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Spider-Man 3

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (48 reviews)"

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  So what went wrong? Oh yeah, I remember...

| | See all DugsyBear's reviews (1)

After seeing the franchise ruining tragedy that was 'Spiderman 3' at the cinema... after being mind numbingly confused at Tobey Maguire's constant dancing... after crying when a huge American flag appears behind Spidey as if to say 'God Bless America', I had hoped that the game was going to be something special. After all, the 'Spiderman 2' game was incredible. How wrong I was...how very very wrong, and the problem lays with the choice of developer 'Vicarious Visions'. Of course the last Spiderman games 'Spiderman 2' and 'Spiderman: The Movie', were developed by Treyarch and Activision accounting for thier constant improvement and high quality. This time around though these teams concentrated on the X-Box 360 and PS3 versions of the game, leaving the development of the PS2 version a pathetic, twitching, glitchy and frustrating outing that no self-respecting gamer will endorse. I spent around and hour swinging around this game trying to figure out what to do until I realised that a major bug in the game (and I don't mean our protagonist) means that the main mission can't continue and I'll have to start ALL OVER AGAIN. So I lost a good 4 hours of my life, and to be honest I should've just threw it in the bin there and then, because what you get in the game is just a poorer version of the far superior 'Spiderman 2' game, graphically and in terms of playability. And have I already mentioned all the glitches and bugs? Spiderman repeating the same puns within the space of seconds as you swing around NY, villains regularly becoming invulnerable as a glitch means the way your meant to kill them can't happen and people on the street suddenly walking through anything, you, a car, a building?!?!? This kind of shoddy workmanship is unforgiveable and if you're smart you'll give this one a miss. There is one negative which also serves as a strange kind of plus, the game is RIDICULOUSLY short, meaning that the travesty that is Spiderman 3 is over very quickly, and not a moment too soon. I've been considering buying a PS3 for a few months now and I'm afraid that for me, this is the final nail in the PS2 coffin. Hopefully the PS3 version of Spiderman 3 will be something different, if not...theres always GTA 4 in October. In Rockstar we trust.

  Spidey No-Sense

| | See all TheRing3's reviews (14)

i would have just say that this fails to improve from previous titles the only diffrence is costume and enemies, at least the film had something to show

  this game is brilliant

| | See all jimmythefish's reviews (3)

it is so good. The graffix, moves, web swinging and bosses are brilliant. I love this game BUY IT BUT WATCH OUT for VENOM and SANDMAN they are strong!

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| | See all Jdwitty's reviews (3)

Listen to every1 below the game is crap.

For starters the graphics are not great when spider man is swinging his legs are flying around like the bloody morris dancers.

The game is incredibly short only like 5 main bosses.

The combate controls are awful wereas in the 2nd they were pretty good.

the whole game is just a let down no match for the movie.

  Waste of time and money

| | See all Oathkeeper's reviews (1)

I played Spider-Man 2 and I thought it was simply amazing. It was so real and the sense of freedom you felt whilst swinging through the streets of New York was incredible, therefore I decided to fork out £30 for Spider-Man 3. Big mistake. There has been no development since the last game, except maybe the button bashing commands during missions which were again lame, and Toby Mcguire cotinues to sound bored stiff with his voice acting. The worst pat is I took it into GAME and they offered me £12 for it!! Not impressed in the least and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

  Spiderman 3 rubbish game

| | See all Zubz1991's reviews (11)

i dont y i bought this game. waste of money and time. i also h8 wen u hav to keep preesing the button some many times i thought that was rediculous. couldnt clock it.


| | See all brad1986's reviews (7)

This game is lame and I mean real lame. I love spider-man so I ignored the critics and bought it anyway. What a mistake, the graphics are poor and it has to load for everything. My advice is stay clear. The previous spider-man games when released where much better, the only reason I gave this any stars was because I got to swing through the streets of New York. nuf said.


| | See all commanderDave's reviews (1)

despite what people have been saying about this game I really like it, it may not have the longest storyline in the world but who cares it plays well. At the end of the day it all comes down to what you want to get out of your gaming experience.

  What a disaster!

| | See all paul1956's reviews (10)

If you've ever played Spider-Man 2 then you know it can get repetitive. However, this game takes repetitve to new levels. The takeover the city part of the game has around ten different types of missions. Yes they're good at first, but when you have done them again and again and again... You get the picture. Then, the game is over before you've settled with the controls! When you get through the introductory mission you've already completed 10%! I mean come on, you can finish it in an hour. There are collectable pieces of meteorites and emblems but there are too many of them and finding them will bore you to death. The graphics are satisfactory but it seems the PS2 version has been left as they concentrate on the newest consoles, the PS3 etc.
Basically, stay away from this one...