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Family Guy

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (10 reviews)"

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  Family Guy.....good or bad......

| | See all Hanooo's reviews (2)

I really enjoy this game. It is interesting and fun- at times it can be slightly difficult / challangeing, but very good , i have spent many hours playing this game ! i would definatly recommend it

  Giggity, giggity?

| | See all raptor22's reviews (6)

Family Guy is one of my favourite shows but if you are expecting the game to be as good as the show, then be sadly mistaken.
The game has decent graphics and the show's voice actors have all been placed in the game, so the game is presented as if it was the show itself and it is done quite well.
Sounds are good too, the witty lines and humour that makes Family guy so popular is all here and you will literally laugh out loud at some of the game's dialogue.
Now, for a family guy game, you don't get to control as many people as you would like. The three most popular Griffins, Stewie, Brian and Peter can all be controlled, each with their own style of gameplay. Other characters, like Quagmire, Chris, Lois, Joe and Cleveland are here, but sadly cannot be contolled and I found this quite disappointing.
Gameplay is what makes or breaks games, and sadly in this case, it ruins what could've been a good game. The gameplay is simply frustrating and will make you become angry and annoyed.
Stewie's levels can be ok, they are the easiest and even they can become quite confusing. Brian's levels are just plain boring and are tedious and extremely irritating, they are essentially a puzzle but poor level design and controls ruin it. Peter's levels are esentially made up of just destroying everything and this is annoying due to poor controls.
In my opinion, Family Guy is alright as a game, but I would only recommend this to die hard fans of the series.


| | See all Nafemeister's reviews (12)

As a massive Family Guy fan I found this a bit of a let down really. OK, the graphics and sound are excellent and the humour was spot-on - in fact the whole zany world is captured perfectly. But what you have to deal with is a long line of very frustrating sub-games, one after the other. There are no real choices, character selection or strategic decisions to be made. A shame a little more thought hadn't gone in. If you are a fan and get lost in the humour you might not realise just how average the gameplay actually is.


| | See all kaznchas's reviews (5)

When I bought this game I thought it was going to be terrific. Well the graphics and the storyline are but it is just so frustrating! I can never work out what to do and at places I have to keep repeating a certain point which gets so annoying! Well if you like killing your cat then this is the game for you!

  Thrilled its available

| | See all emer999's reviews (8)

Was thrilled to find this as a Game for PSP, also available on UMD Movie, My son was thrilled to receive it for his birthday, a laugh a minute and perfect for any Family Guy Fan

  Good game from the best show

| | See all GaZzaz's reviews (19)

My fav cartoon of all time. The game itself though is just... Well i expected more. All of the levels are just episodes of the show. Just shows lazyness. No originallity.
I still like the game. Original jokes, voices and mini-games. Addictive and highly reccomended :)

  Would defonately recommend!

| | See all Jadakiss's reviews (8)

When I bought this game I wasn't sure whether it would be that good, but after a few moments of playing I really got into it! The graphics are good and there are defonately some laughs in there too! I would truly recommend this game to any family guy fan! Im sure you wont be disappointed!

  Family Guy

| | See all greyfoxmce's reviews (20)

As film tie-in's go this is actually OK. It has the humour from the series and all the characters.
Challenging enough to keep you coming back.

  americas favourite family no not that one

| | See all XscubasteveX182's reviews (34)

One day when i just browsing around on here double checking when the new dvd was out imagine the shock on my face when i saw that they were putting a game out. i didnt think it wud be any good.

However when i got it i must have been on it for a about 2 hours straight. This game is so much better than i thought it would be you get to be one of three characters (peter stewie and brian).

The game follows 3 completely diff stories that intwin around each other successfully so that it does not get repetitive one bit. The gags are great and are on top form as ive come to expect. The flashbacks are also their and they work in the form of mini games.

The each of the three stories are completely new and written for this game. You may recognice that some of the mini games have been borrowed from various episodes of each series.

The only faults i find with this game are that in a sense it does feel complete to me in that you dont get to be meg or louis however they do make their apearances in various parts of the game and are not completely forgotten in that sense.

Also it wud have been a good idea if a say you cud be a background charactor like adam west (something to dwell i guess seth aye) But these faults are just minor. This is a very decent game that every self respecting fan of the series needs to own.

Now if only american dad wud make a movie and a game that wud be just dandy.

This is a very decent game that every self respecting fan of series needs to own.

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