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Star Ocean: First Departure

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (6 reviews)"

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  Shame about the small characters

| | See all mathsgenius's reviews (7)

Nice enough game, with all elements of a good RPG in it. Dislike the small characters though. Too much levelling up needed and too many random encounters. Didn't find much replay value. Also too short, especially for price tag. Disappointing after playing star ocean on PS2.

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| | See all chainchomp's reviews (4)

Very good looking game let down by constant random battles which reward you with a stingy amount of xp.
You could spend hours leveling up only to find that you will need to level up again half an hour later. Anyone who has played a rpg before will know they will have to level up every now and then but this takes it a bit too far, almost to Suikoden territory!
And the AI is stupid too, they will use all their special attacks on weak pointless enemies then run out of mp, you can change this in the tactics menu but then it moves to the other extreme where they rarely use special attacks at all. Not even on a boss!
This is very impractial on a psp, because when you do decide to level up the constant loading of battles drains the psp battery very quickly.
Its a shame all this gets in the way of a really good story.

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| | See all Deadfang's reviews (15)

To get through the waiting period for the new final fantasy and star ocean 4 i bought this game and i must say i was really surprised about the quality this game offers it looks, feels and sounds great i haven't advanced in the story that much yet but i already like it very much definatly one of the few good games for the psp. Must buy.

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| | See all Richardking's reviews (2)

Star ocean is truly amazing and this is a must have game, if you bought it and did not enjoy it, still buy star ocean 2 which is coming out soon as its alot better and bigger game

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  The Final Fantasy for Sci-fi fans.

| | See all MissNox's reviews (25)

Before being introduced to Star Ocean games, I thought Final Fantasy were the best RPG games on offer. I've played many RPGs since then, and for me Star Ocean is the best. Why do I like it so much? For starters, you can actually move around in battle. If you're a virgin to this concept and are more used to turn taking, get this game and revel in the pleasures of ass kicking and attack combos. During battle, you open the circulating menu to use symbology (magic), items, change party member tactics, or to run away like a coward (which hardly ever happens because the concept of button bashing usually works in defeating normal enemies). The good thing about opening the menu is that the rest of the battle is paused, and you can 'um and ah' over what to do next.

I also love that you can change the character you control during battle. For example- if the party healer is sitting on their thumbs doing nothing, you can quickly change over to them and heal the whole party. Then you can change back to a fighter and pummel your opponents. Mwahaha. This also works well if you want a magic user to use specific attacks. That, or you can use the option to choose which spells a magic user can use before the battle starts in the main menu.

To give you an idea of the level of grinding required... I played the game through in Japanese months before it was released into the UK- and as long as I was near a save point, most boss battles can be managed as long as you can handle the normal level monsters in the surrounding areas.

The innovative thing about Star Ocean are the Private Actions- where you can choose to enter a town or village and split up from your main party. There upon you can talk to different characters and initiate events that you control the outcome of. If you choose to be sensitive and further your relationships with the other characters- you are likely to get extra 'couple' endings when you finish the game (or even items and battle skills). If you choose to be an insensitive ass- you are likely to get a slap in the face.

The second thing that sets Star Ocean apart from the rest is the item creation. There are over 30 skills you buy at certain shops- and when you level up you gain skill points to level up these skills. There are skills to help you in battle, skills to give you extra stats when you level up, and skills to help you learn 'item creation' abilities, such as cooking, pick-pocketing and even contraband (illegal documents for more EXP and Fol/Cash!). I could sit for hours levelling up, learning skills, creating different dishes that can be used as healing items, or making my own jewelry and battle equipment.

The characters are fantastic- and cover a wide variety. You have 4 main characters (which I won't attempt to remember the English versions) Iria, Ratix, Ronixis and Milly. And after that you can choose 4 other characters to join your party. Some you literally run into, others are a little harder to recruit as certain events must be completed in a certain order. The storyline itself is shorter than more modern Star Ocean games, but the extra side quests, item creation and multiple characters, endings and secret dungeons mean that this game has hours of gameplay and is REALLY addictive. But in a good way, so just say YES to Star Ocean. You'll want to play it again and again to get different characters and play through slightly different events and to get different items and endings- and even different cut scenes.

The music is great- the English voices are funny- and the cut scenes are absolutely beautiful in anime.
I think any RPG fan would LOVE this game.

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  Worth buying

| | See all Cristian89's reviews (1)

European gamers' first introduction to the Star Ocean series was with a sequel to this game called The Second Story for the original PlayStation. First Departure (originally on the Super Nintendo, never reaching european shores) has been wonderfully translated and given a fresh coat of paint to make it even prettier than the original.
First Departure is a very traditional role-playing game and Square Enix didn't change very much in terms of how the game progresses or even extend the game's short length. The changes made to the game are cosmetic with a slight change to the game's fun battle system. Battles that occur in the game are more action-packed than most classic RPGs and you have full control over the central character while the AI handles the other characters. You're allowed the freedom to move and attack so you can unleash normal and special attacks without having to wait for your enemy to make a move first. In other words, real time.

Graphically, this remake looks beautiful and does take advantage of the PSP's graphical capabilities. While retaining some of the classic's overall look, the characters look detailed and the original backgrounds have been removed and replaced by sharp and colorful backgrounds.

First Departure isn't a very lengthy adventure but it does make up for it with its charming universe and decent story that is just interesting enough to keep you in its world. It's good to see the game released on our side of the pond and on the PSP no less.

Simply a must for any fans of Star Ocean out there or first time RPG gamers.

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