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Daxter (Platinum)

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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| | See all SlipKnotRock's reviews (1)

i had this game 4 the psp until i traded my psp in and i loved it.
its funny, stuck to the theme of the jak and daxter games just brilliant.
Am thinking about getting a psp again and getting this game cant wait =]


| | See all Maltese0's reviews (11)

I like this game alot :) The story is very good, and you can follow it even if you don't have ps2 or the series of games of jak and daxter.

So far i've made it till 3/4 of the game and i don't regret spendin my money on it ^^

I personally like daxter's character because he likes alot women LOL.. so whenever the pretty girl comes he's always flirtin with her hah..

Even the levels are nice, the fact that in daxter, you can use the backpack to hover in the air is a variation from crash bandicoot makes it a worth to buy.

2 thumps up :D


| | See all Angelicer's reviews (1)

This game is brilliant... i got such a laugh out of playing it and a challenge as well and enjoyed every minute of play. A brilliant game to go alongside the jak and daxter series

  What more is there to say?

| | See all Hibbster's reviews (4)

After reading numerous reviews of this game and looking at the previous reviews here on Play.com, I decided to give this game a go. I am simply stunned how good this game really is, the fact that it's been crammed on to the PSP is quite a mean feat. I was getting a little bored of my PSP and needing a game that wasn't a sloppy port from the PS2 to help restore my faith and this has done the job. Okay, this isn't wholly original since there's Jax & Daxter games on the PS2 but there is no denying this game's quality. The graphics are superb, the story is engaging and entertaining. The difficulty curve is also good and some parts are quite tricky but ultimately not too demanding. In summary, if you're looking for a fun game to play which hasn't been rushed out by the developer and like me, you were becoming bored of Sony's little handheld then I suggest you click the buy it now button right now. Enjoy!

  BUY IT worth the money

| | See all T0mere08's reviews (9)

brilliant game
absolutely hilarious. much better than jak and daxter in my opinion
Just Buy It !!!!!

  Top game

| | See all rkidscd012's reviews (61)

Can't compare this to other games in the series, mostly because I haven't played any of them. To be honest though, I don't see much point in comparing games to each other...
But anyway. Not being a hardcore gamer I really am enjoying this game. Its pretty simple to pick up and play and its just good fun. If you have no health left (happened many a time to me) it starts again from just before that part, so its great if like me you are pretty pants at this kind of thing.
Can't fault it really. Good price, looks great, good fun. Couldn't ask for more.

  Great a must have for psp, but not Jak II

| | See all MaxPower's reviews (3)

Daxter is great and simple fun. you get to try being daxter for more then just 2min and to be honest i didn't think it would be good. i have all the ps2 games of the series, but turning a side kick joker into a lead character thats a hard thing to do and yet they did it. but don't compare it to Jak II because it doesn't have the same fell or intense story (you could argue that it doesn't have one most of the time). so if you are looking for the big missing link in the story then i'd say not that either. what it is, is a fun little next gen crossing of mario and jak...

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  Daxter is a great action/platform game, well worth the money

| | See all ManU015's reviews (3)

As you might know, daxter carries on from jak while he is incarcerated in haven city prison. daxter takes on the role of a pest exterminator, and as you can imagine this is where the craziness starts, bugs of every shape and size, from little tiny critters, shooting bugs and just plain massive monsters that need a good swatting, they're everywhere and on every single one of the 20 missions, the missions can sometimes can get challenging and can take a while depending on how good you are. Daxter has a cocky attitude and is shown as the story progresses. the controls are easy to get used to, attacking is mostly one button. I rated the game 4/5 because like most PSP games, the graphics are fairly average. The storyline could also use a slight tweak because it only focuses on the basics and not really much of the minor details. Attack and health upgrades are obtained by collecting things known as precursor orbs that unlock dream sequences, in the dreams daxter plays key characters from films (eg - the matrix and lord of the rings) and alot of button mashing is involved, there are about 5 or 6 of these dream sequences, which gives you a break from the missions. i think the most challenging missons are the fish cannery and the second to last misson which is in the prison, there are a few human(ish)guards which gives it that extra bit of a challenge. Overall this game is well worth the money, especially if you like the platform type games where you have to combat enemies whilst getting through the insane but enjoyable traps and obstacles. A great game and you should really take your time in playing it and collecting all the gems and orbs(by the way there are 1000 of 'em). Fantastic :).

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