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Commander: Europe At War (Military History)

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Old School Hex Based Strategy.

| | See all Angrypeppy's reviews (98)

Personally I enjoyed this game. I have played strategy ganes on the Sinclair Spectrum, Atari ST, Amiga 500, PC, Sega Saturn, XBox, gamecube, PS2 & 360. This is one of those games that reflects an old school game engine on a console. I have always liked these types of games as its about sizing up your units strengths the enemies weaknesses and exploiting it. The game is not about graphical whizz bangs its about STRATEGY. The major downside for me was the loading screens. It seems to be forever loading before and after a battle and boy does it trundle on. Seemingly forever!. This all said I liked it and it is a time absorber. It has that genuine 'Just one more turn' approach for me.. very addictive. If you ae expecting whizz bang graphics,sound effects or groundbreaking gameplay it is not here. It is a good solid time consuming strategy... if this is your bag then give it a whirl.

  Warning - This might steal all of your spare time

| | See all scotty1108's reviews (1)

Any would be Churchill's or Hitlers out there, this game is awsome once you get going and begin to understand the nuances of the tactical engine then you are off and there is literally no stopping you. World domination is at your fingertips.

  So simple yet so addictive

| | See all PSPgames's reviews (2)

I picked up this game 7 days ago and after 21 hours of gameplay I am still on my first game. This game is so simple in graphics, gameplay, strategy etc but is a game that you cannot put down. I was wary of purchasing the game at first because it was a hex based strategy game and seemed so tedious but I am certainly glad that I added it to my collection. If strategy is your genre, then try it out.

  Finally, a real strategy game on psp

| | See all Timmon's reviews (1)

This is finally the game I have been looking for. A real hex-based WWII strategy game, in the old Panzer General -tradition, albait on larger scale.

Graphics are very nice and infromative, although Id like to have option of using standard symbols on lower level zoom also. User interface is very good and easy to learn.

Research, commanders, sea & rail moves, naval fights and air units are all included, but still the game is uncluttered.

AI is not your most skilled opponent, but that is to be expected I guess. Also, loading is rather frequent but does not take ages. Overall, this is a really needed addition to psp platform.

  quite playable

| | See all 0001al's reviews (12)

It is a bit slow, but reminds me of historyline 1914 or battle isle on the amiga. to refer to the previous review, there is no such thing as a fast paced turn based strategy game. It takes time, but is rewarding in the end. There are a good variety of units and a strategic approach is rewarded. definitely not a Civ game.


| | See all kieran272's reviews (3)

This is the worst game I have ever played in my life the graphics are like a commodor 64 or worse and the gameplay is very slow and boring. I thought it would be simular to civelization but its just so boring. I would recomend this game to nobody.

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