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Rock Band: Unplugged

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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  Hours Of Fun

| | See all stuartblue's reviews (3)

Having never played a "Guitar Hero" styled game before i was a bit unsure how id feel about this game,But to my surprise i found this game very enjoyable and great fun.Really, Once you pick this game up you wont want to put it down.Great soundtrack and loads of tracks to play along to and once your feed up with them,you can download more tracks at the Playstion Store for 99p.....Give it a go you wont be dissapointed,Promise :)


| | See all angel187's reviews (38)

The PSP has has done it again, another fantastic game for all psp fans out there, they just get even more better don't they. This definately is a must buy if you liked Guitar Hero and other rhythmic games, you will not be able to put this one down for sure as this game has got me addicted for hours on end. Brilliant superb graphics, excellent memorable music tracks and a great game to play as it not tiring at all. REMEMBER--USE HEADPHONES FOR THIS GAME, as you will feel the music more as the beats go on, you will soon find the rhythm of the music. LOVE IT!!!! DONT HESITATE TO BUY!!A MUST HAVE SERIOUSLY FOR THE PSP!! 10/10

  Rock out on the psp!

| | See all MrJamesBond007's reviews (45)

I thought this game was great. It has a really long, addictive story mode, where you can customise each character in your 4 piece band. There is so much cusomisation you can do to them....you can even change the colour of their shoes! The play list is good, with some good modern songs, old classics and slightly obscure material, and if you get bored of them, there are some you can download off the playstation network, for 99p per track. Of the downloadable songs i particulaly like "schools out" by alice cooper and "smooth criminal" by alien ant farm. The game play is fairly simple. The 4 track eature is really effective, and the way the track your're playing gets louder adds a real sense of personalisation. The only reason I haven't given this game 5 stars is because it doesn't have any online play. I realise this would be difficult to add to the game, but it would have made it a milestone in portable gaming if they had. All in all a great game. My favourite PSP game by far, and I would recommend it to any rock band/ guitar hero fan.

  Suprisingly Good !!

| | See all RzrSHrp's reviews (2)

On getting this game i had my doubts about how rock band would work on the psp but the song list persuaded me to buy the game and once i became aquainted with the control system and the 'track switching' i realised what a good job had been done to make this game have all the best bits of other rock band games such as the layout , multiple instruments and the style of gameplay.

I genuinlly recomend this game to anyone with a psp although if you dont like the songlist then this is probably a bad buy for you , because you do end up having to play each song a couple of times over to complete the game.

  Good effort

| | See all grudge989's reviews (9)

I think i like this. and i like it for a few reasons. it is put together cleverly and the setlist is awesome. I will say this though, different people may have different views on this game. for instance, you dont play an actual guitar or drums like you do on the PS3 and XBOX rockbands so it might be a bit boring for some people. in all fairness, not having a guitar controller to play with does take away the novelty of the game a bit. but this is worked around very carefully. You must play all four instruments to keep the band going. The game is set out with the four highways that you play with (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Mic.) and you play parts of each Highway. I looked at it like a spinning plates challenge. you must play all four instruments in a balanced manner to keep the band spinning on the posts.So all four intsruments must be played by one person. a One man band. I like that theyve obviously tried to make it interesting by doing this method. in conclusion, i like it and im sure everyone will like it too

  Good version

| | See all Jimskibob's reviews (11)

As a bit of an old timer, who also has a slight disability, playing the console versions of Rock Band or Guitar Hero are ruled out, not to mention how being an old timer playing a pretend guitar looks to the rest of my family :P So, being an avid PSP user (For new games and being able to play old PS1 games on it) I took a look at the demo of this and then decided to buy the game (although not from Play.com this time - sorry play :O)

So, how does the game play? For starters the various modes are cleverly worked out and implemented well considering the PSP's button layout. Playing in the survival mode with all 4 instruments (Guitar, Bass, Vocals and Drums) is a lot of fun, simply requiring a press of the L or R shoulder buttons to switch. It is quite challenging on harder modes too.

The other modes are also nice to play if you want to chill out a little you can take the difficulty down to a point where even the least talented can play it.

In response to a review earlier, DLC stands for "Downloadable Content". As it stands now, there are about 10 tracks on the PSP Store you can add at 99p per track. The plan is to release new content every two weeks, which is good for a handheld game.

I have a long train journey coming up next week, and I'm hoping it will fly by whilst rocking out to this game :)

  Rock Band: Unplugged

| | See all skewsey's reviews (1)

Like most people, upon hearing the news of a PSP edition of Rock Band, I was worried that it would be a quick cash-in. I am glad to say it's not.
The gameplay is essentially that of Harmonix' older game, Amplitude, combined with the music and aesthetics of Rock Band. There are four lanes representing Guitar, Bass, Drums and Vocals, which you switch between with the shoulder buttons. Each lane has four buttons, corresponding to two buttons on either side of the face of the PSP. You hit the notes in time with music, switching between lanes when you hit a string of notes, causing the lane to disappear for a while. There are also two additional modes to the standard Tour Mode and Quickplay; Band Survival (the lanes don't disappear,) and Warmup, (you only need to focus on the lane you choose to play,) and both add to the game's replayability. The harder songs on expert also pack a considerable level of challenge, that will test even skilled rhythm game fans.
The gameplay works very well, and the soundtrack is great. With a mix of the best songs available on the console games, and 9 songs not yet available on the main game, there is a wide variety of styles and difficulty, from the Jackson 5 to Lamb of God. There will also be bi-monthly downloadable content available for the game.
The graphics capture the aesthetic of the console games very well, ad you can create your own band as in the other installments.
I highly recommend this game, and the only criticism I have is of the baffling lack of multiplayer.
In summary, I highly recommend this game. Get it now.

  Not bad, although annoying

| | See all theroadster's reviews (2)

Have played the demo and although it is great fun I would have liked the option to play the main game without the pointless and annoying swapping of tracks. Personally I think it adds a layer of complexity that isn't needed. At least having the option to not have to swap and just pick the only one you want to play would have been something. I realise that there is a "warm up" section in the extras menu but that isn't the main game.

That said, it is a fun and engaging game and if the rest of the songs in the main title are to the standard of the 3 demos is should be a great game to play just to hear the music! That added with the ability to get extra downloadable music (what is it with this DLC abbreviation?) will make a long lasting game; for those willing to engage the track swapping.


| | See all jordangibson's reviews (3)

me jordan g i think this game is good because its on psp n its cheap n on ps3 its so much money which i cant get

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