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Mercury Meltdown

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (7 reviews)"

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  Drives me crazy!!!

| | See all fartingbird's reviews (41)

This game can be awesomely frustrating becase you have to have a certain % of mercury to complete the level and you need alot of patience and i don't have much patience. I think the game should be at least 7+ because i seriously lost my cool and really wanted to destroy my psp.

I would recommend this game to people who like solving puzzle's and have alot of patinece!!!

I gave it 3 stars because can get very frustrating!

  Good puzzler that suits the PSP

| | See all gameaholic's reviews (47)

I like a good puzzle game and the PSP has several of these. I bought mercury meltdown as I played the original which I really enjoyed. Mercury is like a really advanced, more difficult and more enjoyable version of marble madness. The goal is simple, meet the objectives of getting your mercury blob to the end area. This can be time limit or percentage of mercury left limit or both. Sounds easy and at first it is, but the difficulty soon pushes you more and more. You have several objects trying to push you, smash you, thin paths that require full concentration. Then there's colour mixing puzzles where you have to split your blob and control both blobs to the target. And to beat the high scores really takes some doing. New additions to meltdown make the blob solid, faster, slower etc.

This game is really enjoyable and worth the money, but you will need patients as some puzzles have thin margins between success and failure.

  Good but unnecessary redesign

| | See all peterhaase's reviews (39)

One of the things I loved about Mercury was the mercury itself. It looked like mercury, which is still very impressive. This was one of the main reasons I wanted the original game. The fact that it looked real was critical for the games success, almost like you were balancing a blob of the stuff on your psp.

Mercury Meltdown should really be called Paint Meltdown, as thanks to cell-shading the blobs here look nothing like mercury. The game is garish, with even the menu screens relentlessly colourful. In essence the gameplay is the same as Mercury, perhaps even more varied, and so it can be worthwhile. It's just a pity the design lets it down.

Had the design been toned down a tad, and the mercury blob kept to its realistic look, this sequel would have been teriffic, and I would have chosen it over the original. As it is, the first one will always remain the more impressive game, and the better choice for adults looking for a puzzle on psp. Kids however, should prefer Meltdown, despite it being as challenging as Mercury. As an adult, if you play Meltdown, then play the original, you'll see why they shouldn't have changed it.

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  Brilliant Game-the best puzzle game around

| | See all darran1986's reviews (1)

This game is a really good, enjoyable game. At times this is tricky especially towards the later levels but it is really addictive. I didnt have this game out of my psp for weeks it is great to play if you only have 15 minutes to kill or even 5. One of the great challenges is attempting to complete the levels with 100% mercury remaining and there are still some levels I havent completed so if you like a challenge then this is it. 9.99 for this game is a bargain and anybody who enjoys puzzle games will love this.

  Give it a miss if you don't have much patience!

| | See all cheekychihuahua's reviews (21)

The aim of the games is too start at the Astro Lab and move your little metal blob around the level through various challenges. Then moving on once you complete each level. These varied from tipsey see saws, mazes and steep edge drops etc. I haven't much patience or dexterity, so i became very bored within no time. It just didn't have the game play to keep me occupied. I think if your an older gamer and in to this kind of challenge, i'm sure it would be a great game. But i don't think this would appeal to the younger player. My neices were bored stiff and like i said, when i had a go, i just couldn't do it, so i think you are either good at these kind of games or your not, i'm the latter. This game also had really old/retro graphics which i just didn't like, so that added to the fact that i didn't think this game was a good buy. Much better games out there to spend your money on in my opinion.

  Great Game

| | See all TJH123's reviews (2)

I brought this game because my friend had it and it loked a lot of fun. It is! One of the many great things is that even once you have completed a level, there are other things to do on the same level. For example, get the highest score, find and collect all the bonuses, complete the level and much more! The game has lots of sections and lots of levels, I do not think that the levels get repetitive. The game is amazing! It is hours of fun! Definitely worth the money.

  SO Fun

| | See all Maxymiliano's reviews (2)

This is a really fun game which does get chalenging after a while ,but who doesnt like the challenge? The drawback is that the levels are a bit sameish after lv 50 so it can get boring. A nice 4 star game.

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