simplified is not having weapons to equip. The story line is excellent as is with all the final fantasy games but i just felt that crisis core is lacking the true feeling of the other games. Graphics are top notch for the psp and very enjoyable.

About half way through the game i lost interest so downloaded a save game which had a new game ++ just so i could get through to the end of the game for the story line. On the plus side, playstation store have just released the original FF7 which IMO for £8 is a bargin. Its a real shame they dont remake the game!

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| | See all madmax07775's reviews (2)

they tried something new on a less powerful console and it has paid off big time i've always wanted to know the story of zack after meetng him in FF7 and its different to what u'd expect and a very enjoyable game. however the missions get pretty repetitve but overall..... great. epic win !

  Not as good

| | See all dirtypunk's reviews (22)

Big fan of FF7 on the original Playstation so couldnt wait to play this, infact I brought a PSP just to do so. Some elements are greatly improved the Combat system being one (no more turn based tomfoolery). The graphics are great, like really really good but what it lacks is story which in a RPG is quite an important factor.
Worth a play but don't go expecting the greatness of the original as this is all style over substance.

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| | See all krissyinterupted's reviews (16)

Incredible and poignant story, starring a likable and complex hero Every aspect of the production design, from cutscenes to voice acting, is utterly amazing The DMW is a weird but fun way of leveling up Enjoyable and addictive combat . some bits are really hard thou aand impossible to do, but apart from that its good

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  new to this and enjoying it

| | See all kynaston's reviews (8)

i had only previously played another FF on ps2 and had enjoyed it but stopped playing as i got more games however i saw this on platinum and saw the brilliant reviews and i cant disagree i am recently really enjoying RPGs and this is fantastic still some of the best graphics seen on psp both superb cgi cutscenes that rivals ps3 and brilliant in game graphics with huge attention to detail. main story is very long and with the addition of missions, which are brilliant for gaming on the go it adds huge replayability.

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  Game of games

| | See all RichYorkshire's reviews (2)

Since playing FFVII many moons ago, thought nothing will ever be able to top it. This comes very very close and is on a par in my opinion. Battle sequences are much better than before and add more tatics to attack/defence. If you like the Final Fantasy series then this is a must have game, i've never been addicted to a game since final fantasy VII but crisis core has done it again and I am hooked! What I'm waiting for now is a re-make of the original final fantasy VII story, maybe using the new battle system, come on square you know it makes sense!

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