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Spider-Man 3

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (48 reviews)"

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| | See all monaframey's reviews (24)

This game is a walk threw the park when you know what you have to do it took my about one and a half days to complete. Graphics are not good when your quite far away from buildings they just look like grey blocks. Deffitly not worth £24.99 maybe for £15. If your looking for a game which is going to last you this is NOT the game. Maybe you might just want it out for 3 days but i would not buy this as you would soon get bored of it


| | See all Torres9's reviews (2)

this game is quite good but about after 50% completed you've already done the whole movie, i think the graphics are mediocre and the scenery is brilliant but if you like games where you want constant action this game isnt for you!


| | See all smallskinnylegend's reviews (8)

this game is a load of rubbish

bought it about a month ago and never playin on it again its so boring and the missions the same graphics pretty poor story mission short DO NOT BUY!


| | See all MrSilver's reviews (3)

Missions are soooo bad and always the same.... camera angle annoying and makes you die all the time as you can't see whats going on.... it hasn't change since the first one on ps2!!! DO NOT BUY! might as well burn your money as you'll never play this.

  My rating is being generous!

| | See all tevezulegend's reviews (24)

As many other reviewers, i played spiderman 2, thinking that the third would be mind blowing. And it is........for all the wrong reasons.
Fighting is terrible and extrememly repetitive, graphics are nowhere near as good as they should be , and the story is terrible and way too short.

Graphics:** OKish but i still don't know whether i'm playing as spiderman or catwoman
Gameplay: web slinging=boring fighting=Poor, Nuf said

personally i would just get out your old spidy2 again!!

  what a disappointment!

| | See all kizzza's reviews (5)

i looked forward to this game soo much but when i played it i was let down. its a complete rip off of spiderman 2 but with a smaller city, poor graphics and terrible voice acting. avoid at all costs!


| | See all kickass's reviews (12)

listen if you want a truly enjoyable spiderman experiance buy it for the xbox 360 or the ps3. the ps2 version is unfinished and the effoert has obviously been put in to the next gen consoles, dont bother with this game no effort has been made


| | See all strauny's reviews (8)

This was the first Spider-man i bought but i had played the previous 2 games. After playing Spider-man 2 I was convinced that the next game would be great. So after seeing an action packed film I bought Spider-man 3. It started of OK as most games do but then the web flying became very tedious and boring. You have to complete half the game before you face any of the villians in the actual film. You soon become sick of saving people and having to do the same thing over and over again.
The graphics are dodgy and it takes ages to get around the city. I would advise you not to buy this it is a waste of time and money!


| | See all bartron's reviews (12)

Spiderman 3 was such a disappointment. The gameplay is not that much better than the previous game of number two. The only difference is that there are new enemies and you can change your costume. Overall this game is not very good at all.


| | See all raikesy's reviews (9)

bad bad bad bad only words to describe this pathectic game web swinging bad moves bad and to conclude DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS GAME