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Customer Reviews

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  A sublime and truly beautiful masterpiece in gaming history

| | See all Estarriol's reviews (3)

Short review: This game is as near-perfect as you're ever going to see. If 19 straight 5-star reviews (so far) haven't given you the idea yet, this is one of the very best, and you should do everything it takes to obtain and play this masterpiece.

Longer review: If there were a single word to sum up this game, it would be "beautiful". The sumi-e style graphics are beautiful in and of themselves, but also effortlessly cast the player into the mindset of a mythical nippon. The storyline is epic and moving, yet beautiful in its simplicity. The very premise of the sun goddess incarnating into a stone wolf to save nippon from eternal darkness... the nature of her powers to restore nature, mend the broken and generally Make Everything Better in ways that go far beyond what "heroes" in other games accomplish... all beautiful.

It's fun yet serious, playful yet soulful, epic yet exciting, violent yet wholesome. Suitable for both young children and hardcore gaming adults alike. One of the best games on any system anywhere. Do yourself a favour and find a copy.

  Absaloutly outstanding

| | See all Stuee92's reviews (6)

I was in france at the time and i decided to buy a new Playstation Game so i was looking around and my eye caught on Okami . My first thoughts were oh no looks a bit babyish .... But when i got home i was astounded the gameplay, enviroment and sound was utterly exellent any gamer would enjoy this , the develpers have a gone a long way to make this game great and they did it proud.

  Cutting edge gaming design.

| | See all Crofto's reviews (40)

Okami is the game that I use as an example to anyone who thinks they know about games but don't really have a clue. This game is a perfect example of what 'superb' really is; it pushes the boundaries in every area available, including visuals, gameplay, sound and story. Each of these elements within Okami is to such a high standard that 99.9% of other games fail in comparison.

The fact that this game is often compared to the Legend of Zelda series only goes further to prove how magnificent it truly is. You can keep your Grand Theft Autos and your Gears of Wars... this game is what it's all about.

I advise any self respecting gamer to purchase this game, since you'll be missing out on something extra-ordinary otherwise. Not often do games come with my full seal of approval, but I can happily say that Okami does.

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  AMAZING shame it didnt sell to well

| | See all gamezmasterTom's reviews (18)

This game is absolutely stunnign the enviroments and art style are beautiful and story brilliant it touched me its a shame but a typical story that such a great game did not sell well due to poor advertising and what most narrow minded gamers would describe as babyish looking but every gamer shoud own a copy of this on ther games collection truly amazing experience

  amazing game

| | See all eddiedean's reviews (19)

A wonderful game overall. One of the best i've ever played. Graphics, story, music, environments, gameplay.. Everything is awesome. Can't think of anything i'd like improved.
Plus, the game is totally enmeshed in japanese culture

  Beautiful Gameplay

| | See all ChrisMC's reviews (6)

This game has to be the PS2's last truely original game, no other game has scratched the natural beauty Okami possesses. However despite the flawless game, the dialogue is infuriating, with silly high pitched looped noises.

  A Masterpiece

| | See all theyearofthehorse's reviews (14)

This game is by far one of the most original games I've ever played. It has excellent watercolour style graphics that makes it look like a living painting and solid gameplay mechanics.
The story and characters are based on real Japanese myths and legends which adds a significant amount of depth.
The game is excellently designed, with comparisons to Zelda being justified, except this concept feels a lot fresher than the long running Zelda franchise.
I recommend this game to those who want something new to try, instead of another dull, pointless sequel.

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| | See all onetorulemall's reviews (55)

Trully a unique-beautiful-funny game.Words cannot describe it.Specially recommended to the Anime-Asian Culture lovers.Must Buy don't pass this treasure.

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  Beautiful and captivating

| | See all becky112's reviews (6)

This is by far the best game I have ever played on the PS2. Don't let the fact that it's cell shaded put you off; the graphics are stunningly beautiful, the environments change and move with you. You play as the sun goddess Amaterasu, who has taken the form of a white wolf. Many of the interactive people in the game see you in different forms, depending on their 'faith'. Some will ask you to help them, and when you do their faith boosts your strength and you can learn new fighting abilities and attributes. The brush techniques are original and fun to use. You must find the 13 Gods of the brush to learn new techniques. This is so much fun as you never know what the next one will be. The storyline is immersive and has many twists and turns to keep you hooked. It's also amusing, you will find your companion Issan very entertaining! Boss battles are adrenaline filled and, although not challenging provide a chance to test your abilities and get you used to the brush. The art and design of this game is incredible and it took me about 50 hours to complete, including the secrets and bonuses etc In a word, I would say this game is amazing, and I'm so in love with it that I refuse to lend it to anyone incase they lose it! Buy it NOW!!

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  Not to be missed!!

| | See all Michilicious's reviews (3)

If you are even considering buying this game you should stop considering right now. Just buy it!! I have played this game start to end and can tell you it is one of the best games I have played in a long while. The gameplay is brilliant, nothing ever gets tiresome (not even running, he speeds up the longer he's running and leaves a trail of flowers! Something I never tired of seeing), it's challenging with puzzles and the battle mode is one of the msot original I've come across, being able to stop time to use your pen to add to your attacks. The characters, even the ones you only see once, are amazing. They each have their own unique and fabulous personalities and the fact that they talk jibberish (the audio) doesn't matter!
The graphics are flawless, unique and some of the most beautiful graphics I have seen to PS2 yet and the controls are a dream. None of that annoying camera faffing that really puts you off some games.
It probably could stand to being a bit harder, you don't really die all that often. But in saying that, battles against the bosses are a challange and the game is long without dragging on. There are plenty of side missions to do if you get bored of the main plot and is very open for you to just run around maps like a mad wolf if you want to. You can interact with everything, you can slash trees and houses and feed the wildlife, anything you can think of doing, give it a try, something will probably happen.

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