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Monster Hunter Freedom: Unite

Rating: PG (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (20 reviews)"

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  Best psp game by far

| | See all DesGaiZu's reviews (1)

MHFU is the game I bought my psp last year and after 500 hours its my most played games
If given time to learn the controls this game is very addictive in single player it will teach you how to be a great hunter and alot of fun is to be had but its in multiplayer where this game really shines so if you can get together with family or friends and you won't regret it.
also at only 8.99 you have no excuse.

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  PS3 game for PSP

| | See all critiqe's reviews (3)

This game is amazingly addictive, has loads of content and brilliant graphics. I have done over 80 hours and am only about half way through the game (that isn't because i'm rubbish, its just packed with quests). It is also a brilliant challenge for any gamers who think they are expert gamers as it gets uber hard later on in the game. A must for the PSP. Also when you do get stuck I suggest you visit monster hunter wiki.

  A slow and rewarding adventure, but only for the intelligent

| | See all SAMBOOFKERNOW11's reviews (17)

Gameplay: 10/10
Graphics: 10/10
Storyline: 8/10
Replayability: 10/10
Learning Curve: Inexperienced (probably won't keep the game but usually about 3 hours)


- Plenty of enemies that vary in size and intensity to decimate
- Many weapons to choose from and upgrade
- Well planned out maps and different environments that will physically test the mettle of your character
- Realistic aspects of life: fishing for food and cooking meat, as well as combining ingredients to discover more items that will assist throughout
- Amazingly fun multiplayer mode, great to play with others, be it two or four people

*SEQUEL EXTRAS* (Since Freedom 1)

- More weapons that are easier to craft
- Data from previous Monster Hunter can be used to help your new game
- Lots of little nags have been rectified, items can be sold at the end of a quest, some camera angle fixes, Armor can be improved and a Decoration system (to power up your equipment) are included for the first time
- More environments, species and weapon classes to enjoy
- Downloadable bonus quests, items and info.

*SEQUEL EXTRAS* (Since Freedom 2)

- Felynes become an assistant in combat for the first time, with many ways of selecting and enhancing your fighter
- Even more weapons, items and quests to do
- Literally every last detail of your Monster Hunter Freedom 2 gamesave is added to the game, right down to the completed missions, farm upgrades and items
- Previously maxed out weapons gain one or two extra upgrades
- Some Wyvern are tiny!!!
- Missions have become so difficult that if you don't have data from the previous game, you will never succeed
- Camera doesn't appear to bug anymore
- Minor graphics update


- Some may dislike how you control the camera
- Frustration is crippling when you consistently die


Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is the most elite game for the console, in terms of minimum time spent completing and difficulty. This game is clearly aimed at people who like a long, rewarding challenge as you can spend upto 50 minutes just killing one monster, but when you do it's always epic. If you have poor reading skills and are not best suited to long/strategic games, then you will have to rely on internet walkthroughs at almost every turn. One last thing: never get it for a younger gamer, they will not understand/be able to complete it, aside from this it is epic in most respects and should definitely be bought.

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| | See all Nas1986's reviews (1)

okkk, i've had ma psp for a while but its jus been sitting, recently started playing it again and completed GOW, amazing game i must say....
read the reviews on this game and seems really good, but what i need to know is should i bother buying the first 2 or jus buy this one and play... appreciate the help...
oh and does the game/character you use continue throughout the games..


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  best psp game

| | See all vipermarum's reviews (3)

this is the best psp game i have ever played it has hours of gameplay and trying to unlock everything will take ages but it will be ages of fun

  Best MHF yet

| | See all Zombine's reviews (1)

The game is great, loads of new weapons, loads of new armor and much more 1 down side though if you have never played Monster hunter freedom before then it may be quite hard to get the grips but when you do the game is great


| | See all dudge92's reviews (4)

This is still a great game must for psp but if you have MHf2 its better getting as far as you can in that first as you can take your file over and it is not just the hunter this time with a few items its the hole lot.
much more monster,item,weapons,armour and quests than all the rest good addition to a hunters games.


| | See all ljhrocks's reviews (11)

the 2nd i thought was a bit of a let down, some of the new features were really good but it just wasn't as addictive as the 1st. this game, however, makes up for that as it has made the 2nd game SO much better. to be fair i did get all of the good new features more or less streight away as i imported my character from the 2nd which i had already completed all offline quests on and most online (yes i am sad like that) but i still find myself spending most of my time on this game.
some of the small new features also make a massive difference like being able to buy to box or combine in box... it sounds small but fans of the game will agree that it saves SO much time and effort
overall amazing game, but does require a lot of time to get the most out of it, especially if you are new to the series

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  great game but

| | See all zedstorm's reviews (23)

i really like this game i just don't understand how to play it properly not the game's fault it just doesn't seem very accessible to people who've never played a monster hunter before can't even figure out where to go none of this is the game's fault though i'm sure it'll just get better and better the more i play it it's one of those game's that need's hour's upon hour's putting into it to get the best of it so good value for money.

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