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Patapon 2

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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| | See all Lees93's reviews (3)

I really enjoyed the demo i had been playing it for ages and i really enjoyed it so i got the game and i have to say it is brilliant i love it and i would recomend it i like the rhytmic commands excellent buy

  Great little game

| | See all Rainykins's reviews (18)

I got this game with a PSP bundle. My initial thoughts were "its not going to be a good game. It looks cheap and underdeveloped and I've never heard of the first one". I was wrong...
I have to say this game is genius. It incorporates musical rhythm and role playing strategy onto a platform level.
Basically you hit a combination of the action buttons to achieve certain commands like attack, move forward and defend, that can be used again other enemy tribes. While you push through the levels, getting deeper and deeper into the storyline, you can upgrade and adapt your "Patapons". You can then earn the ability to breed and evolve more species of them, all having different advantages and disadvantages. You then equip them within your 'squad' to overcome the next level.
Sometimes the music and beats can be quite annoying but they also have an addictive quality too.
This is great for everyone. Although if you don't have rhythm then you'd probably not like it, as you wouldn't get past the first few levels.


| | See all girlgamer1989's reviews (164)

This is brill and it`s not just a rythem game; you also have to gradually build and evolve your patapon army and aquire new weapons and chants to strenghten them.
the game has good longlivety too, I`ve been playing for a few days and there`s still plenty further to go; plus you really get in to the story line after a while; you can also go back and play levels your`ve done only they level up each time (so they get slighty harder/different so you can aquire something else from it). plus there`s mini games that get unlocked after your`ve gotten so far through
awsome game! get it!

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  I Might Need To Go To Rehab Cus Of This!

| | See all DonnyStrange's reviews (1)

Put it this way i would buy a psp just for this game. So, so addictive. Played it for days and i dont think im even quarter of the way through.
Fun for all ages.
Get it you'll have no regrets, unless you cant keep a beat.
Pon Pon Pata Pon!!!


| | See all Tomhlord's reviews (11)

Fun, addictive, original, everything that you want from a game! This adds multiplayer and double the number of missions as the 1st, the music is worth a purchase alone! Pata-Pata-Pata-Pon!

  My favourite game for PSP.

| | See all mobblin's reviews (2)

I bought Patapon because I enjoy rhythm games but found the real fun is the strategy involved, choosing your army and which units to take to battle, leveling them up and acquiring new weapons. It really is addictive :)

It's very similar to the first Patapon but it's worth getting for the additions explained in EtaxFortis' review. The Hero patapon is awesome and I wonder how I managed without him!


| | See all Merleawe's reviews (2)

Having only played the demo downloaded from the psn network, i can only give my overview on the levels avalible in the demo, it is an addictive game which i find going over on previous levels fun instead of being a chore, you get to build up an army of different "pons" for example yumipons being archers or tatepons being the strong slow defensive guys, leveling up your army is fun and i can't wait untill my patapon 2 arrives.

  Better than the original

| | See all EtaxFortis's reviews (1)

Studio Japan really did lots of improvements during just one year. Having played the original Patapon for 40+ hours, I see myself playing this game for even longer. Much has stayed the same, but the several improvements were very welcome.

For one thing, reaching Fever mode has been made easier. No longer does one need a perfect timing of four consecutive beats in order to reach Fever. Perfectly timed beats are still needed to charge the meter that determines when Fever starts, but it's a lot less frustrating than in the original.

New fighting classes include bird-flying Toripons, structure-destroying Robopons and magic-wielding Mahopons (haven't gotten those yet). Also there is Heropon. A leader of the battle group of sorts, he will resurrect automatically after dying, it takes a moment, but still. If you can beat the rhythm with perfect timing (4 consecutive beats), the Heropon will activate his superpower, which depends on his character class. Personal favourite is a Tatepon Hero which activates invincibility for three rhythm rounds.

The patapons' evolution has been totally changed. Now there is an evolution tree, with around 15 different patapon types, all with 10 experience levels and different strengths and weaknesses. Maxing out your soldiers will take eternity. Hoarding level 4 and 5 materials to get the best patapons is still a part of this game, but even the mediocre patapon types will be useful after levelling them up a bit.

In the original game, even the worst additional weapons and armour were scarce at times. In case you missed them in the "storyline" missions, you had to start fighting against the bosses, in hopes of them dropping something useful. Actually, once you had finished everything else, you could only hunt and fight bosses. Now there are also fortresses to conquer. You may play certain levels with increasing difficulty, where the main point is to advance in the level, killing enemy soldiers and destroying their fortifications. This will give some new gear. Nice addition.

There is also a multiplayer mode, haven't been able to test it with a friend, but it's possible to play this MP mode alone. The goal is to carry an egg with a time limit across different stages. Some stages will have you fighting against bosses, others are the conquered fortresses from the storymode. Killing to boss and destroying the fortress will give you access to the ending minigame, which can net you some nice materials and/or equipment.

Also the minigames from the original are back, now with different difficulty levels and increasing cost in money. It's a lot more useful to play them now.

At the moment the best game for PSP released in 2009. Highly addictive.

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