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Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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  Really bad Story but the gameplay is so good it dont matter!

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Definiately a must buy for any Final Fantasy fan. Perhaps more so for Fans than for non fans, due to the extreme number of References to the original games that only the fans would get.
A Few flaws but only minor, like some bad camera angles and some repetitive quotes.
The game is fantastic on everything else though, there are 3 songs frm each of the first 10 Final Fantasies to choose frm to accompany your upcoming fight, or the NO BGM can be selected. Personally i like to use this and then play another one on my computer :) .

This and FF7 Crisis core are the only good things in the Final fantasy line since FFX, definiately a must buy!

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  Very Impressive!

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I was a bit woried at first about this game, when i first heard of it. I thought it might not work with them putting all of the games main characters together in one story line. but I have to say they have done it extremely well. The graphics are good, the game play is tactic style (and it works well), with the main battles being upbeat and enjoyable. the battles them selves can be fought in the new format (which i enjoy) or the old format for the classic battle style lovers out there, either can be used if you're new to the games or just trying out the next game in the series. the game did throw me into the game a little but it gives you lots of explanations for how things work to help you into the game. Overall it's a great game that deserves 5 stars. Well done to the Square Enix team for yet another great game!

  So very addictive and fun!

| | See all DragonGeez2k4's reviews (3)

Although it's a very different Final Fantasy game, it works so well (as long as you like fighting games). The battle system actually feels very much like Kingdom Hearts, I think, though with a lot more freedom (you can literally stay in the air for the entire battle if you want, just keep dodge-jumping, or chasing).
I'm not a fan of fighting games, and I still love this game in more ways than I can describe. So much freedom, so much fun, so much customization, so many characters, so much good music!
I don't remember the last time I was so happy I bought a game. I had doubts, because FF games lately, although I love/like them all, have been changing and I haven't enjoyed them quite as much as I used to. But I'm glad I bought this for full price when it came out. Seriously one of the best spin-off titles for any game series ever, in my opinion.

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  Dissidia: Final Fantasy Full Game review - Oodles of fun

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For most gamers this will probable seem like a cheap fan service for FF fans, well thats half right. True it does target people familiar with the series but its also a great fighting game that any one can just pick up and play.
Its packed with extras to strive for so if you dont mind sitting hours with your PSP to get that unlock-able weapon then its all great, if you get bored with the character thats been kicking ass too easily then switch characters their all very unique which i think is where the true greatness of the game lies.

All in all a great addition for FF fans but dont knock it as its a perfect pick up and play fighter.

  Not like the rest - dual meaning

| | See all nothing's reviews (7)

Compared to the rest of the PSP market, final fantasy really put a lot of effort into their games. Take FF crisis core for instance - a great success imo. FF Dissidia has that same depth, but lacks that overall awesomeness we have seen in other releases. At some points it just gets annoying. Like to get 100% is crazy long, You have to go through every stage at least 3 times. Also, perhaps most annoying, you try to level up your characters weapons, but that process is so long and tedious it gets on your nerves. And this is just one character! There's at least nine more to go through. You could say they've put so much depth and longevity into the game it's going against them. This is usual in FF games, the process of leveling up, but it was way more enjoyable in FFCC and other FF games. Ive currently played probably over 100 hours, ive leveled up Cloud to 100, almost leveled up all his abilities and have got most of the unlockables in story mode and about a third (i think) from shop, now theres 9 more characters to level up with completely different abilities which you can also upgrade. This gets really on your nerves that there is so much depth in the game but you feel you can only go the distance with one of them. It's started to wear off on me.
Its lags far behind the other FF games but better than most of the other nonsense on the market, so not like the rest.
A harsh three star just to put perspective on this game in comparison with its predecessors, but if compared to the whole PSP market it may've been a 4/5.

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  Pretty good.

| | See all channy911's reviews (13)

Although I pre-ordered it. It was sold out when it was finally released. I can only blame myself for cancelling an earlier order.
None the less, the game is pretty good, some changes from the Japanese version, the way you unlock stuff, names, moves, and the probability of gaining an item from an enemy.
I got the pre-order poster too, A1 poster, very nice, though some areas showed some slight creases.
Overall, good product.

  completed the demo with every char on hard

| | See all c00perman's reviews (9)

great also does anyone know if theres infastructure mode coz this says there is but playstation.uk say there isnt

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  really gd!!!!

| | See all 1984kingofkings's reviews (23)

i have already ordered the game but i have downloaded the demo to see what it will b like and im impressed at what i saw. each charactor plays differently and all the limit breaks are there 2, the game play will take a little getting use 2 but after a few mins its quiet easy to play. if ur not sure then download it on psn store.

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  Dissidia: Final Fantasy Demo Preview

| | See all KalphaS's reviews (3)

I'm basing my opinion on the demo that is available on the american PS Store. The demo generously offered five characters to chose from, 4 heroes and 1 villain, each of them feel different to control during gameplay which i like alot since it gives every character distinct strengths and weaknesses.
I was concerned about the battle system for this particular game of the Final Fantasy franchise but i was quickly surprised at how great it is and its easy to pick up too. It's fast paced and responsive, you feel in complete control at all times. The moves that you can pull off with simple button inputs are superb and visceral. The basic premise of the gameplay has two elements, the first is in order to deal greater damage to your opponent you can steal your opponent's bravery (attack strength) but these bravery attacks don't take any of the enemy's HP away. When you have stolen most if not all your opponent's bravery then you can deal HP damage equivalent to your newly boosted bravery! Sounds complicated at first but it's really simple. I really like these gameplay elements as it adds a nice layer of strategy to your fights, i've had some fights that were over in 5 minutes and some that turned into an epic dual for 20 minutes!
Another shocker for me was the sheer amount of graphical detail in this game. Its impressive to see that Square Enix have worked towards really high quality graphics, in my opinion they're the best graphics for a PSP game i've seen to date. The characters are full of life and the environments in which you fight in are big and spacious.
The sound effects are awesome too especially since they give every sword swipe and collision a nice loud rumble! The voice overs for the characters too are all present, especially for fan favourites Cloud and Sephiroth!
Overall i'm very pleased with what i've played of it upto now and i'll definitely be getting this come September 4th.

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