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Killzone: Liberation (Platinum)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (32 reviews)"

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  Give it a chance

| | See all SANDM4N's reviews (9)

Like some of the other reviewers I hated this game at first. The controls felt really slow and it just did not appeal. I finished the first level then didnt pick it up again for a couple of months when I thought i'll give it a chance and now I absolutely love it!
It does feel slow but thats purposeful. Once you get used to the controls its an excellent game.
Graphics are good, but not amazing considering some of the more recent games for the PSP. Sound is excellent and alot of voice overs.
Gameplay as i've said is excellent although can be very difficult. I was playing on normal difficulty and there were levels were I died 20 times. It was frustrating but you get a good sense of acomplishment when you finally beat the level. Story isn't bad. It feels like a prologue for KZ2 on the PS3, but still decent.
Multiplayer is also good fun and extends the life of the game.

Overall its a really good game. just give it a chance because I didn't appreciate the game until I got past the first few levels.

  Dissapointing at first

| | See all darktragedi's reviews (3)

The game itself has no faults.
Very thought out and the graphics aren't half bad considering its for the Psp. But the camera angle is what destroys this would be classic. nothing short of terrible would be best to discribe it, with the everlasting struggle with the view it seems impossible to enjoy this game. Although once you get past that and try you upmost to ignore it, the game isn't half bad.

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  long life

| | See all Stavros's reviews (4)

I bought this with my PSP and it was very disappointing to see tiny characters roaming around the screen, poor interface with the game and somewhat repetitive game play. I picked it up again a few weeks ago and now think its the best game I own, after the first few levels you get over the stunted growth of the hero and start pushing yourself to complete the challenges, download content which adds to the game really well and the very fun replay value with a unlocked flamethrower amongst the array of weaponry. Give it time to really start when you first pick it up, it will be giving you blisters and locked fingers and thumbs before you know it.


| | See all ramonebedi's reviews (4)

Bought the game on reviews. You can barely see the screen and you can't aim very well. Played it for 20 minuted then never touched it.

Don't buy

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| | See all mikecorbs's reviews (4)

Was very impressed with the graphics and gameplay, like the choice of weapons and vechiles. As mentioned graphics are good, understatement really, best graphics on a game ive seen yet from the ripples in water to shots deflecting off walls etc. Also like the addition of smoke grenades to the game.

Was slightly dissapointed at first it was a first person shooter like KillZone 1 and 2 but it makes sense as the screen is small and alot is going on.

Lots of extras and challenges, completed the game on all difficulties plus 3/4 of challenges and only completed 57% of game. Worth the money, easily one of the best shooters if not the best.

  Didn't impress me at all

| | See all mattyyy12345's reviews (1)

I bought this game just because of the rewievs and it really disappointed me . . . The guy in the screen is so small u can barely see whats going on . . . Tried it for 1 hour and never picked it up again. Was a very bad buy in my opinion

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| | See all fourhorsemen's reviews (11)

Killzone: Liberation is simply stunning. The gameplay is amazing and fun, the graphics are great, especially for a handheld, (the opening movie is incredible.) It is easily the best PSP game i have ever playerd. A must have game, and at the this price its not to be missed.

  Killzone: Liberation

| | See all matty161281's reviews (1)

Just received my copy today and was quite disappointed that it was a platinum addition as it never stated that it was gonna be or i would have bought it for £15 from local shops.
But on playing the game it seems like i definatly got more than my £10 worth. The first cut scenes look amazing for a psp game and even the gameplay has decent graphics considering the size of the screen and power of the machine.
Theres plenty to do beside the single player game i.e. Challenges, 2-6p wireless play, online play and game sharing. Also came across some downloadable content (online maps and single player levels) that was free and seems a welcome addition to the game.
Game play is good with plenty of weapons and vehicles to use but can be abit fiddly with the analogue stick at time but you get past that once you've play it abit.
So overall its one of the best games on psp and definatly worth the asking price, hopefully they releash a sequel to this that follows on or maybe ties in with killzone 2 on the ps3.
Highly recommended *****

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  Full of action

| | See all lenthejam's reviews (6)

This is a great game. Very difficult to get the hang off but once you do u will enjoy getting rid of the hellgas, hope there will be a new one in a 3rd person

  Hold on to your PSPs and get tooled up...!!

| | See all Tropiq's reviews (8)

I've just recently bought a PSP and Killzone Liberation is one of the first few games that I have played and what can I say... As yet ,I have not finished the game - I've only completed about 10 per cent,but there's so much detail in it. Scenes are nicely drawn; the figures are small but drawn in good detail. The gun shots are meaty and realistic - try playing the game with a decent pair of head phones on and you'll see what I mean,good sound separation and clarity. As a strategic shooter there are ample weapons and ammunition as you move along in the game, you just have to know what to use and when as you can only carry one weapon at a time as well as one explosive device.
Enjoy ...