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Brothers In Arms: D-Day

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (11 reviews)"

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| | See all Tattooed's reviews (111)

Im addicted to this game! Its hard but really good. You really have to think to complete the missions, i would reccommend this game!


| | See all mikecorbs's reviews (4)

controls are a bit odd at first, not your usual shooter but once you get the hang of them then its all gravy (controls can also be personalised)

actual game is good, graphics are of low quality, lip synching and text speed are a little off but dont affect gameplay.

Gameplay is quite good, but often feels you end up doing the same manouvre again and again and straight on charging ends up with you dead.

Worth a play and skirmish does keep you busy, keep tryna break that record!

  Good Game, But A Few Glitches...

| | See all Gamer15's reviews (25)

This is just basically Road To Hill 30 and Earned In Blood just crammed into one little UMD. Despite all this, it is a good game, and despite the graphics being a little low standard, the game is fun and addictive with lots of thinking skills needed. The game does have its problems like the lip-synching not being in time with the voices of the characters, and that the gore factor isn't as much as the PC versions. Skirmish Mode is highly addictive and will keep you coming back for more. Overall, a good game with a very good effort put in by Gearbox, but they did leave out a few stuff from the PC versions...

  Its Great

| | See all thatguy101's reviews (32)

Its a tough game worth a buy if you want a challenge 4 Different Modes of Difficulty Authentic is the best

  mainly good

| | See all tangodown's reviews (2)

A huge fan of the x box games I got this to see if it was similar. After getting used to the contols gameplay is pretty straightforward and the feel is very reminicant of the originals.

The tatics are a little dumbed down (but you still get the overview screen) but the upside is that it turns it into more of a shooter.

The only downside is that some of the levels are a near straight rip from the original game(s)

  Not to be overlooked...

| | See all Cubicle's reviews (3)

Despite what people think i believe this is a truly good game, i was really taken in by the fighting system that requires you to order your squad tactically so you can manoeuvre around the enemy. The only problem for me was the slightly corny story line and dialogue

  Decent Game Worth Getting For The PSP

| | See all TheStig12's reviews (21)

Dont no why people only give it a one star, i think its alot better than that. Brought it earlier this week and havnt been able to put it down, so addictivness is very good and the graphics are pretty gd aswell. The only problem i might find is occasionly it may go abit slow but not a major inconvience. I havnt had any Brothers In Arms games before so not sure what its like in comparison, though i would reccommend getting it if you want many hours of fun gameplay. Overall 6.5/10

  brothers in arms

| | See all gameleg's reviews (7)

not the worst game but not the best. slow gameplay, not good graphics but can be fun. much rather call of duty.

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  Not what is expected

| | See all anto99's reviews (1)

Well i got this game and the road to hill 60 game. I played the one for ps2 and found not bad but could have been better. This one i believe is the same game mostly at the beginning of the game. Also the graphics are ok but not brilliant unless the bombs are going off. They should take a long time in developing the next one.

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  good enough for handheld but ruins the story

| | See all AlexMadison's reviews (31)

this has to be the biggest screw up i've seen from ubisoft, I expected a lot better from them, that's bad ubisoft!
but now that the dust has settled and we're all waiting for hells highway, don't even consider this because its exactly the same as road to hill 30 and earned in blood, (being that its those two morphed into one) it totally ruins the story which was really the only thing that made these titles stand out in the first place... hmm...

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