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God Of War: Chains Of Olympus (Platinum)

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (28 reviews)"

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| | See all tonybadger1981's reviews (4)

This was a pleasure to play! The only down-side is that I made the mistake of playing it AFTER Ghost of Sparta. As a result, after being spoilt by a newer, more advanced GoW experience, this one seemed a little short and simple. The graphics though are pretty much the same. If you're new to the GoW franchise, definitely start with this and move on to Ghost of Sparta. If, like me, you've played Ghost and want another one, go for it; you'll enjoy it but you'll be surprised at how quickly it comes to an end.

  Utterly awesome action

| | See all Jeccius's reviews (15)

An almost perfect version of the PS2 action title, and if not better because of the portability of the title too.

Cracking story and hell of alot of action, this game was so good it has spawned a sequel in the works that looks even better (if that is actually possible, GOW does things no other PSP title has managed since).

If you have never played it and you own a PSP you need your head sorting. Or you're under 18. Possibly :)

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  WOW!! God Of War WOW!!

| | See all mglasmdcg's reviews (1)

This is by far my favorite PSP game... a must have, one of the gretest titles for this console (in my opinion). To understand what I mean, you have to play it!
Only has one minor negative aspect. It really is a bit short. But none the less a GREAT BUY!!!


| | See all Visall's reviews (10)

It's one of the few 18+ games available on the PSP, though I personally don't understand why, as graphically, you don't see blood, swearing, drugs, or anything but hack-and-slash. However, enough about that; what makes this game good?

Well, let's see... It is by far the best graphical game out there on the PSP, and by all means, a very long game, if you consider the modes you can go in, so this would keep you quite happy for the odd play on the train back home. It is a must have game, which is already known, as it has become Platinum on the PSP (I have the original version), but makes it even better, as you get the game cheaper than what it's worth in context!

However, I don't give a 5 star rating, because there isn't a large variety in the game. There is only one weapon to use, which can get repetitive a little. Nevertheless, a great game, and at this price, surely it is worth it?

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| | See all LouiseB1985's reviews (7)

God of War was the first game i played on ps2 .. it was an amazing game and have been addicted ever since! when i saw this game .. i had to buy a psp! it is amazing. graphics are as brilliant as ever. the storyline and the mind games are great. recommended to ever god of war fan who hasnt played this and every person who is intrigued by what god of war is about! a must buy ..

  Bought this without owning a PSP

| | See all TarantinosHeir's reviews (62)

I dont own a PSP but bought this because of how amazing the other two titles were and i didnt want to miss out so i waited for my mate (who lives abraod) to bring his PSP over and we played it and completed it. The makers have managed to keep the stunning visuals and gameplay/combos even though they had a lot less to work with using the PSP. The game is amazing and fits in nicely with the story of the other games. Still gory, still fun, still kicks a**


| | See all Dogsdohdahs's reviews (2)

This was a first God of War Game for me and i thought it was great.
Great gameplay, graphics and story and good weapons too.This game restored my interest in the PSP
Only one negative, i thought the game ended quite quickly and i thought their could have been one more level with boss etc.
But a surperb game and i did complete it in easy mode, so now to tackle it on a more difficult setting!

Buy it now while the price is good! :o)

  Insane Game!

| | See all Kibisha's reviews (2)

I played God Of War I and II and I loved them so much! So when i saw this game and on PSP I had to buy it but i didnt think it would be that good compared to the other games. However it turns out as usual I was wrong and the game is immense! It has all the elements that a decent God Of War game should have and has new awsome magic attacks which i think are better than those in God Of War II.


| | See all channy911's reviews (13)

I've never previously played a God Of War game before, and this is really good. The only downfall I see is the camera angle.
Not being able to change the camera angle makes it quite difficult to guess your position from the enemy at times, but that's just a small fraction.
Overall, excellent game.