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Resistance: Retribution - Collector's Edition

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (13 reviews)"

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  An essential for all psp owners

| | See all cakeforme288's reviews (10)

although having gotten the game from a different source, I found the game very engaging and it had a whole lot of new gimics that did not apply for next to all other psp games. Insomniac did not create this one, but they left it in the hands of the foulks who got us the sython filter games, so some will already know this is good. New alians to kill and a very good online mode makes this game like Resistance FOM in the palm(s) of your hand.

On that note, you can connect this copy to the ps3 on resistance 2, and then you can get a whole heap of bounuses. You can also infect the protagonist for a warped campain and acceses to areas that would be otherwise leathal.

a great game overall 8/10

  Wow. There must be a God.

| | See all ChrisJ91's reviews (31)

This is amazing. For the system, the graphics are amazing, just amazing. But the whole look feels pretty similar to Syphon Filter:Dark Mirror, things like the crosshair when its aimed at at a friend, the characters themselves, and the way bodies fling when theres an explosion. For this price, its definatley worth it, especially if you want an amazing fps for the PSP. If games like this keep coming out, students everywhere will fail everything, moreso than now, employees will stay at home, and spouses will have a secret affair with this system. Its that good. Its that dangerous =P

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  Great Game!

| | See all driver911's reviews (7)

This game is a must buy,especially at £17.99. What you are getting here is a full package and a unique feel to the PSP system. Resistance has previously had 2 games on the PS3 system and has now come to the PSP. The graphics and in game dynamics make this game a one to watch. The mission fundamentals are also unique as you battle your way,fighting against enemies. The camera modes and angling are superb as you can switch from 3rd person to a high quality 2nd person shooter. ADHOC and INSFRACTURE mode make it accessible to play a great multiplayer TDM or DM as you can paly with your friends or whoever you please to challenge via the PlayStation Network.
Great Game!


| | See all 666DeathstaR666's reviews (3)

One of the best PSP games ever. Collections edition comes with 4 great postcards. Its also one of the best online games I have played! The ranking system is great and the multiplayer maps work really well.

  Reign of PSP

| | See all Crossifixxo's reviews (9)

The older this console gets the better games it gets, this is best fps in this console, the fact that its got special feature just because you own Resistance 2 on Playstaion 3 to unlock more gameplay modes. The graphics alone are top spec tho not the level of God of War: Chains of Olympus, it stil is one of the best games on the PSP.


| | See all kynaston's reviews (8)

best shooter on psp and brilliant cutscenes a mix of syphon filter and the original resistence fall of man

  best shooter

| | See all nickydbest's reviews (4)

resistance retribution is an essential game for any psp owner.if you are not sure which shooter to buy for the psp this would be that one that you should choose.it is much better that resistance fall of man.it has 22 levels of about 20-40 minutes; depending on how good you are.there is extra content like intels,infected mode and resistance retribution plus.this is one of the best games of the psp.

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  The best PSP shooter to date

| | See all KreemK's reviews (68)

Like the other reviewers on here, I'd downloaded the demo and was very impressed with it - sure it was never going to be as good as anything on the PS3 but it comes pretty damn close imo.

I actually paid a few quid more to download it from the PSN network as I was too impatient to wait for it to arrive properly and so I'm not certain if the minor niggles I've found with the game are the same on the UMD version.

The main gripe is the cut-scenes - they are fairly jerky when played from the memory stick - I dont know if this is because of the hardware limitations of the memory stick or just the game in general, but that's pretty much the only complaint I've got with the game.

Graphically it's brilliant for a handheld (I think so anyway) - enemies are detailed and there are some very well done large boss-type enemies. There's the ability to command a mech at certain points of the game and this serves as a nice break from the standard running and gunning.

The game is pretty hard in places - especially in areas with little cover - you'll find you'll still get hit even when behind a small wall - and you will die a lot in this game - but perseverance pays off in the end.

Sound is great too with suitably dramatic scores which changes with the action - no complaints in this department either.

All in all - I'm happy with the game - I've been playing if fairly regularly for about a week now (yes - it can be THAT hard!) and I'm fairly sure I'm close to finishing it - but even so, it's still got great value for money with it's completion time. For £17.99 this game is an unbelievable bargain - all I can say is buy it now or you'll regret it!

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  You cannot Resist - resistance is futile !!

| | See all brightchild0's reviews (12)

Resistance: Retribution

March 30, 2009 - this game is sweet! The online is awesome. If you liked the ps3 versions you will enjoy this one just as much. It has some very cool online modes that will keep you busy all day. This game is right up there with god of war. This is a must buy for psp!
Reader's ratings for resistance: Retribution
Rating description
Out of 10 click here for ratings guide
9.5 Presentation
Very cool cut scenecs. Pretty easy to navigate. Looks clean.
9.0 Graphics
The graphics are pretty good. They will not blow you away but they are good.
9.5 Sound
Very good sound.
9.8 Gameplay
Almost flawless gameplay. Very easy to control once you get use to it and you will have to get use to it.
9.5 Lasting appeal
Of course the lasting appeal will be the online factor. A+
9.8 Overall
(Out of 10 / not an average)

And remember - hook this bad boy up to your ps3. Unlock infected mode - levels opened due to additional powers. Or if you have a psp 2000/3000 play it on the big screen and ue your ps3 controller !!!

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  very good

| | See all Snoochmarster's reviews (1)

much better than i expected! infect this came with resistance 2 and you get new weapons clothes and story line. you can also play it with a ps3 controller which works really well. the collectors edition also comes with post cards a shiny box cover and an exclusive psp theme. great value for money highly recommend